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Replace the default zephyr client with something libnotify-based

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Upstream bug:  zephyr:#18


For the future, we should look into replacing the default zephyr windowgram client with something based on libnotify. /mit/geofft/debathena/zephyrnotify.py is a good start, but needs some more features, and tuning. Zephyr discussion suggests it might be possible to make a libnotify backend for zwgc, which would be great, as it would not require any documentation changes.

This would tie in nicely with the goal of making Debathena shiny, and might make a neat project for IS&T student employees or SIPB prospectives.

Note that this is not a suggestion that zwgc go away, simply that it not be the default X11 zephyr client. zwgc -ttymode should of course stick around, and users who want old-fashioned windowgrams should get them (possibly by setting ZEPHYR_CLIENT).

This is a low priority issue, previously tracked as ATN-45 in Jira, which is moving here.

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Ubuntu removed a lot of libnotify functionality in Jaunty because why not. ( LP:346095 is full of awesome rants). So we may not want to go this route anymore.

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