09:36 Changeset [982] by balamac
Randrp now preserves the current transaction (it was getting clobbered by the call to reply)


18:20 Changeset [981] by srz
ckm now does a get_mtg_info for the current meeting, so it finds out if it's been changed.
18:11 Changeset [980] by srz
Fixed bug where new meetings caused problems for "next"
17:44 Changeset [979] by srz
17:42 Changeset [978] by srz
set_module now returns fatal flag, again.
17:39 Changeset [977] by srz
Reverted set_module so that it hands back fatal flag.


16:20 Changeset [976] by steiner
Formatting changes. Programmer: Ken. Auditor: Jon.


07:35 Changeset [975]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ASR5PT5'.
07:35 Changeset [974] by rfrench
Fixed writing variables problem when no write access to homedir


22:09 Changeset [973] by srz
Put location of DSPIPE into config.h
20:37 Changeset [972] by srz
Really ifdef'd zephyr.
20:08 Changeset [971] by rfrench
#ifdef'd ZEPHYR stuff
19:24 Changeset [970] by srz
Release 1.3
17:40 Changeset [969] by balamac
Fixed bugs with replying to deleted messages
16:07 Changeset [968] by cfields
Initial revision


17:34 Changeset [967] by balamac
Took out debugging messages from code.
17:03 Changeset [966] by srz
Added code to make sure current transaction is not deleted when going to a meeting. May slow down people who are behind in meetings with lots of deleted transactions.
16:59 Changeset [965] by srz
Made handling of deleted transactions better.
16:57 Changeset [964] by srz
Added read_new command.
16:55 Changeset [963] by balamac
Initial revision


09:08 Changeset [962] by opus
Changed 'hm' to 'zhm'.
08:58 Changeset [961] by opus
Changed 'hm' to 'zhm'.
08:32 Changeset [960] by opus
Changed name to zhm.


11:01 Changeset [959] by raeburn
Bill's changes on Stan's birthday.


19:40 Changeset [958] by srz
Fixed doc of lowest, highest, first & last


06:36 Changeset [957] by shanzer
fixed so it does a rnalib after it installs..
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