08:19 Changeset [1616]
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08:19 Changeset [1615] by jtkohl
fix vno


08:50 Changeset [1614] by srz
Add patch so that broken meetings won't lose information.


12:04 Changeset [1613] by jtkohl
wording fix suggested by Stan.
04:34 Changeset [1612] by jtkohl
fix some confusion about what recipients are valid


09:51 Changeset [1611] by jtkohl
wrong copyright message for the moment


03:46 Changeset [1610] by jtkohl
fix problem with incorrect computation of useful ticket lifetime


11:31 Changeset [1609] by jtkohl
09:10 Changeset [1608] by raeburn
Added newline before ^L as well as after...sigh.
09:06 Changeset [1607] by raeburn
Re-wrote output formatting.
09:04 Changeset [1606] by raeburn
Changed leave_mtg to turn off CHANGED flag if appropriate.
03:18 Changeset [1605] by eichin
added discuss-next-meeting. [previous fix to discuss-goto was harmless, but not a bug. I had loaded a different version of the function, oops...]
03:11 Changeset [1604] by eichin
Fixed ^O [discuss-output-last-file wasn't getting set, probably because discuss-send-cmd doesn't really return...] and tested it.


20:42 Changeset [1603] by raeburn
Initialized "buffer" at link time rather than run time; changed ss_perror call on failed ss_create_invocation to com_err; replaced log_warning with ss_perror; modified getyn() to not use toupper().
20:39 Changeset [1602] by raeburn
Added code for "list -long_subjects (-lsj)", corrected code dealing with length of (shortened) subjects past transaction number 10000.
18:56 Changeset [1601] by srz
Fixed bug when user not in /etc/passwd.
18:37 Changeset [1600] by raeburn
Moved ^L to same line as transaction number, not on a line by itself.


09:11 Changeset [1599] by jtkohl
deal with no primary server by randomly selecting one from the list


14:22 Changeset [1598] by raeburn
Replaced log_warning call with com_err.


10:58 Changeset [1597] by jtkohl
fetch name from password file


08:50 Changeset [1596] by jtkohl
remove bogus clean target rearrange targets so all:: is the first target don't do profiling of the command table
08:46 Changeset [1595] by jtkohl
don't do profiling on this error table
06:50 Changeset [1594] by jtkohl
fix date document -s flag
06:32 Changeset [1593] by jtkohl
fix up signature stuff a bit
06:12 Changeset [1592] by jtkohl
the bug in BUGS was fixed
04:40 Changeset [1591] by jtkohl
Initial revision
04:39 Changeset [1590] by jtkohl
be careful about sending to non-existent users.
04:35 Changeset [1589] by jtkohl
use CLIENTDIR rather than /usr/athena
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