10:29 Changeset [1875]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT10'.
10:29 Changeset [1874]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'BETA0'.
10:29 Changeset [1873] by jtkohl
update vno
10:26 Changeset [1872] by jtkohl
fix broken logic for determining when to add default subscriptions


10:06 Changeset [1871] by epeisach
Fixed typos
09:58 Changeset [1870] by epeisach
Initial revision


10:19 Changeset [1869] by jtkohl
first field should be signature, so put newline between things.
10:07 Changeset [1868]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'unlabeled-1.8.1'.
10:07 Changeset [1867] by jtkohl
fix description of fields (remove it)


14:15 Changeset [1866] by jtkohl
make sure to set reminder_message to something.
14:05 Changeset [1865] by jtkohl
add `-m' argument to specify a reminder message to be sent with the message
14:02 Changeset [1864] by jtkohl
clean up for new version with a reminder message
12:53 Changeset [1863] by jtkohl
support multiple recipients on the same line.


22:47 Changeset [1862] by srz
jik's fix to stop printing twice.


21:55 Changeset [1861] by srz
Fixed up when temporary file is deleted.
21:29 Changeset [1860] by srz
Don't delete temporary file immediately when an edit fails.


17:14 Changeset [1859] by jtkohl
need to fix order of libraries
13:36 Changeset [1858] by jtkohl
add support for subscriptions without defaults
13:19 Changeset [1857] by jtkohl
13:18 Changeset [1856] by jtkohl
add ZSubscribeToSansDefaults
10:31 Changeset [1855] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
10:29 Changeset [1854] by jik
added is_deleted and is_dotfile macros
10:28 Changeset [1853] by jik
is_dotfile and is_deleted procedures are removed because they are turned into macros in util.h
10:21 Changeset [1852] by jik
Before, I was doing to readdir's at the beginning of every directory because I was assuming that dot files were always at the beginning. I'm not sure that's safe, so now I'm checking every file to make sure it's not a dot file.
10:18 Changeset [1851] by jik
fixed handling of current working directory searching
10:10 Changeset [1850] by jik
fixed some bugs with handling the current working directory; added a few comments.
10:05 Changeset [1849] by jik
added archiving stuff; reran make depend
09:56 Changeset [1848] by jik
Initial revision
05:09 Changeset [1847] by jik
patches from the net


22:58 Changeset [1846] by srz
John Kohl's changes to allow new subjects for replies.


17:10 Changeset [1845] by srz
Jon's changes to transaction specifiers.
15:15 Changeset [1844] by srz
Added AREF flag.
14:34 Changeset [1843] by raeburn
temporary hack to get -flag_set and -flag_reset available; should be superceded by jon's changes when we get them incorporated


11:46 Changeset [1842] by jtkohl
#ifdef X11 changes


07:35 Changeset [1841] by jtkohl
specify conditions in which recipients are not optional
07:33 Changeset [1840] by jtkohl
if sending to urgent instance, make sure that recipients are specified. change usage message accordingly


07:01 Changeset [1839] by jtkohl
Initial revision


12:54 Changeset [1838] by jtkohl
fix problem with zleave exiting when run on a tty with no utmp entry (e.g. X terminal window)


09:09 Changeset [1837] by cfields
Initial revision


13:09 Changeset [1836] by srz
Added error table initialization.
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