14:31 Changeset [2797] by epeisach
[changes.70 73 - a) eichin b) jik, audited by dkk & ilham] a) Use fgets instead of gets. (non security) b) loop where builds argument list, doesn't do range checking.
14:24 Changeset [2796] by epeisach
[changes.70 376 -jfc] Invoke csh -f - no need for full csh startup.
14:23 Changeset [2795] by epeisach
Initial revision
14:12 Changeset [2794] by probe
Changed comments to reflect values in the SOA.
14:08 Changeset [2793] by epeisach
[changes.70 397 jtkohl] The config line for LCS realm do not indicate the proper location for admine server.
14:07 Changeset [2792] by probe
Removed the obsolete IP address ( for NIC.DDN.MIL. (The ARPANET is dead).
14:06 Changeset [2791] by probe
Initial revision


15:14 Changeset [2790] by cfields
Initial revision


05:27 Changeset [2789] by epeisach
[changes.70 183 - Jik] Formatting errors cause garbage in apropos
05:24 Changeset [2788] by epeisach
Initial revision
04:35 Changeset [2787] by epeisach
Cleaned up comment character for RCS header. [jtkohl change.70 186]
04:34 Changeset [2786] by epeisach
Initial revision


13:23 Changeset [2785] by epeisach
Removed dependencies


10:39 Changeset [2784] by epeisach
Decmips changes [jtkohl] Include proper header file, if display proper format.
08:46 Changeset [2783] by epeisach
Should use csh -f [changes.70 no 274 - jtkohl - audited by jik]


08:22 Changeset [2782] by epeisach
MIPS compiler bug workaround [jtkohl]
08:20 Changeset [2781] by epeisach
Initial revision


08:38 Changeset [2780] by srz
Fixed bug where rmds would cause reset connections as a sub-process.


13:15 Changeset [2779] by marc
Took the \n after the signature out.
13:09 Changeset [2778] by marc
fixed zwrite to NOT null-terminate the last field of a message


06:59 Changeset [2777] by vanharen
fixed typo: frprintf --> fprintf
06:58 Changeset [2776] by vanharen
log_status() had (char *foo) arguments declared as (char *foo[]). Compiler didn't like that too much. Corrected.
06:28 Changeset [2775] by vanharen
init_display() returns ERROR if initscr() was unsuccessful, returns SUCCESS otherwise.
06:26 Changeset [2774] by vanharen
If init_display was unsuccessful, print an error message and exit.
06:25 Changeset [2773] by vanharen
Made sure that initscr() was succesful before continuing, on window resize event.


02:17 Changeset [2772] by jfc
Changed references to "zephyr.desc" to "zwgc.desc".
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