12:19 Changeset [3022] by vanharen
Initial revision
12:13 Changeset [3021] by vanharen
added copyright info.
11:58 Changeset [3020] by vanharen
added copyright info.
11:45 Changeset [3019] by vanharen
added copyright info.
11:17 Changeset [3018] by vanharen
added copyright info.
11:06 Changeset [3017] by vanharen
Added copyright information.
07:23 Changeset [3016] by vanharen
oops. screwed up. fixed copyright info.
07:01 Changeset [3015] by vanharen
Added copyright info.
06:52 Changeset [3014] by vanharen
Initial revision


18:42 Changeset [3013]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ASR70F'.
18:42 Changeset [3012] by raeburn
Reverted "punt" semantics to previous form, for Athena release 7.0.
07:40 Changeset [3011] by epeisach
Update for group quota
06:58 Changeset [3010] by jnrees
Fixed potential bus error problem, dereferencing an unset pointer.


10:26 Changeset [3009] by jnrees
Added the function xdr_getcquota_args to remove dependence on xdr_getquota_args in the rquota rpc.
10:22 Changeset [3008] by jnrees
Changed names and removed dependence on rquota.h
08:25 Changeset [3007] by jnrees
Changed output format. '-i' flag no longer needed. Added a usage message if command line is improper.
06:48 Changeset [3006] by vanharen
Initial revision
06:40 Changeset [3005] by vanharen
fixed up so that build works cleanly from wherever the tree is placed -- value of $TOP and $CONFIGDIR is figured out correctly.
06:32 Changeset [3004] by vanharen
changed install rules to install in $DESTDIR instead of $BINDIR. added new rule InstallLink to install a binary and make a link to it.


08:12 Changeset [3003] by jnrees
Fixup of permissions, plus fallback to old rpc call if the first call fails because the rpc server is not registered on the server machine.


19:37 Changeset [3002] by raeburn
Removed `-p' ("pretty") argument; will probably be restored later when a reasonable set of defaults are agreed upon.
19:11 Changeset [3001] by raeburn
Punt pretty/verbatim stuff for now. It will be re-added soon, after the proper defaults have been decided.


11:04 Changeset [3000] by jnrees
Fixed bug where unknown uid or gid would result in a bus error
00:28 Changeset [2999] by raeburn
Document new -a/-d (authentication) options.
00:20 Changeset [2998] by raeburn
Marc's changes for permitting unauthenticated zlocate requests.


23:49 Changeset [2997] by raeburn
Changed "??" to "?" to avoid trigraph problems.
23:45 Changeset [2996] by raeburn
Added workaround for bug in RT hc compiler 2.1y.
23:09 Changeset [2995] by raeburn
Really use select(), instead of just pretending to. Don't check if no data is available.
23:04 Changeset [2994] by raeburn
Fixed counting of fields, including accounting for old (broken) zwrite.
21:24 Changeset [2993] by raeburn
[marc] rewrote much of handling of requoting of environments and delimiters for PROTECT routine
20:08 Changeset [2992] by raeburn
[marc] rewrote "punt" list insert/delete/lookup code.
19:03 Changeset [2991] by raeburn
[marc] Handle ignoring of signals properly, based on DOFORK variable. Also use sender rather than recipient for punting.... Also bumped version number to 0.4.1.
13:01 Changeset [2990] by jnrees
Warning message about no NFS mapping printed only if -v option is in effect now.
12:47 Changeset [2989] by jnrees
Changed warning message if Q_EPERM is returned from rpc.rcquotad
12:45 Changeset [2988] by jnrees
Initial revision


04:25 Changeset [2987] by raeburn
Initial revision
04:24 Changeset [2986] by raeburn
changed to call new ZNewLocateUser function
04:24 Changeset [2985] by raeburn
added ZNewLocateUser.*


12:30 Changeset [2984] by marc
fixed, real, for 7.0 release version. Basically the same as 1.3
12:28 Changeset [2983] by marc
slightly broken version; ran on mips for a while


11:40 Changeset [2982] by jfc
Added declaration of "attachtab_first" in function zinitcmd (using an ANSI compiler, there was no declaration in scope).
06:47 Changeset [2981] by epeisach
Dummy Install line
06:47 Changeset [2980] by epeisach
Initial revision


11:33 Changeset [2979] by epeisach
Profiling library not installed properly. (regular one installed)
11:32 Changeset [2978] by epeisach
Initial revision
07:13 Changeset [2977] by epeisach
mkdir of dDOCDIR before installing in place
07:12 Changeset [2976] by epeisach
Initial revision


10:46 Changeset [2975] by epeisach
Removed dependencies
10:46 Changeset [2974] by probe
Use "install" not "cp" for installing the lint library
09:21 Changeset [2973] by epeisach
Do not install etc.shells here. Install only as /etc/ftpd


14:47 Changeset [2972] by mar
Initial revision
14:09 Changeset [2971] by probe
Run faster... use "exec" and use /bin/sh, not /bin/csh
14:08 Changeset [2970] by probe
Initial revision
10:49 Changeset [2969] by epeisach
Coverted to X11R4
10:47 Changeset [2968] by epeisach
Initial revision
10:23 Changeset [2967] by epeisach
Ask for 20 at a time - asking for max causes memory fault on vax. Probably cause on stack allocation too great.
10:02 Changeset [2966] by epeisach
Receive LOGMAXRETURN at a time instead of 2.
05:11 Changeset [2965] by probe
Removed crufty dependencies
04:51 Changeset [2964] by epeisach
Install -c the library
04:50 Changeset [2963] by epeisach
Initial revision
02:06 Changeset [2962] by probe
Attempt #2 at getting it to build without requiring "make depend"
01:58 Changeset [2961] by probe
Fixed so that it can be compiled without a "make depend" being run


06:48 Changeset [2960] by epeisach
Converted to x11r4


08:04 Changeset [2959] by vanharen
Initial revision
07:50 Changeset [2958] by vanharen
changed display of descriptions so that only 63 characters are shown (have to save one space in the array for the null at the end).
07:46 Changeset [2957] by vanharen
Changed prompting for a description to reflect that users only get to enter 63 characters (because the array size is 64, and we need room for the null).
07:40 Changeset [2956] by vanharen
fixed up some strncpy's that were copying too many characters, and some out-of-bounds array indexes.


17:06 Changeset [2955] by vanharen
fixed so that "stock -help" won't dump core. handle_argument was being passed 2 arguments when it was expecting 3.
17:05 Changeset [2954] by vanharen
hacks to make the parser work.
16:46 Changeset [2953] by vanharen
hacks to make the parser work.
14:42 Changeset [2952] by tom
corrected template header
14:42 Changeset [2951] by tom
*** empty log message ***
14:36 Changeset [2950] by tom
Initial revision
14:16 Changeset [2949] by tom
Initial revision
14:14 Changeset [2948] by tom
*** empty log message ***
14:02 Changeset [2947] by tom
*** empty log message ***
13:59 Changeset [2946] by tom
Initial revision
13:46 Changeset [2945] by tom
added function declarations
13:36 Changeset [2944] by tom
*** empty log message ***
13:36 Changeset [2943] by tom
closed ifdefs
13:28 Changeset [2942] by tom
deleted unused constants
13:06 Changeset [2941] by tom
added rcsid
13:04 Changeset [2940] by tom
*** empty log message ***
12:51 Changeset [2939] by tom
*** empty log message ***
12:36 Changeset [2938] by tom
Initial revision
12:35 Changeset [2937] by tom
changed TIDY to MIT
12:30 Changeset [2936] by tom
changed some ifdefs
12:22 Changeset [2935] by tom
cleaned up some code
11:48 Changeset [2934] by tom
Initial revision
11:45 Changeset [2933] by tom
defined SYS_DESCR to slinky- I'd rather have it be totally bogus than subtly wrong. disabled built in defines for platforms- makefile or compiler should do this
11:43 Changeset [2932] by tom
11:33 Changeset [2931] by tom
Initial revision
11:24 Changeset [2930] by tom
*** empty log message ***
11:22 Changeset [2929] by tom
added some comments
09:00 Changeset [2928] by vanharen
Added a VERIFY routine to "olc_cancel" so that it can be confirmed that there is a question to cancel before asking the user if he is sure that he wants to cancel it. Also added some debugging info to the "error in sending list" broadcast message so that we can figure out where they're coming from and why.
08:51 Changeset [2927] by vanharen
Fixed it (again) so that it would work with pcc. pcc doesn't like automatic array initialization, so I had to move it outside the function and make it a static global...
06:53 Changeset [2926] by epeisach
all: changed to all::
06:52 Changeset [2925] by epeisach
FRC: to FRC:: so make will not complain
06:52 Changeset [2924] by epeisach
Initial revision
05:12 Changeset [2923] by vanharen
fixed do_quit so that Request is a local structure, and pass the address of Request to fill_request, etc., which is expecting a pointer to an already allocated Request struct.
05:10 Changeset [2922] by vanharen
changed the time formatting slightly, again, so that military hour includes the leading zero.
04:41 Changeset [2921] by vanharen
Added non-ansi C declarations for all of the functions, so that we can compile with pcc, too.
04:15 Changeset [2920] by vanharen
Changed so that it would compile with pcc brain-deadness. Had to make some variable static globals so that I could initialize them, etc. Also changed the prompt-formatting routines slightly, so that time strings without leading zeroes would be "space-padded"...


19:48 Changeset [2919] by raeburn
New version for 7.0: Accept lowercase 'f' in "from:"; show hostname of sender; show class "message" in verbatim mode by default, supporting opcode "verbatim" and "pretty" for all messages.
15:36 Changeset [2918] by vanharen
fixed code so that it would compile under pcc. can't initialize an automatic character array... ugh.
15:06 Changeset [2917] by vanharen
added ifdef __STDC__ around ansi declarations and added old-style declarations so we can compile with pcc...
13:04 Changeset [2916] by vanharen
changed "get_next_word" so that it takes a function as an argument. the function is used to determine where to break words. 2 default functions are provided as well (NotWhiteSpace and IsAlpha). the function passed in should return an int, TRUE while still in a word, and FALSE when hitting a delimiter.
13:02 Changeset [2915] by vanharen
changed all "get_next_word" calls so that they pass in a function to the changed "get_next_word" (see common/string_utils.c for info)
13:00 Changeset [2914] by vanharen
in "get_list_info", if target knuckle does not have a question, null out the topic string field that is passed back to the client. otherwise it may be filled with garbage...
12:57 Changeset [2913] by vanharen
changed "enter_message" so that it works with the changed parsers in the parser lib. They now pass in "" instead of NULL when no editor has been specified by the user.
12:55 Changeset [2912] by vanharen
standardized many status messages. username, user's realname, instance, etc. always printed the same, when using "stat", "who", etc. Also fixed "f -s status" so that it accepts all of the statuses that it advertises it accepts.
12:53 Changeset [2911] by vanharen
verifies that you are connected to someone before asking "are you sure" when canceling a question, analagous to "done's" verification. prints out an appropriate message for OLC and OLCR clients if confirmed.
12:51 Changeset [2910] by vanharen
changed permission denied message from "no dice" to "You are not allowed to do that."
12:50 Changeset [2909] by vanharen
checked the return value from "get_yn" so that it is no longer ignored.
12:47 Changeset [2908] by vanharen
changed so that "describe" will prompt with the previous description given. hitting return accepts it, and does not open a connection to the server to try to change it.
12:45 Changeset [2907] by vanharen
fixed handle_args so that ">" signifies a new argument, and it will break out of the loop.
12:43 Changeset [2906] by vanharen
fixed parser so that it won't core dump if no editor name given after "send -e", "comment -e", "mail -e".
12:43 Changeset [2905] by vanharen
fixed parser so that it won't core dump if no editor name given after "motd -e".
12:42 Changeset [2904] by vanharen
"quit" changed so that if(OLC), print message on how to continue question if still connected. if(!OLC), print warning that consultant may still be 'busy'.
12:41 Changeset [2903] by vanharen
fixed parser so that it won't core dump on "i -help"
12:40 Changeset [2902] by vanharen
fixed parser so that it won't core dump.
12:39 Changeset [2901] by vanharen
lots of code added to allow people to customize their prompts. sort of dangerous now, as it could hose the server if overused.
12:38 Changeset [2900] by vanharen
if (OLC), print out list of useful commands after asking a question.
12:26 Changeset [2899] by vanharen
browser no longer looks at /usr/athena/lib/olc/stock/*, instead looks at /mit/olc-stock, where the NFS filesystem mounts itself. also fixed argument parser, and does not tack the trailing "/" on the directory name if no topic is specified.
12:24 Changeset [2898] by vanharen
re-alphabetized command table. changed OLC so that you are not forced into asking a question right away, but instead are given the choice of "answers" or "ask".
12:14 Changeset [2897] by vanharen
changed comments at top of file slightly.
12:13 Changeset [2896] by vanharen
changed printf's slighty. tells everyone to log out and in again if not in the password file, not just OLC users.
12:04 Changeset [2895] by vanharen
implemented punting of zephyr messages if they take too long. Currently, this is 6 times the time-out of a "write" timeout. This may be too long, I'm not sure. It was just kind of abitrary.
11:30 Changeset [2894] by jik
Fixed to deal with files with bad permissions
11:29 Changeset [2893] by jik
Changes.70#13 jik probe/epeisach Fixes anonymous ftp bug, where even if anonymous/ftp were in /etc/ftpusers, anonymous ftp's were allowed when "ftp" was in /etc/passwd. Also, increased the number of arguments for reply() since one call to reply() passes more arguments than reply()'s original declaration allowed. Additional functions changed: syslog() in libc... to allow for another argument (since reply() has now been extended). syslog() in libc should be changed to deal with varargs, but this will not be possible for the Athena 7.0 release.
11:27 Changeset [2892] by jik
Patch from our old sources. Anonymous ftp is only allowed with ftp is in the passwd file and when NEITHER anonymous NOR ftp are in the ftpusers file. Also, the error message printed if either of them is in the ftpusers file is "Anonymous ftp not allowed", and if ftp is not in the passwd file, then "User %s unknown." where %s is the username they used (anonymous or ftp), is printed.
11:27 Changeset [2891] by jik
Converted Makefile to put dependencies in Make.depend
11:26 Changeset [2890] by jik
Initial revision
09:00 Changeset [2889] by probe
Modifications by NFS quota project
08:00 Changeset [2888] by epeisach
Added MIT copyright and fixed some errors.
07:52 Changeset [2887] by epeisach
Added MIT copyright
07:44 Changeset [2886] by epeisach
Initial revision
07:34 Changeset [2885] by probe
Added "all" rule Added rcquota* files (Athena project: remote configurable quota. Comes from the NFS quota project, by Jim Rees).
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