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#554 wontfix auto-update should refuse to run if -development is enabled broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


The rules for -development and the rules for auto-update conflict with each other.

auto-update assumes a world with apt repository semantics, where version numbers are monotonically increasing.

-development assumes a world where things can be arbitrarily broken, and where we don't have to fix them later, where there's no guarantee we won't scribble over your harddrive, and where version numbers are convenient labels that we can change and re-write as we please.

This does bad things when, say, I upload a package to -development specifically because I expect it to break things, and then auto-update goes and installs it on a bunch of workstations.

auto-update should refuse to run if -development is enabled, because there are simply no guarantees that the end result will be a sane one.

#567 wontfix upstart is too cool for invoke-rc.d broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


Now that a bunch of stuff has been upstart-ified (is that the word?), invoke-rc.d $JOB reload doesn't work anymore.

I think this means that we should do something like

if [ -e /etc/init/gdm.conf ]; then
    reload gdm
elif hash invoke-rc.d >/dev/null 2>&1; then
    invoke-rc.d gdm reload
    /etc/init.d/gdm reload

Otherwise nothing kicks gdm.

#572 wontfix dacopy and daremove are different from reprepro {copy,remove} broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


dacopy and daremove are wrappers around reprepro copysrc and reprepro removesrc respectively.

This is a bit annoying when you actually want reprepro copy or reprepro remove, like I did when I was removing an NBS package.

Renaming dacopy and daremove would be annoying, so I'm thinking we should maybe add a --nosrc argument or something like that to each of them.

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