10:58 Changeset [1597] by jtkohl
fetch name from password file


08:50 Changeset [1596] by jtkohl
remove bogus clean target rearrange targets so all:: is the first target don't do profiling of the command table
08:46 Changeset [1595] by jtkohl
don't do profiling on this error table
06:50 Changeset [1594] by jtkohl
fix date document -s flag
06:32 Changeset [1593] by jtkohl
fix up signature stuff a bit
06:12 Changeset [1592] by jtkohl
the bug in BUGS was fixed
04:40 Changeset [1591] by jtkohl
Initial revision
04:39 Changeset [1590] by jtkohl
be careful about sending to non-existent users.
04:35 Changeset [1589] by jtkohl
use CLIENTDIR rather than /usr/athena


11:24 Changeset [1588] by jtkohl
Documentor: Jennifer Steiner Auditor: John Kohl changes: document the code properly
10:44 Changeset [1587] by jtkohl
Programmer: Stan Zanarotti Auditor: John Kohl changes: upper-case the domain name for a realm.
09:32 Changeset [1586] by jtkohl
Documenter: Jennifer Steiner Auditor: John Kohl changes: make the comments match the code.


11:53 Changeset [1585] by cfields
Initial revision
10:02 Changeset [1584] by jtkohl
document change in behavior of server args
07:01 Changeset [1583] by jtkohl
add a #define of KRB_REALM for when Kerberos isn't in use.
06:58 Changeset [1582] by jtkohl
clean up some allocation stuff. change default descriptions a bit.
06:52 Changeset [1581] by jtkohl
upgrade to latest Berkeley code, modified to work with COMPAT42
06:51 Changeset [1580] by jtkohl
use #define's for service names
06:50 Changeset [1579] by jtkohl
add exit(0) at the bottom. clean up code from Ralph Swick
06:49 Changeset [1578] by jtkohl
upgrade to latest Berkeley revision
06:48 Changeset [1577] by jtkohl
Initial revision
06:38 Changeset [1576] by jtkohl
Initial revision
06:34 Changeset [1575] by jtkohl
clean up command-line and non-HESIOD support, so that multiple hosts can appear on command line. Also, make sure primary host only shows up on list once
06:30 Changeset [1574] by jtkohl
add strcasecmp support (separate file) remove spurious free's of unallocated buffer
06:29 Changeset [1573] by jtkohl
use #define'd name for the service when not KERBEROS, use a pre-defined realm
06:29 Changeset [1572] by jtkohl
don't compile if not KERBEROS
06:28 Changeset [1571] by jtkohl
Initial revision
06:19 Changeset [1570] by jtkohl
Initial revision
06:18 Changeset [1569] by jtkohl
add some #ifdef's for KERBEROS, fix up ZEPHYR_SRVTAB message.


02:28 Changeset [1568] by raeburn
typo fixes...
01:50 Changeset [1567] by raeburn
Fixed nref code not to reference variable "prev"; changed output-transaction routine to default to <mtg-name>.trans.
01:24 Changeset [1566] by raeburn
Removed some old comments; made "C-u M-x discuss" not list meetings, but accept meeting name; caused quit to send "(quit)" and disown process before killing buffer. Also defined discuss-version function and variable with RCS id, misc other tweaks.


11:38 Changeset [1565] by raeburn
Changed "message_daemon" to "messaged" and set it up to install in /etc/athena.
10:57 Changeset [1564] by eichin
changed `Re:' field checking to use "[Rr]e:" instead.


21:50 Changeset [1563] by balamac
Added randrp support.
21:36 Changeset [1562] by balamac
Added the "grtn" function... get_randrp_transaction_number


19:25 Changeset [1561] by srz
Now goes to next transaction when going to a meeting.
16:15 Changeset [1560] by eichin
fixed an attempt to delete the only window on the screen
14:51 Changeset [1559] by srz
Fixed bugs with nut.
14:31 Changeset [1558] by srz
Added nut operation.
14:31 Changeset [1557] by srz
Added nut operation, and do_quote.
11:23 Changeset [1556] by eichin
fix path for non-exl edsc client.
11:17 Changeset [1555] by eichin
made reply split the window, like rmail does.
11:17 Changeset [1554] by eichin
Added discuss-trn-output
11:04 Changeset [1553] by srz
Added copyright.


10:08 Changeset [1552] by jtkohl
fix optind handling
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