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#548 fixed kiosk launch button still visible after login on Lucid rbasch broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


After logging into gdm, the "Browse" button to launch the kiosk browser sticks around and shows up on the users' desktop.

The process is owned by the gdm user, so presumably it's still sticking around from the greeter.

#571 fixed kiosk extension does not work in firefox 3.6 rbasch rbasch

Reported by rbasch, 14 years ago.


The r-kiosk firefox extension that we use for our browsing option from the login window does not work in firefox 3.6, even after disabling the compatibility check. The extension's web page ( mentions an experimental version (0.8.0) for 3.6, but its download link is broken.

#605 fixed firefox-wrapper broken on lucid: "default" is now an awk reserved word rbasch geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


If you try running Firefox on lucid while your profile is locked from another machine, you get the "Firefox is running, but not responding." dialog box instead of our dialog box indicating Firefox is in use on another computer.

On further investigation, if you run firefox at a command prompt, you see:

mary-kay-commandos:~ geofft$ firefox
awk: cmd. line:24:       default = "";
awk: cmd. line:24:       ^ syntax error
awk: cmd. line:31:             default = id;
awk: cmd. line:31:             ^ syntax error
awk: cmd. line:34:       if (use_default != 0 && default != "")
awk: cmd. line:34:                               ^ syntax error
awk: cmd. line:36:       else if (nprofiles == 1 && count == 1)
awk: cmd. line:36:       ^ syntax error

Apparently this is because as of Lucid's version of awk, default is a reserved word:

dr-wily:~ geofft$ awk --version | head -1
GNU Awk 3.1.5
dr-wily:~ geofft$ awk 'BEGIN {default=3; print default;}'
dr-wily:~ geofft$ awk 'BEGIN {defaul=3; print defaul;}'
mary-kay-commandos:~ geofft$ awk --version | head -1
GNU Awk 3.1.6
mary-kay-commandos:~ geofft$ awk 'BEGIN {default=3; print default;}'
awk: BEGIN {default=3; print default;}
awk:        ^ syntax error
awk: BEGIN {default=3; print default;}
awk:                         ^ syntax error
mary-kay-commandos:~ geofft$ awk 'BEGIN {defaul=3; print defaul;}'
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