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AppArmor doesn't play nice with AFS

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Users without some .config entries are encountered telepathy/mission-control apport failures shortly after the first login. AFS also briefly claims it loses contact with the file server, and operations in AFS fail with ETIMEDOUT. But then it comes right back. AppArmor? does whine about telepathy trying to access files in /var/cache/openafs, as well as the root filesystem itself (presumably because something, somewhere, drops privs and changes its cwd to /). Disabling apparmor (booting with apparmor=0) fixes this, but we should figure out exactly what's breaking and why. Anders suggested possibly adding /var/cache/openafs/ to abstractions/base. However, it may be a bit more complicated than that, because something is convincing AFS that it briefly can't talk to the fileserver. (I do not believe it be an actual network issue, because that is extremely unlikely to occur on multiple machines at the time of login, and not at any other times).

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