14:46 Changeset [812] by don
added macro-def of "exists" routine, which was defined in files.c. this checkin is just to document the last one.
14:45 Changeset [811] by don
*** empty log message ***


08:22 Changeset [810] by shanzer
Does not remove special files (sockets, block, nd charcter special files.


11:31 Changeset [809] by opus
A few fixes.
11:30 Changeset [808] by opus
Set to send a boot if we are deactivated.


16:37 Changeset [807] by opus
Initial revision
16:36 Changeset [806] by opus
Split hm.c into two more subfiles.
16:36 Changeset [805] by opus
Changes consistent with split of hm.c


22:36 Changeset [804] by spook
Fixed error detected by High C compiler.


12:42 Changeset [803] by jtkohl
add ulogin_flush_user
12:40 Changeset [802] by jtkohl
new access control scheme
12:39 Changeset [801] by jtkohl
change access control scheme
12:38 Changeset [800] by jtkohl
temporarily ignore the request for a renegade server
12:34 Changeset [799] by jtkohl
change access control; add better error message
12:30 Changeset [798] by jtkohl
clean up comments; add code for dealing with the class registry
12:06 Changeset [797] by jtkohl
add flag 'booting' to indicate whether we have ever talked to a server so that we send HM_BOOT messages to each server until one responds.
11:45 Changeset [796] by jtkohl
Fix up boot code; remove some debugging code that is useless
11:38 Changeset [795] by jtkohl
remove useless warning
11:36 Changeset [794] by jtkohl
modification for new access scheme


21:24 Changeset [793] by opus
Handles SIGHUP differently; Accepts HMCTL messages from local client -- opcodes are flush and find a new server.
21:04 Changeset [792] by opus
Added a few more #define's for new HMCTL stuff.


06:59 Changeset [791] by jtkohl
Add ZFlushLocations()
06:54 Changeset [790] by jtkohl
add a LOGIN_USER_FLUSH opcode


10:33 Changeset [789] by dyer
check which tests NFS home directories. Refinement of task which looks to see whether to attach a homedir or not.


22:34 Changeset [788] by spook
Removed is_fatal flag.
22:32 Changeset [787] by spook
Removed fatal_error flag, since we no longer have non-fatal errors...


07:31 Changeset [786] by jtkohl
User locates must be authenticated (per privacy committee).
07:29 Changeset [785] by jtkohl
ZLocate must now be authenticated.
06:46 Changeset [784] by jtkohl
change dfn of srvtab to use same token as zephyr.h
06:45 Changeset [783] by jtkohl
change srvtab location
06:43 Changeset [782] by jtkohl
rfrench work (cleanup, versions, stats)
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