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#1051 invalid Consider shipping the DKMS init script jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


I know upstream decided not to, but upstream's priorities are "Machines should boot in 0.1ms" and our priorities are "Machines should be functional."

#994 fixed Consider shipping /usr/bin/ooffice to tell people to go run "soffice" jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


... because LibreOffice? is too stupid/cool to ship /usr/bin/loffice.

I'm really only interested on this on -cluster, and I'm not suggesting we preserve functionality, I'm suggesting it whine at the user via zenity (in case it's started from a .desktop file) or stderr and tell them what to go type.

#1386 fixed Consider some special-case ssh config for athena.dialup geofft

Reported by geofft, 11 years ago.


Given the concerns in #1384, delegating Kerberos credentials is currently somewhat unsafe -- an attacker who can intercept DNS requests can redirect you to their own server pretending to be athena.dialup. Meanwhile, since athena.dialup doesn't accept non-delegated Kerberos login, users will probably end up in the habit of running ssh -K to get there.

Alex Dehnert pointed out that the security model of SSH's known_hosts file does not involve DNS canonicalization (all the dialups share a single SSH host key), and proposed disabling GSSAPIKeyExchange as a mitigation for #1384 so that, if an attacker tries to spoof athena.dialup, host key exchange will fail. I don't think disabling it globally is quite warranted, but I could see an argument for disabling it just for athena.dialup, given the delegation risk (and maybe Linerva too, while we're at it).

Of course, that would now make users see a host key prompt for athena.dialup. We could skip that by shipping an /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts file with an entry for, so the initial trust prompt is skipped and there's a fully trusted path via the Debathena package. Then we could add something like

Host athena.dialup
    GSSAPIKeyExchange no

to /etc/ssh/ssh_config, and the UX would remain the same. (We could also then safely turn on GSSAPIDelegateCredentials yes, in the unlikely event we decided to rethink #205).

There would be a slight amount of update pain if athena.dialup ever rekeys, but, I'm sure that will be a massive pain anyway (to update users' .ssh/known_hosts files everywhere) so I think that's okay.

There's not a particular need to do this for any of the individual athena.dialup servers, I think, and they'd be annoying to manage because the list of servers changes. But we could, if we wanted.

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