17:21 Changeset [2504] by vanharen
changed log title in discuss meeting to "username: title". This was supposed to have been fixed, but a mistake was made and the topic was inserted instead. Also took width restriction off of username.
17:17 Changeset [2503] by vanharen
changed fmt function. Also changed info logged when running with TEST defined.
10:15 Changeset [2502]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL8'.
10:15 Changeset [2501] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
10:14 Changeset [2500] by jik
Changed path for AFS include files.
07:52 Changeset [2499] by djf
changed XmCreateMessageDialog to XmCreateDialogShell and XmCreateMessageBox. Didn't work the old way.


09:57 Changeset [2498] by vanharen
Change XtUnmanage to XtDestroy for unused button widgets. Saves (a little) memory...
09:56 Changeset [2497] by vanharen
fixed an error in logic when hitting the 25 mark...
09:55 Changeset [2496] by vanharen
added macros for MuInfo modal dialog and MuInfoSync nonmodal dialog box.


08:52 Changeset [2495] by jtkohl
patchlevel 3
08:29 Changeset [2494] by jtkohl
08:25 Changeset [2493] by jtkohl
only remove acl files when installing
08:20 Changeset [2492] by jtkohl
parameterize pid file
05:25 Changeset [2491] by raeburn
commented out some printf's.
05:24 Changeset [2490] by raeburn
removed some TEST printf's.
05:23 Changeset [2489] by raeburn
use log_status rather than printf, for more consistent readability
05:21 Changeset [2488] by raeburn
made error messages more useful (use error_message, e.g.)
05:20 Changeset [2487] by raeburn
added `fmt' for easier formatting, and replaced `fprintf' with `fput?' in appropriate cases
05:19 Changeset [2486] by raeburn
added declaration of fmt routine


04:55 Changeset [2485] by jtkohl
up to rev 0.3.10: fixes to subscription stuff to get defaults when user has none.
04:53 Changeset [2484] by jtkohl
fixes to get default subscriptions when user has no private subs.
03:35 Changeset [2483] by jtkohl
don't need extra #include of <netinet/in.h>


23:40 Changeset [2482] by jik
use Opendir, not opendir
23:37 Changeset [2481] by jik
added Opendir macro
23:33 Changeset [2480] by jik
deleted some unnecessary comments and #include's pertaining to vice.
18:19 Changeset [2479] by raeburn
added "#ifdef LOG" where needed.
17:57 Changeset [2478] by raeburn
added rcsid string, converted for new kerberos names
17:55 Changeset [2477] by raeburn
changed to use new name for get_krbrlm. Also reordered some functions to eliminate implicit-extern-then-static warnings.
03:42 Changeset [2476]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT19'.
03:42 Changeset [2475] by jtkohl
need to add in ctype.h
03:36 Changeset [2474]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSERV3PT19'.
03:36 Changeset [2473] by jtkohl
fix syslogs of recover_clt


10:23 Changeset [2472] by probe
Do a case-insensitive hostname comparison
10:18 Changeset [2471] by probe
Initial revision
10:01 Changeset [2470] by probe
Do a case-insensitive check of hostnames.
10:00 Changeset [2469] by probe
Initial revision
09:43 Changeset [2468] by vanharen
changed one error message to include program name in error message.
09:42 Changeset [2467] by vanharen
Initial revision
09:41 Changeset [2466] by vanharen
added global variable CREF, to distinguish whether we are running as cref or olc_browser.
09:18 Changeset [2465] by vanharen
added provisions to make cref and olc_browser the same program
09:16 Changeset [2464] by vanharen
removed hackery to display routines that were added in previously. added provisions to make cref and olc_browser the same program.
09:14 Changeset [2463] by vanharen
fixed get_input routine so that backspacing wouldn't go too far. Also changed err_abort to take same args as err_exit, and changed display of wait_for_key slightly.
09:12 Changeset [2462] by vanharen
added call for signal handling. fixed usage message. added provisions to make cref and olc_browser the same program.
06:17 Changeset [2461] by jtkohl
merge in fixes from Athena sources: Use stat() not fstat() as the acl file may have been re-created by an acl_add or acl_delete call. If this happens, we are now referencing the wrong inode. [rfrench] Fixes from tjcoppet: When an acl file does not exist, and the cache is full, the load_acl() proc does not zero the hash table pointer. This causes certain olc servers to die unexpectedly. File descriptor leak fixed in acl_load().
06:11 Changeset [2460] by vanharen
removed some display hackery, and changed file saving to prompt with the filename rather than display default filename in parens.
05:41 Changeset [2459] by jtkohl
use case insensitive comparisons and hashing
05:32 Changeset [2458] by jtkohl
Changes for case-insensitivity in class/instance names (caused problems with ACL's)
05:32 Changeset [2457] by jtkohl
classes are now case-insensitive
05:31 Changeset [2456] by jtkohl
need case-insensitive matching for classes/instances
05:29 Changeset [2455] by jtkohl
machine names are case insensitive


11:33 Changeset [2454] by vanharen
changed listing to user@machine-name, instead of consultant@machine-name


22:32 Changeset [2453] by jik
The algorithm for checking to see if the stack needed to be shrunk was stupid and broken.
10:45 Changeset [2452] by jik
Did not take into account pushing and popping things that are zero bytes big.


11:36 Changeset [2451] by djf
changed arg in call to XtGetValues to &arg
10:15 Changeset [2450] by djf
Initial revision


08:17 Changeset [2449] by raeburn
Initial revision
08:07 Changeset [2448] by jtkohl
fix from Ralph Swick: only send one event if we are going to ignore bogus select requests.
07:49 Changeset [2447] by epeisach
Better wording and spacing


17:12 Changeset [2446] by raeburn
revamped mechanism for determining machine type
06:12 Changeset [2445] by probe
Removed "stty dec" and put it in the global Xsession file. This is to allow people with their own .xsession to still benefit from the stty dec command that used to be run in their console window.
04:29 Changeset [2444] by jtkohl
update to rev 0.3.9
04:28 Changeset [2443] by jtkohl
Changes from <marc>: do the proper mutation for @font(), @color()


09:33 Changeset [2442] by jtkohl
talk about precedence of resources, and where they live add section on X buttons add BUGS about selection/left/right
08:27 Changeset [2441] by jtkohl
add XENVIRONMENT support
04:10 Changeset [2440]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT18'.
04:10 Changeset [2439] by jtkohl
change in server.c to correctly free server list in not HESIOD case
04:09 Changeset [2438] by jtkohl
fix bug with freeing a bogus pointer.


14:05 Changeset [2437] by vanharen
added "b" to go back one page on index.
14:00 Changeset [2436] by vanharen
made display a bit nicer -- larger
13:46 Changeset [2435] by vanharen
minor bugfixes, and changes to make display nicer.
10:26 Changeset [2434] by raeburn
removed bug_report from installation
10:22 Changeset [2433] by raeburn
New version, including info from `machtype' program, release number, &c.
03:47 Changeset [2432] by jtkohl
only print out errors on cancel/unset when debugging


19:44 Changeset [2431] by vanharen
fixed formatting, location of Ref tree changed.
13:08 Changeset [2430] by probe
Removed RCS logs and $Log$ statement
13:04 Changeset [2429] by probe
Set the comment string for $Log$ to work properly
12:58 Changeset [2428] by probe
Install hesinfo.1 in man/man1, not man/man3


15:59 Changeset [2427] by vanharen
changed to work with the new makefile
15:57 Changeset [2426] by vanharen
changed MACHTYPE definition to MACHINE, which is built-in on athena.
14:03 Changeset [2425] by cref
added variable to support hackery to make display work a little nicer.
13:52 Changeset [2424] by cref
hackery to make display work better.
13:48 Changeset [2423] by cref
more hackery to make the display work a little better.
13:34 Changeset [2422] by cref
minor change to make displaying work better. Very much a hack, though.
13:33 Changeset [2421] by cref
minor changes to the man page
13:32 Changeset [2420] by vanharen
changes to clean up the code and make it more manageable
11:55 Changeset [2419] by cref
changed value of CREF_ROOT to work in lockerized world (as opposed to timesharing)
11:52 Changeset [2418] by cref
some hackery to make displaying work better (?) -- well, slightly, anyway...
11:27 Changeset [2417] by vanharen
added some support for help callback on buttons, also attempted to write 80-column "wrapping" function -- this is not going real great, and should probably be dumped.
11:22 Changeset [2416] by vanharen
cleaned up code a little...
10:27 Changeset [2415] by vanharen
rearranged include file, and added a generic widget "w" to help simplify the visual.c code.
10:02 Changeset [2414] by jtkohl
remove printf() on reread up version number
09:57 Changeset [2413] by vanharen
added icon path and filename, help file for newq_btn
09:30 Changeset [2412] by vanharen
Initial revision
08:50 Changeset [2411] by jtkohl
change description of style to talk about lowercase/underscores
08:43 Changeset [2410] by jtkohl
fix yet another bug in the dot -> underscore routine
08:40 Changeset [2409] by jtkohl
use bold for bold, not RV! [NOTE: xterm loses on bold unless you use the -fb option!]


16:32 Changeset [2408] by marc
fixed problem with default value of $style variable
12:16 Changeset [2407]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT17'.
12:16 Changeset [2406] by jtkohl
update xmit() in dispatch.c so it logs the address on a failed xmit
12:16 Changeset [2405] by jtkohl
make xmit xmit error log error addr
11:44 Changeset [2404] by jtkohl
add example for lany() fix name (downcase instead of lowercase) document $1, $2, ... make default variables boldface fix bold/italic inconsistency add address for Mark Lillibridge
06:22 Changeset [2403] by jtkohl
recolor the cursor with pointerColor
04:53 Changeset [2402] by jtkohl
change mode of zwgc.desc after installation


09:09 Changeset [2401] by jtkohl
add required quotes around zmailnotify
09:08 Changeset [2400] by jtkohl
mention that path is searched for exec stuff
08:36 Changeset [2399] by jtkohl
put back @b, @i for both tty and X mode re-order stuff to be consistent. add "not" to description of operators
08:34 Changeset [2398] by jtkohl
add shorthand of @b, @i for bold, italic
08:25 Changeset [2397] by jtkohl
in stuff for X driver: remove @b and @i for bold/italic add left, center, right
07:29 Changeset [2396] by jtkohl
add support to not flame about $TERM unless primary driver [extra argument to initialization routines]
07:08 Changeset [2395] by jtkohl
Shouldn't set transient on the window, so that some wm's can iconify the windows
07:06 Changeset [2394] by jtkohl
up rev number ignore SIGPIPE (so Xlib gets error on XKillClient)
07:06 Changeset [2393] by jtkohl
add X IO Error handler
06:16 Changeset [2392] by jtkohl
add code to only finalize if init was called. [may be necessary due to XIOErrorHandler
05:56 Changeset [2391] by jtkohl
changes to avoid inadvertent destruction of z-grams (more careful button tracking)


11:59 Changeset [2390] by jtkohl
fix some errant comments which caused problems.
11:51 Changeset [2389] by jtkohl
add resetSaver support
11:49 Changeset [2388] by jtkohl
fix formatting error
11:49 Changeset [2387] by marc
Fixed a few boundary bugs.
11:22 Changeset [2386] by jtkohl
major additions & corrections & rearrangement to make it reasonable.
11:18 Changeset [2385] by epeisach
Added Cats.ucsc.edu [henry]
09:56 Changeset [2384] by raeburn
Check a couple of assertions before writing out information.
09:48 Changeset [2383] by jtkohl
frob umask with writable files (create_file_output_port)
04:02 Changeset [2382] by jtkohl
Initial revision


20:52 Changeset [2381] by aleslie
08:58 Changeset [2380] by epeisach
Added MIT.EDU [raeburn]
08:56 Changeset [2379] by epeisach
Added NEAR.NET (jon)
08:46 Changeset [2378] by aleslie
description paragraph now begins w/ `an option...' discuss #329


22:36 Changeset [2377] by jik
is_deleted(foo) should have been is_deleted(lastpart(foo)).
17:17 Changeset [2376] by epeisach
krb_getrlm replaced by get_krb_lrealm.
14:21 Changeset [2375]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL7'.
14:21 Changeset [2374] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
14:21 Changeset [2373] by jik
Fixed error messages in is_mountpoint function.
11:33 Changeset [2372] by probe
Fixed "stty dec"


16:39 Changeset [2371]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL6'.
16:39 Changeset [2370] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
16:38 Changeset [2369] by jik
Changed a bit the stuff about patch levels, since we're no longer exactly on patch level five.
16:32 Changeset [2368] by jik
removed superfluous declaration of malloc
16:32 Changeset [2367] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff.
16:31 Changeset [2366] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff
16:27 Changeset [2365] by jik
Several things: 1. Installed debugging Malloc stuff. 2. BIG BUG FIX moved the initialization of return_files outside of the for loop in the find_matches procedure. This bug was causing find_matches to return garbage arrays. 3. Only add recursively found files to the files that will be returned if the call to do_recurs actually found and files (in find_matches again). 4. Check the result of "Malloc(0)" as you would a normal malloc.
16:26 Changeset [2364] by jik
1) installed debugging Malloc stuff 2) if a malloc or realloc of the stack fails, reset size and count to 0
16:25 Changeset [2363] by jik
installed debugging Malloc stuff
16:24 Changeset [2362] by jik
added debug Malloc stuff
16:24 Changeset [2361] by jik
deleted a superfluous declaration of malloc


06:30 Changeset [2360] by jtkohl
remove extra #define REVSTACK (taken care of in Makefiles now)
05:27 Changeset [2359] by jtkohl
use wait3() and pick up all waiting processes


09:48 Changeset [2358] by jtkohl
change application name to 'zwgc'; old resources have been shown to be harmless.
01:26 Changeset [2357] by probe
Don't try stripping the man page.
01:26 Changeset [2356] by probe
Initial revision
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