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#1204 fixed libathdir is horribly wrong jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 12 years ago.


Something went wrong at some point during the Oneiric or Precise build:

jdreed@infinite-loop:~$ lsb_release -sc
jdreed@infinite-loop:~$ machtype -S
jdreed@infinite-loop:~$ env -u ATHENA_SYS -u ATHENA_SYS_COMPAT athdir -l

At least some of this is responsible for #662

#1203 fixed nss_nonlocal: initgroups_dyn should return success when adding only magic groups andersk

Reported by andersk, 12 years ago.


When the groups_nonlocal chain returns NSS_STATUS_NOTFOUND, _nss_nonlocal_initgroups_dyn also returns NSS_STATUS_NOTFOUND even though it has successfully added the magic nss-nonlocal-users group. Based on what seems to be happening on scripts (I have not yet reproduced on Debathena), I theorize that this will cause nscd to ignore the nss-nonlocal-users group for users that aren’t in any other secondary groups, and that the fix is to have _nss_nonlocal_initgroups_dyn return NSS_STATUS_SUCCESS in this case instead.

#1201 fixed telepathy-mission-control-5 is crashy kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 12 years ago.


On precise, we seem to pretty frequently get notification popups that it has segfaulted, sometimes in exciting places like fclose(). Looking at launchpad, there are a lot of segfaults reported against it, indicating that its memory management is pretty terrible. It's Depended on by empathy, which is in turn Recommended by ubuntu-desktop. It's unclear if we can get away with punting empathy from the release, but we should probably do something so that our users don't get bombarded by these notifications.

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