11:46 Changeset [1842] by jtkohl
#ifdef X11 changes


07:35 Changeset [1841] by jtkohl
specify conditions in which recipients are not optional
07:33 Changeset [1840] by jtkohl
if sending to urgent instance, make sure that recipients are specified. change usage message accordingly


07:01 Changeset [1839] by jtkohl
Initial revision


12:54 Changeset [1838] by jtkohl
fix problem with zleave exiting when run on a tty with no utmp entry (e.g. X terminal window)


09:09 Changeset [1837] by cfields
Initial revision


13:09 Changeset [1836] by srz
Added error table initialization.


06:10 Changeset [1835] by jtkohl
need to take only the priority portion of the previous priority. [may have higher bits set if the priority is set by the client to something like LOG_DAEMON|LOG_WARNING]


09:46 Changeset [1834] by jtkohl
add dummy all:: target so make means make all
08:17 Changeset [1833] by kit
Checking in Makefile
07:50 Changeset [1832] by jtkohl
remove ztalk; it's not used


19:25 Changeset [1831] by jik
Fix from the net so that we don't accidentally miss some files in process_files.
19:11 Changeset [1830] by jik
Initial revision


14:48 Changeset [1829] by jtkohl
fix problem with include path
12:56 Changeset [1828] by jtkohl
fix symlinks for compat shell scripts


07:26 Changeset [1827] by jtkohl
fix include path
07:22 Changeset [1826] by jtkohl
fix HDRS and src:: so that dependencies work properly for zsrv_err.h


20:44 Changeset [1825] by srz
Fixed memory leak; destroy_mtg_info now really destroys all the dynamic info.


17:32 Changeset [1824] by srz
Fixed memory leaks, test for bad formatted meeting file lines, and get rid of sync() call.
03:25 Changeset [1823] by raeburn
Initial revision


19:58 Changeset [1822] by srz
Fixed memory leaks and converted over to new sl_map interface.
19:52 Changeset [1821] by raeburn
Tweaked header files and ANSI-C stuff; rearranged to inline the string-duplication routine when building under GNU CC. Also added some attempts to verify that the .meetings file got written out to disk properly (fflush, fsync, ferror, &c).
19:33 Changeset [1820] by srz
Plugged memory leaks, read subject using gets instead of fgets.
19:32 Changeset [1819] by srz
Plugging memory leaks.
18:07 Changeset [1818] by srz
Fixed another memory leak (less bits are oozing out the side of Discuss).
12:14 Changeset [1817] by kit
new version
12:12 Changeset [1816] by kit
Check to see of XtOpenDisplay returns NULL.
12:12 Changeset [1815] by kit
Initial revision
11:43 Changeset [1814] by kit
Fix for handling argv[0] correctly, and change class name to be Xquota.
10:54 Changeset [1813] by raeburn
fixed include problem; fixed problem calling short_time with <int> (should be <int *>.


07:09 Changeset [1812] by jik
Initial revision
07:08 Changeset [1811] by jik
added mit-copyright stuff
07:03 Changeset [1810] by jik
had to run a new make depend to get the mit-copyright.h dependencies in.
06:32 Changeset [1809] by jik
added copyright information
05:39 Changeset [1808] by jik
Initial revision
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