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#488 fixed kerberos-config needs to set allow_weak_crypto broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


The ATHENA.MIT.EDU KDC seems to only support the des-cbc-crc enctype. As of krb5 1.8, that's defined as "weak crypto", and the krb5 clients won't talk to the KDC by default.

Until the KDC is upgraded or reconfigured to allow shinier enctypes, we need to set allow_weak_crypto = true in the [libdefaults] section of krb5.conf.

From some preliminary testing, it looks like that setting has no affect in the older versions of krb5 we still support.

#493 fixed /proc/mounts! It's over sixty-five thousand! geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


I logged in to a cluster machine today. /proc/mounts had 65571 entries in it, including 63356 instances of what appear to be bind-mounts of /media. My xterm that I launch from .startup.X started after about two minutes at a black screen. GNOME took a while longer, and I noticed this issue because stracing gnome-terminal indicated it was trying to read /proc/mounts and that was taking a long time. I think this is what people are reporting when they say some cluster machines take them several minutes to log in...

See  /mit/geofft/Public/proc-mounts-uniq-c for the output of cat /proc/mounts | uniq -c and  /mit/geofft/Public/debathena-over-65000 for the relevant kernel logs wherein I pressed alt-sysrq-T and -W a bunch.

#494 workaround Switch User locks things up hard on lola-granola (karmic) phurst

Reported by phurst, 14 years ago.


Clicking 'Switch User' in the logout menu on Karmic sends the machine to a black screen; magic SysRq? doesn't work, and apparently ssh sessions into the machine freeze as well. Apparently /var/log shows nothing of interest as well.

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