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Move debathena.mit.edu to Demeter

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This is a followup to #718. The current solution of mod_proxying to demeter from scripts sucks, because it means internal URLs use "athena10.mit.edu" and that certificate authentication to scripts doesn't work. Since we don't want to publicly advertise the athena10.mit.edu name, we should move the debathena.mit.edu hostname over. There's nothing else interesting running under that hostname, I believe (just the static website); there's stuff like lintian.debathena.org and snapshot.debathena.org, but those are separate hostnames that don't need to be changed at the same time.

Alternatively, we could move trac to trac.debathena.org, which we can move separately from debathena.mit.edu, and advertise that URL (and 301 to it from both debathena.mit.edu/trac and athena10.mit.edu/trac).

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#1470 put this back on my radar. I like the idea of a separate hostname for Trac (trac.debathena.org, or something else) -- the original goal in moving it to demeter was because Trac is mission-critical, and there were some Scripts issues at the time that made Trac unusably slow. These issues have not recurred (nor am I criticizing the Scripts maintainers in any way), but I think it makes sense to keep it like that. We can move the website over too. Moving the hostname requires a bit more thought -- it's unclear if we want the APT repo served from demeter, though it should probably be fine. We could also 301 the APT repo, too.

Of course, we could simply move the website, and package-list, and a few other user-visible things to demeter, move the alias, and keep the scripts locker for *.debathena.org. Either way, I want to vastly simplify the .htaccess -- I think at this point, anyone who ends up at a URI with debathena.scripts or ~debathena in it is Wrong, and should get a simple error page telling them that it's not 2007 anymore. (I know it violates the whole point of permanent URIs, but the website has changed enough that attempting to rewrite the URL would still likely result in them getting a 404 page, which is not any more helpful).

There are also some important URIs we should avoid breaking, obviously. Off the top of my head: c-p-d, the packaging tutorial (except this is CDBS and maybe we don't care anymore?), possibly some other things.


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