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#494 workaround Switch User locks things up hard on lola-granola (karmic) phurst

Reported by phurst, 14 years ago.


Clicking 'Switch User' in the logout menu on Karmic sends the machine to a black screen; magic SysRq? doesn't work, and apparently ssh sessions into the machine freeze as well. Apparently /var/log shows nothing of interest as well.

#522 workaround rgb.txt missing in Jaunty jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


Programs which want to look at the rgb database (like, say, "showrgb") get to go cry in a corner because it's missing. This has been the case since Intrepid.

It vanished from upstream Xorg as part of the whole "you don't get to configure your X server anymore" campaign, but plenty of applications still want it.

It's finally back in Karmic as part of x11-common, but we might want to still care about Jaunty. The Ubuntu bug is marked as "fixed" despite the fact that it's not.

Read the awesome bug report:

#658 workaround Users must authenticate to print from GTK+ apps jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


When printing from GTK+ apps (or, at the very least, gedit and Firefox), users are presented with a dialog requiring them to authenticate. The user's Kerberos password is accepted and results in job submission (and printing). Regular command-line printing works fine and does not require authentication, so I suspect this is an issue of something trying to be smarter than the user.


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