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#243 fixed openafs support should take advantage of dkms lizdenys broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Now that there's dkms support for openafs in Jaunty, we should figure out how best to take advantage of it.

We probably don't want to install openafs-modules-dkms instead of our openafs-modules metapackages, because the time to build the kernel module sucks if it can be avoided.

Maybe adding openafs-modules-dkms as a recommendation of debathena-locker?

#556 fixed chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells lizdenys jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


chsh.moira should not use /etc/shells as the list of acceptable shells, since that list is not static. Really, it should yell very loudly at you if you try and change your shell to anything other than /bin{,/athena}/{tc,ba}sh.

For example, if I run chsh.moira on Linerva, and choose zsh, that will be fine, since zsh is installed on Linerva. If I then log into a cluster machine, I will be very sad and will end up with weird screw cases. For example, I can launch gnome-terminal (which will run bash for me, for some reason), but not xterm (which will error out saying /usr/bin/zsh does not exist).

We can either use a file in AFS (and require AFS), or we can ship /etc/shells.moira which contains /bin/athena/bash, /bin/athena/tcsh, /bin/bash, and /bin/tcsh.

Ideally, we'd follow up and change this upstream.

#672 fixed Build for Maverick lizdenys geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" reached DebianImportFreeze? a while ago and FeatureFreeze? the other day. It is definitely time to build all packages for Maverick and see what happens.

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