Ticket #1531 (new defect)

Opened 10 years ago

bash-config diverts a non-managed file

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We attempt to divert /etc/profile, but that's not managed by dpkg, but is instead the result of a pile of goo in base-files maintainer scripts ( 668871,  673767). The only thing that doesn't support profile.d is squeeze, and we can just stop building for it or something. We should clean it up (and tcsh-config if necessary). In general, I think we can clean up profile.debathena, for a couple of reasons: 10-bash-kerberos-credentials-warn can move to bashrc.d from profile.d, because bash claims to be able to detect when its input is connected to ssh/rsh, and will read bashrc, not profile, even for login shells. 80-mh-inpath can also move to our bashrc.d directory, since the whole point of profile.debathena is to override bash's idiotic behavior of using different startup files for login vs non-login shells.

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