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#1235 fixed tellme's usage message should use basename $0 jmorzins

Reported by jmorzins, 12 years ago.


If a user runs "tellme" without any argument, the usage message that prints onscreen is confusing

The usage message uses echo "$0", but $0 is a very long path to the tellme script, which makes it hard to notice the root|combo|nmccombo options at the end.


$ tellme Usage: /afs/ root|combo|nmccombo Where:

root - tell me the Athena root password. combo - tell me the Athena Cluster combination. nmccombo - tell me the New Media Center combination.

The problem is that the tellme script in /usr/bin execs the actual tellme script from /afs/

It could be fixed by using basename to get just the base program from $0

#1574 fixed Xenial repo is empty? jik

Reported by jik, 8 years ago.


Am I reading it wrong, or is the xenial debathena repository in fact empty?

#1575 fixed python-afs depends on python-support, which doesn't exist? jik

Reported by jik, 8 years ago.


It appears that the python-afs debathena package depends on a package called python-support which as far as I can tell doesn't exist in the repo anymore. Am I confused?

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