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#876 fixed ytnef alternative kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


ytnef was removed from thirdparty-communication in r25093, as it was removed from upstream for security issues.

As Jon notes, "We should endeavor to replace ytnef with ... something, since we are in an environment in which users are in fact quite likely to end up with a TNEF attachment."

I note that there is a tnef package in Ubuntu ... it might be what we want.

#906 fixed athinfod-cluster-config should use is_cluster(1) kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


In #742, we added an is_cluster script intended to be better than just checking for whether the string "debathena-cluster" is contained in the output of "machtype -v -L".

We should fix transform_athinfo.defs.debathena to use it.

#928 fixed cluster logins don't get tokens (and fail) on natty kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


In a stock install of cluster on natty, logins fail. This seems to be largely because when we run the session in the schroot, schroot's pam stack gets run, and it gives the user a new PAG (and keyring entry), but no tokens. Without tokens, access to the homedir fails, so the login bails pretty quickly.

Russ said that this may be because KRB5CCNAME is not in the PAM environment. However, the suggested possible workaround of adding always_aklog to the pam_afs_session arguments did not help. This may be because schroot is not fully running the session stack?

It will probably be useful to instrument a cluster login on lucid and see what has changed, so as to have a better sense of where to poke at to fix things.

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