13:21 Changeset [1463] by shanzer
fixed dependence for login
13:10 Changeset [1462] by shanzer
Login now calls attach with the -q (quit) option. And it only redirects stdout to /dev/null so it make debugging a lot easier..
12:39 Changeset [1461] by jtkohl
Initial revision
10:08 Changeset [1460] by root
fix order of setting auth flags [jtkohl]
10:08 Changeset [1459] by root
fix for select()/copyin() problem [jtkohl]
09:38 Changeset [1458] by jtkohl
Ultrix changes
09:14 Changeset [1457] by jtkohl
branch for Ultrix fixes
08:26 Changeset [1456] by probe
Fixes usage message
08:04 Changeset [1455] by jtkohl
mention that -u isn't useful


14:21 Changeset [1454] by shanzer
Initial revision
14:14 Changeset [1453] by shanzer
Added chdir("/") before running the attach that way we MAKE SURE that we are not in the directory that we are trying to attach to... (*SIGH*)


00:57 Changeset [1452] by probe
Fixed boundary problem... (nothing to execute, ie. no current version script)


17:57 Changeset [1451] by probe
*** empty log message ***
15:56 Changeset [1450] by probe
*** empty log message ***
15:54 Changeset [1449] by probe
Initial revision


19:50 Changeset [1448] by probe
stupid mistake regarding limits... I shouldn't rerun the script for the current release.
17:40 Changeset [1447] by probe
Allows the range of versions to not have to include the endpoints.


16:23 Changeset [1446] by probe
Fixes the bug where a "generic" hesiod entry could override a version-specific entry. It does this by first printing out all generic entries and then printing the version specific entries (thus allowing a generic entry of another type to follow a version specific entry)
12:45 Changeset [1445] by jtkohl
fix misplaced .SH AUTHOR


07:53 Changeset [1444]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'unlabeled-1.35.0'.
07:53 Changeset [1443] by jtkohl
fix hesiod problems


06:55 Changeset [1442] by jtkohl
be explicit about the purpose of zaway
06:26 Changeset [1441] by jtkohl
mis-named 'zwrite-signature' variable


14:04 Changeset [1440] by paul
New reset command; fixed garbled-header bug; must be "if" in printcap


14:23 Changeset [1439] by raeburn
Removed $INITDIRE stuff.


20:34 Changeset [1438] by srz
Fixed handling of ^C.
19:15 Changeset [1437] by srz
Fixed bug where nm was not getting updated meeting info when going to the current meeting.
19:14 Changeset [1436] by srz
Fixed file descriptor leak
19:14 Changeset [1435] by srz
Fixed file descriptor leak.
14:18 Changeset [1434] by shanzer
Initial revision
14:11 Changeset [1433] by shanzer
Initial revision
14:11 Changeset [1432] by shanzer
New prototype files.
14:09 Changeset [1431] by shanzer
Nw prototype files.


05:50 Changeset [1430] by jtkohl
add timeout code


17:40 Changeset [1429] by raeburn
Changed names of types in acl interface.
17:15 Changeset [1428] by raeburn
Changed type names of acl code.
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