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#930 worksforme clearing /home maybe breaks natty cluster logins kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


While tracking down #928, I created a local user so that I could get .xsession-errors output from the early stages. This definitely did not play nicely with us clearing /home in the chroot, and the clearing needed to be commented out for the local user to be able to login. I do remember this command returning an error at some point, though, possibly EBUSY; we should investigate whether this is an actual issue or just an artifact of my debugging strategy.

#470 fixed clear login screen state after a few minutes geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


This may be a bit unrealistic, but then again, it might be trivial to implement.

I've seen users get confused when someone had previously (probably out of curiosity) picked a nonstandard window manager at the login screen and not logged in, so the next user ended up using that WM. Especially with WMs like twm or xmonad that default to a blank screen, this can be a pretty bad user experience. kchen also reports that the same thing is possible with languages -- someone can set a session language at the login screen and not log in, and the next user to log in will get prompted if they want that as their default language.

It would be nice, if possible, to cause that state to disappear if you haven't logged in after a minute or so; equivalently, that state should be made visible on the login screen, a la Athena 9's xlogin, and it should mention some easy way to clear it. (Does "Esc" work?)

This is probably not worth putting effort on for pre-Karmic gdm (i.e., <= 2.20).

#826 fixed cluster-cups-config does not uninstall cleanly jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


This is firmly in "don't do that" territory, but if you attempt to install cluster-cups-config on a fresh workstation install, and then remove it, it will fail, because of this command in the prerm:

mv /etc/cups/debathena-cluster-cups-config-saved/* /etc/cups

If installed with no local printers configured, the empty directory /etc/cups/debathena-cluster-cups-config-saved will be created, but the prerm will fail with

mv: cannot stat `/etc/cups/debathena-cluster-cups-config-saved/*': No such file or directory
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