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#139 fixed alpine's spell checker doesn't work geofft geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


If you hit Ctrl-T in the body of a message in alpine's composer, it tells you that "" doesn't exist. The speller variable is unset, and setting it to aspell -c will make the spell checker work.

This appears to be a regression from, e.g., Linerva Etch, in which alpine out of the locker apparently would let you spell-check. Although on (current) Linerva Lenny, the locker fails in the same manner.

It also appears to be an upstream bug, in that this is the behavior when you run alpine on a non-Debathena box. Even though Anders looked and determined the Debian packaging configured alpine with aspell enabled...

I've committed r23596 to work around this, but we should really figure out what's going wrong before uploading it.

#144 fixed debathena-workstation can be installed without ubuntu-desktop broder geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


If you install debathena-workstation from the PXE installer, and forget to select "Ubuntu desktop" in the tasksel list, then you get GDM because of debathena-gdm-config et al., and you get what appears to be a working graphical login, but you're missing stuff like ubuntu-artwork, fast-user-switch-applet,, xterm, etc.

The same bug probably exists if you install a nongraphical system and then install debathena-workstation, but this seems less likely.

We can fix this on Ubuntu by Recommending ubuntu-desktop | kubuntu-desktop | whateverelsebuntu-desktop. On Debian, those packages don't exist, so it will silently ignore the recommendation.

However, on Debian, the same bug probably exists, but "desktop" is merely a tasksel, not a metapackage. (On Ubuntu it's both.) Fixing this via a preinst that invokes tasksel is Evil; is there a better way to deal?

#159 fixed ~/.pinerc sometimes refers to geofft geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


On amd64-test I am running a version of debathena-alpine-config that hardcodes po15, and uses an undebathenified alpine, which is the config we intend to deploy once the other POs support krb5.

If I try to send mail (which wants a sent-mail folder) or manually create a Spamscreen folder, it fails because stock alpine can't parse

This config only appears in my own .pinerc:

amd64-test:~ geofft$ grep hesiod /etc/pine.conf
amd64-test:~ geofft$ grep hesiod .pinerc
folder-collections="MIT Mail" {}INBOX.[],

So we're going to need to figure out how to override or overwrite the local user's folder-collections when we deploy the krb5 debathena-alpine-config.

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