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#1325 fixed Rewrite attachandrun in python achernya

Reported by achernya, 11 years ago.


attachandrun.c is a horrible bit of C that tries to do things that are like To make matters worse, it links against libathdir, for no good reason, when you can just do athdir locker -t bin to get the same effect, and the code already does fork.

Instead of keeping it around, just move to Python, as this will be shorter, and prettier.

#957 fixed Review Lintian VendorCustomization spec and use it geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.


 pabs mentioned to us on debian-derivatives that the  Lintian VendorCustomization spec probably does most of what we want in terms of squelching spurious Lintian errors and adding new ones. This has been merged into Lintian master. We should create a Debathena profile and make sure the spec is sufficient for our needs.

#704 fixed revamp the website geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


I made this mockup some time ago:

Features include nice clickable buttons, a fairly large subtitle that attempts to get across the gist of the project, a layout that keeps everything above the fold, and slightly less of a wall of text effect. Nonfeatures include that it displays terribly in IE on Windows, that it doesn't link to everything (maybe we want some sort of tabbed layout, actually?), and I'm not completely pleased with the phrasing of the subtitle.

We should finish this off and deploy it.

Note that this is blocking on #703, since "Recent news" is a big part of the layout, and probably on #702 so that we get to the point where a graphical installer is easy. (I think we can finagle things so that it effectively is an installer that runs when you click it, if you pull dirty tricks with gdebi.) We can certainly let that link continue to the download-this-shell-script instructions in the short term, though.

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