09:33 Changeset [2442] by jtkohl
talk about precedence of resources, and where they live add section on X buttons add BUGS about selection/left/right
08:27 Changeset [2441] by jtkohl
add XENVIRONMENT support
04:10 Changeset [2440]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT18'.
04:10 Changeset [2439] by jtkohl
change in server.c to correctly free server list in not HESIOD case
04:09 Changeset [2438] by jtkohl
fix bug with freeing a bogus pointer.


14:05 Changeset [2437] by vanharen
added "b" to go back one page on index.
14:00 Changeset [2436] by vanharen
made display a bit nicer -- larger
13:46 Changeset [2435] by vanharen
minor bugfixes, and changes to make display nicer.
10:26 Changeset [2434] by raeburn
removed bug_report from installation
10:22 Changeset [2433] by raeburn
New version, including info from `machtype' program, release number, &c.
03:47 Changeset [2432] by jtkohl
only print out errors on cancel/unset when debugging


19:44 Changeset [2431] by vanharen
fixed formatting, location of Ref tree changed.
13:08 Changeset [2430] by probe
Removed RCS logs and $Log$ statement
13:04 Changeset [2429] by probe
Set the comment string for $Log$ to work properly
12:58 Changeset [2428] by probe
Install hesinfo.1 in man/man1, not man/man3


15:59 Changeset [2427] by vanharen
changed to work with the new makefile
15:57 Changeset [2426] by vanharen
changed MACHTYPE definition to MACHINE, which is built-in on athena.
14:03 Changeset [2425] by cref
added variable to support hackery to make display work a little nicer.
13:52 Changeset [2424] by cref
hackery to make display work better.
13:48 Changeset [2423] by cref
more hackery to make the display work a little better.
13:34 Changeset [2422] by cref
minor change to make displaying work better. Very much a hack, though.
13:33 Changeset [2421] by cref
minor changes to the man page
13:32 Changeset [2420] by vanharen
changes to clean up the code and make it more manageable
11:55 Changeset [2419] by cref
changed value of CREF_ROOT to work in lockerized world (as opposed to timesharing)
11:52 Changeset [2418] by cref
some hackery to make displaying work better (?) -- well, slightly, anyway...
11:27 Changeset [2417] by vanharen
added some support for help callback on buttons, also attempted to write 80-column "wrapping" function -- this is not going real great, and should probably be dumped.
11:22 Changeset [2416] by vanharen
cleaned up code a little...
10:27 Changeset [2415] by vanharen
rearranged include file, and added a generic widget "w" to help simplify the visual.c code.
10:02 Changeset [2414] by jtkohl
remove printf() on reread up version number
09:57 Changeset [2413] by vanharen
added icon path and filename, help file for newq_btn
09:30 Changeset [2412] by vanharen
Initial revision
08:50 Changeset [2411] by jtkohl
change description of style to talk about lowercase/underscores
08:43 Changeset [2410] by jtkohl
fix yet another bug in the dot -> underscore routine
08:40 Changeset [2409] by jtkohl
use bold for bold, not RV! [NOTE: xterm loses on bold unless you use the -fb option!]


16:32 Changeset [2408] by marc
fixed problem with default value of $style variable
12:16 Changeset [2407]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT17'.
12:16 Changeset [2406] by jtkohl
update xmit() in dispatch.c so it logs the address on a failed xmit
12:16 Changeset [2405] by jtkohl
make xmit xmit error log error addr
11:44 Changeset [2404] by jtkohl
add example for lany() fix name (downcase instead of lowercase) document $1, $2, ... make default variables boldface fix bold/italic inconsistency add address for Mark Lillibridge
06:22 Changeset [2403] by jtkohl
recolor the cursor with pointerColor
04:53 Changeset [2402] by jtkohl
change mode of zwgc.desc after installation


09:09 Changeset [2401] by jtkohl
add required quotes around zmailnotify
09:08 Changeset [2400] by jtkohl
mention that path is searched for exec stuff
08:36 Changeset [2399] by jtkohl
put back @b, @i for both tty and X mode re-order stuff to be consistent. add "not" to description of operators
08:34 Changeset [2398] by jtkohl
add shorthand of @b, @i for bold, italic
08:25 Changeset [2397] by jtkohl
in stuff for X driver: remove @b and @i for bold/italic add left, center, right
07:29 Changeset [2396] by jtkohl
add support to not flame about $TERM unless primary driver [extra argument to initialization routines]
07:08 Changeset [2395] by jtkohl
Shouldn't set transient on the window, so that some wm's can iconify the windows
07:06 Changeset [2394] by jtkohl
up rev number ignore SIGPIPE (so Xlib gets error on XKillClient)
07:06 Changeset [2393] by jtkohl
add X IO Error handler
06:16 Changeset [2392] by jtkohl
add code to only finalize if init was called. [may be necessary due to XIOErrorHandler
05:56 Changeset [2391] by jtkohl
changes to avoid inadvertent destruction of z-grams (more careful button tracking)


11:59 Changeset [2390] by jtkohl
fix some errant comments which caused problems.
11:51 Changeset [2389] by jtkohl
add resetSaver support
11:49 Changeset [2388] by jtkohl
fix formatting error
11:49 Changeset [2387] by marc
Fixed a few boundary bugs.
11:22 Changeset [2386] by jtkohl
major additions & corrections & rearrangement to make it reasonable.
11:18 Changeset [2385] by epeisach
Added Cats.ucsc.edu [henry]
09:56 Changeset [2384] by raeburn
Check a couple of assertions before writing out information.
09:48 Changeset [2383] by jtkohl
frob umask with writable files (create_file_output_port)
04:02 Changeset [2382] by jtkohl
Initial revision


20:52 Changeset [2381] by aleslie
08:58 Changeset [2380] by epeisach
Added MIT.EDU [raeburn]
08:56 Changeset [2379] by epeisach
Added NEAR.NET (jon)
08:46 Changeset [2378] by aleslie
description paragraph now begins w/ `an option...' discuss #329


22:36 Changeset [2377] by jik
is_deleted(foo) should have been is_deleted(lastpart(foo)).
17:17 Changeset [2376] by epeisach
krb_getrlm replaced by get_krb_lrealm.
14:21 Changeset [2375]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL7'.
14:21 Changeset [2374] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
14:21 Changeset [2373] by jik
Fixed error messages in is_mountpoint function.
11:33 Changeset [2372] by probe
Fixed "stty dec"


16:39 Changeset [2371]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL6'.
16:39 Changeset [2370] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
16:38 Changeset [2369] by jik
Changed a bit the stuff about patch levels, since we're no longer exactly on patch level five.
16:32 Changeset [2368] by jik
removed superfluous declaration of malloc
16:32 Changeset [2367] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff.
16:31 Changeset [2366] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff
16:27 Changeset [2365] by jik
Several things: 1. Installed debugging Malloc stuff. 2. BIG BUG FIX moved the initialization of return_files outside of the for loop in the find_matches procedure. This bug was causing find_matches to return garbage arrays. 3. Only add recursively found files to the files that will be returned if the call to do_recurs actually found and files (in find_matches again). 4. Check the result of "Malloc(0)" as you would a normal malloc.
16:26 Changeset [2364] by jik
1) installed debugging Malloc stuff 2) if a malloc or realloc of the stack fails, reset size and count to 0
16:25 Changeset [2363] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff
16:24 Changeset [2362] by jik
added debug Malloc stuff
16:24 Changeset [2361] by jik
deleted a superfluous declaration of malloc


06:30 Changeset [2360] by jtkohl
remove extra #define REVSTACK (taken care of in Makefiles now)
05:27 Changeset [2359] by jtkohl
use wait3() and pick up all waiting processes


09:48 Changeset [2358] by jtkohl
change application name to 'zwgc'; old resources have been shown to be harmless.
01:26 Changeset [2357] by probe
Don't try stripping the man page.
01:26 Changeset [2356] by probe
Initial revision


09:58 Changeset [2355] by tjcoppet
*** empty log message ***
09:53 Changeset [2354] by tjcoppet
09:53 Changeset [2353] by tjcoppet
*** empty log message ***
09:49 Changeset [2352] by tjcoppet
time sort stuff
09:20 Changeset [2351] by tjcoppet
09:20 Changeset [2350] by tjcoppet
Initial revision
09:17 Changeset [2349] by tjcoppet
08:59 Changeset [2348] by tjcoppet
08:59 Changeset [2347] by tjcoppet
Initial revision
08:56 Changeset [2346] by tjcoppet
*** empty log message ***
04:58 Changeset [2345] by jtkohl
prevent use of uninitialized variables (problems with centering z-grams)


11:01 Changeset [2344] by jtkohl
fix bug with null derefs on font->per_char for fixed width fonts.
08:12 Changeset [2343]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL5'.
08:12 Changeset [2342] by jik
Added a paragraph about com_err being a temporary version.
08:07 Changeset [2341] by jik
fixed some typos and misspellings
05:58 Changeset [2340] by epeisach
Fixed env_setup & remove to work with new dot file structure (brlewis)
05:22 Changeset [2339]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZWGC0_3_6'.
05:22 Changeset [2338] by jtkohl
fix usage to pass in $source
05:22 Changeset [2337] by jtkohl
change calling of generate_stack_instance and generate_dictionary_instance\ to pass in the source dir
05:21 Changeset [2336] by jtkohl
change calling of generate_dictionary_instance
05:05 Changeset [2335] by jtkohl
add more subdirs for zwgc
01:49 Changeset [2334] by probe
Uses T_TXT, as defined in the RFC.
01:46 Changeset [2333] by probe
Changed the TTL fields to be short-lived. We don't want workstations to tell other hosts something that will then stay in their cache for a long time.
01:46 Changeset [2332] by probe
Initial revision
01:29 Changeset [2331] by probe
New "install" that installs lpr, lpq, and lprm as /usr/ucb/*.ucb
00:59 Changeset [2330] by probe
Documentation for jfc's new 'machtype' (more device support, more options).


22:02 Changeset [2329] by marc
updated to new resource format
18:59 Changeset [2328] by jtkohl
18:55 Changeset [2327] by jtkohl
change relative root add zwgc_resources
18:52 Changeset [2326] by marc
Initial revision
18:51 Changeset [2325] by marc
final check-in: bug fixes & code clean-up
18:37 Changeset [2324] by jtkohl
add Copyright & RCS stuff
18:25 Changeset [2323] by jtkohl
remove "startup" stuff
18:24 Changeset [2322] by jtkohl
be sure to end with CRLF
18:21 Changeset [2321] by jtkohl
Initial revision
18:13 Changeset [2320] by jtkohl
add ozwgc
18:12 Changeset [2319] by jtkohl
rearrangement for ozwgc and zwgc
18:03 Changeset [2318] by jtkohl
add CONFIG_FILES and install steps for them. move ZWGCDESC to ACLDIR
18:00 Changeset [2317] by jtkohl
add comments and mail stuff
17:48 Changeset [2316] by jtkohl
Initial revision
17:48 Changeset [2315] by jtkohl
fix default pathname for zwgc.desc
17:47 Changeset [2314] by jtkohl
fix absolute path names
17:46 Changeset [2313] by marc
fixes for Saber warnings
17:01 Changeset [2312] by jtkohl
add fallback processing
16:46 Changeset [2311] by jtkohl
change $header$ to $id$
16:18 Changeset [2310] by jtkohl
fix up zwgc-wakeup to remove ^M's
15:08 Changeset [2309] by jtkohl
Initial revision
13:21 Changeset [2308] by jtkohl
fix RCS string
13:15 Changeset [2307] by jtkohl
fix RCS header
13:13 Changeset [2306] by jtkohl
fix RCS headers
11:35 Changeset [2305] by jtkohl
fix RCS string
11:15 Changeset [2304] by jtkohl
add more files, change output name
10:31 Changeset [2303] by jtkohl
correct the form of a variable function
10:29 Changeset [2302] by jtkohl
add argument to port_init stuff
10:26 Changeset [2301] by jtkohl
ignore padding information use CRLF
09:21 Changeset [2300] by jtkohl
add umasks around the port file creation
07:23 Changeset [2299] by jtkohl
add -reenter to usage()
07:17 Changeset [2298] by jtkohl
add -nofork, fork & setpgrp code; update usage message
07:15 Changeset [2297] by jtkohl
add -ttymode support
07:00 Changeset [2296] by jtkohl
fix error in unsubscription handling
06:35 Changeset [2295] by jtkohl
add stuff for %host%, %canon% support
06:29 Changeset [2294] by raeburn
Changed to use symbolic links rather than hard links.
05:43 Changeset [2293] by jtkohl
make the void */char * selection be based on STDC
05:31 Changeset [2292] by jtkohl
remove ATHENA_COMPAT (not needed at Athena now)
05:01 Changeset [2291] by jtkohl
use #defined string constants
05:00 Changeset [2290] by jtkohl
add default description location


13:52 Changeset [2289] by jtkohl
turn on the default port stuff
13:50 Changeset [2288] by jtkohl
fix null pointer bug (info) return same value for initialization of all the drivers through this routine set isbeep for all cases
11:40 Changeset [2287] by jtkohl
test was reversed for "recipient" field
10:30 Changeset [2286] by jtkohl
remove ambiguity by adding spaces to statements


19:56 Changeset [2285] by marc
Initial revision
19:56 Changeset [2284] by marc
ICCCM reverse stacking implemented (This is broken until the ICCCM mandates correct reporting of ConfigureNotify events)
19:53 Changeset [2283] by marc
Changed $Header to $Id
18:14 Changeset [2282] by marc
18:08 Changeset [2281] by marc
if the recipient field of the notice is "", $recipient will be set to "*", not "".
16:06 Changeset [2280] by qjb
Changed -s to -c in the make install line
15:34 Changeset [2279] by qjb
Added fallback to known port when rkinit service is unknown
15:04 Changeset [2278] by qjb
Added port number as a fallback if service entry isn't found
11:48 Changeset [2277] by qjb
Made rkinit_err.h get built during the depend stage.
11:22 Changeset [2276] by qjb
Initial revision
11:20 Changeset [2275] by qjb
Correct date line in header
10:13 Changeset [2274] by qjb
Initial revision
10:11 Changeset [2273] by qjb
Added *.bak to make clean line
10:05 Changeset [2272] by qjb
Initial revision
09:45 Changeset [2271] by qjb
Added declarations of rkinit library routines that should be called from clients


15:54 Changeset [2270] by raeburn
Pointed `edsc' to /mit/discuss/exl, where a pmax version exists also, and checked to see if we're on a pmax.
14:36 Changeset [2269] by qjb
Initial revision
14:25 Changeset [2268] by qjb
Addition of version 3 changes.
14:25 Changeset [2267] by qjb
Major rewrite including addition of version 3 features and changes


22:47 Changeset [2266] by probe
Fixed "depend"... it was making dependencies for "login.o" instead of "login"
04:56 Changeset [2265]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT16'.
04:56 Changeset [2264] by jtkohl
log fake addresses
04:48 Changeset [2263] by jtkohl
update version number


09:56 Changeset [2262] by jtkohl
fix ambiguous assign/decrement problems
07:33 Changeset [2261] by jtkohl
beep support non-STDC compiler support
07:28 Changeset [2260] by jtkohl
change to use "pointer" type for ease of porting to compilers which barf on void *
07:26 Changeset [2259] by jtkohl
fixes for array & problems


11:24 Changeset [2258] by jtkohl
change "B" to "E" on bell (fixing typo)
11:24 Changeset [2257] by probe
Much simplified version of the previous check-in. The only process in the startup sequence prone to hanging would be ~/.startup.X, so we simply source that file in the background.
11:12 Changeset [2256] by probe
Complicated version of "xsession" that avoids the common mode of failure of something in the user's startup not being exiting and the session_gate not being run. This version forks and the parent handles the session_gate while the child handles the user's startup. The next check-in, (a brainstorm of what this simplifies to came about a minute ago), will be a much simpler version that accomplishes the same thing.
10:42 Changeset [2255]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'SNAP1108'.
10:42 Changeset [2254] by jtkohl
in case of leading slashes, make the notices go to the right people
10:00 Changeset [2253] by jtkohl
add declarations of functions which got implicitly declared incorrectly.
09:46 Changeset [2252] by jtkohl
Initial revision
09:38 Changeset [2251] by jtkohl
put #ifdef's around the code
09:37 Changeset [2250] by jtkohl
missing extern declaration in REVSTACK state
09:36 Changeset [2249] by jtkohl
fix up RCSID strings (don't need them in header files)
09:28 Changeset [2248] by jtkohl
change Header to Id
09:26 Changeset [2247] by jtkohl
Initial revision


14:05 Changeset [2246] by jik
Initial revision
14:01 Changeset [2245] by jik
don't declare perror if __STDC__ is defined (unless on an RT) because it's declared in a standard header file.
14:00 Changeset [2244] by jik
have to include strings.h to use rindex without getting compiler warnings
13:59 Changeset [2243] by jik
added errf typedef; changed declaration of set_com_err_hook to use errf.
13:57 Changeset [2242] by jik
moved declaration of errf type into com_err.h; changed declaration of set_com_err_hook slightly so hc doesn't barf on it; put a cast into set_com_err_hook to keep the mips compiler from complaining.
13:56 Changeset [2241] by jik
added strcasecmp.c to the file list and to the make rule for compile_et; changed depend rule to add a blank line to the end of the file before deleting old dependencies, because some versions of ed barf otherwise.
13:55 Changeset [2240] by jik
malloc and realloc should only be declared if __STDC__ is not defined, OR if __HIGHC__ is defined (that means we're on the RT, which doesn't use ANSI header files).
13:53 Changeset [2239] by jik
added static declarations of calc_widths and num_width to the top of the file so that the next compile doesn't complain.
13:53 Changeset [2238] by jik
Extensive changes.
13:51 Changeset [2237] by jik
added MANDIR and MANSECT; added -I/usr/include so it can be changed to -Iet if necessary; put - in front of rule for bin_install and man_install because it breaks on the mips without it.
12:06 Changeset [2236] by jik
Initial revision
11:57 Changeset [2235] by jik
Initial revision
11:25 Changeset [2234] by jik
Initial revision
11:16 Changeset [2233] by jik
Initial revision


19:04 Changeset [2232] by jik
Initial revision
18:49 Changeset [2231] by jik
Initial revision
18:25 Changeset [2230] by jik
major revisions
18:24 Changeset [2229] by jik
changed patch level to 5
18:23 Changeset [2228] by jik
added better handling of archiving of ET library sources; deleted all the checking to see if stuff is already checked in, because it's annoying.
17:01 Changeset [2227] by jik
updated for new release
16:58 Changeset [2226] by jik
updated for second release
16:56 Changeset [2225] by jik
changed AFS include slightly
16:33 Changeset [2224] by jik
I had an "rt" where I really wanted a "${MACHINE}.
16:27 Changeset [2223] by jik
added mit-copyright stuff
14:55 Changeset [2222] by jik
added some code for pattern matching and stacks
14:54 Changeset [2221] by jik
release 6.4
14:54 Changeset [2220] by jik
Initial revision
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