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#282 fixed Java breaks new Live CD -workstation installs xavid xavid

Reported by xavid, 15 years ago.


Java fails to install from the Live CD because it doesn't prompt the user for the license. This prevents debathena-workstation from actually successfully installing, and among other things makes aptitude decide it would be a great idea to remove twenty million things next time you try to do anything. I should figure out whatever PXE does to preseed license acceptance and do something similar.

#283 fixed debathena-workstation Live CD install doesn't display feedback xavid xavid

Reported by xavid, 15 years ago.


Since the debathena-workstation Live CD install installs -workstation in the success_command, it doesn't display feedback to the user and generally looks like the machine is frozen. We should figure out how to add it to the other install tasks so it actually reveals it's making progress, especially since it takes about three million years now.

#284 fixed /usr/lib/init/displaymotd barfs on "markup" jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


When the MOTD contains ampersands (like, say, IS&T), zenity barfs and defaults to the useless "All updates are complete.". We should run the output of get_message through tr or something and get rid of the characters '&', '<' and '>'. And possibly anything else that Pango thinks it should interpret.

Escaping them with \ doesn't work - we either get to convert to HTML entities, or strip them out.

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