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machtype -L should not use dpkg-query

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For the reasons noted in #778, machtype should not use dpkg-query. Now that #848 is in development, we can do this better. My plan (currently implemented in login-graphical) is to ship a "metapackage.installed" file for each package in /var/lib/debathena/metapackages. Then machtype can just look there to see what's installed. The downside is that if debathena-cluster is in a half-installed state or something, this new machtype will report the wrong answer, whereas the current one would report a lower metapackage.

If we decide not to implement this ticket, someone should delete trunk/debathena/meta/login-graphical/debian/debathena-login-graphical.installed and trunk/debathena/meta/login-graphical/debian/debathena-login-graphical.install

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by jdreed

I wonder if the Right(tm) way to do this is to have machtype provide a trigger, and have our metapackages be consumers of the trigger. When a metapackage is installed, the trigger writes out a file and then machtype reads that file.

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