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#1054 fixed cluster reboots sometimes hang (3) kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


Sometimes, when a cluster machine decides that it wants to reboot as a user is logging out, it ends up hung at the purple ubuntu splash. Sometimes, sysrq-b will bring the machine back up; sometimes a power-cycle is needed. In the latter case, there is sometimes slight corruption in video memory. This is more solidly attributable to kexec than #1052 and #1053, and Jon has proposed disabling kexec in r25385

#796 duplicate -cluster shouldn't permit logins if there's no AFS jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


The at debacle left some machines without AFS (because it was also taking a kernel update at the time), yet those machines happily allowed users to log in (while spewing about ICEAuthority, etc).

We should add something early in the X11 login sequence that informs the user via Zenity that they're about to lose, and then ends the login session.

#656 fixed clusters should provide more local disk jdreed kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 14 years ago.


We have traditionally recommended running data-intensive simulations into /tmp or other local disk, as this is both faster than AFS and does not eat up quota. Unfortunately, it appears that the current chroot configuration only provides 1G on any particular local filesystem. geofft seemed to think that it might be okay to mount /tmp as an actual disk; if that is not a useful option, we should at least be able to give a few more gigs on one of the devices in the chroot.

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