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#886 workaround Unlocking screen messes with zwgc's auth cfox

Reported by cfox, 13 years ago.


When I type my password into gnome-screensaver, my running zwgc loses the ability to authenticate incoming zephyrs (can be fixed with 'zctl load /dev/null')

My .bash_environment messes with $KRB5CCNAME which may confound matters; however, my running gnome-screensaver has the same KRB5CCNAME value in its environment.

(Highly reproduceable on my workstation, which is 32 bit lucid.)

#420 wontfix How to configure VPN on Ubuntu 9.04 cgao

Reported by cgao, 15 years ago.


I was following the steps But it doesn't work, for the patch is in old version.

Then I was following the steps here

  1. Install network-manager-vpnc.
  2. Click the NetworkManager applet → VPN Connections → Configure VPN… → Add.
  3. For Choose a VPN Connection Type, select Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc).
  4. Fill in Connection name: MITnet (or whatever), Gateway:, Group name: MIT, Group password: [the super-secret VPN password], Username: [your Athena username], and click Apply.
  5. Now you can connect by clicking NetworkManager applet → VPN Connections → MITnet. You will be prompted for your Athena password (or you could have saved it in step 4).

But what is [the super-secret VPN password]? I leave it blank and this method still does work? Where am I wrong?

Thanks so much

#1109 fixed XDG_CACHE_HOME should be pointed to a local directory davidben

Reported by davidben, 12 years ago.


The  XDG base directory spec defines several variables including XDG_CACHE_HOME where applications are supposed to stuff cache data. There aren't all that many that create cache data of any significance, but browsers do. Google Chrome (and unbranded Chromium builds) uses it. Firefox does not, but they already split their profile into local/remote halves for Windows. I intend to shepherd a  patch in Firefox to put the local half into XDG_CACHE_HOME.

Debathena should consider pointing XDG_CACHE_HOME to something local. That would get local cache in Chrome for free, and same with Firefox once the patch goes through. This would also fix issue #329 as urlclassifier3.{sqlite,pset} are also part of the local profile. So are the offline cache and startup cache. (This would not fix #1107 as Thunderbird does not treat ImapMail? as local data.) This isn't explicitly stated as the intention in the spec (not that rigorous reading of a spec is remotely meaningful for desktop APIs), but random searches on Google do suggest that NFS homedir and local XDG_CACHE_HOME are common.

It's conceivable that bad things will happen with an app running in two concurrent logins but each sees different caches, so it's probably worth testing a few things. (Then again, I suspect they all already break on concurrent logins anyway.)

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