20:17 Changeset [3473] by lwvanels
Removed option that let you choose if you wanted to ask an OLC or an OLTA question- not really needed, since most people know the difference by now.


15:03 Changeset [3472] by srz
Added per-meeting Zephyr flag (to be patched for the moment).


10:51 Changeset [3471] by epeisach
Initial revision
06:21 Changeset [3470] by epeisach
Added shutdown code.


21:11 Changeset [3469] by lwvanels
changes for OLTA


14:03 Changeset [3468] by vanharen
Changed MuGetWidget to MuLookupWidget since the include file "Mu.h" defines MuGetWidget(w) as MuLookupWidget(w). I think the intent was to rename the function, but provide the macro for backwards compatibility. Also, modified MuLookupWidget to return NULL if the hash table hasn't been initialized yet.


11:35 Changeset [3467] by epeisach
Errors in prototypes.


05:56 Changeset [3466] by raeburn
Fix from lwvanels to set "last_authent_time" correctly if it was 0 or if an error occurred.
05:49 Changeset [3465] by raeburn
ss_execute_line returns error code, doesn't accept pointer-to. [author: lwvanels]


06:56 Changeset [3464] by lwvanels
Added log_zephyr_error to log an error without sending a zephyrgram.
06:53 Changeset [3463] by lwvanels
Changed so that zephyr errors are logged with log_zephyr_error, which doesn't send broadcast zephyrgrams (to prevent loops) SIGCHLD is now blocked around the ZIfNotice call in zsend; previously, the timing was such that the SIGCHLD from the dying lumberjack would hit in the middle of the zehpyr call, upsetting it.


10:21 Changeset [3462] by lwvanels
changed for decmips
10:19 Changeset [3461] by lwvanels
changes for decmips
09:17 Changeset [3460] by epeisach
Define sys_nerr and sys_errlist
09:17 Changeset [3459] by epeisach
Ultrix does not have rvds
09:16 Changeset [3458] by epeisach
Under ultrix, RVD's don't exist.
08:40 Changeset [3457] by vanharen
Two strings were not terminated correctly -- the end-quotes were on the next line down. GCC didn't complain, but other compilers did...
08:13 Changeset [3456] by epeisach
Work around restriction of ultrix kernel in chown.
08:12 Changeset [3455] by epeisach
Initial revision


13:23 Changeset [3454] by epeisach
Should include the v1 version
13:17 Changeset [3453] by epeisach
Add unlink of SHUTDOWNFILE on startup
12:53 Changeset [3452] by epeisach
Use ../cppflags in creating Makefile
12:51 Changeset [3451] by epeisach
Use cppflags
12:49 Changeset [3450] by epeisach
Use cppflags from above
08:23 Changeset [3449] by epeisach
Initial revision
06:16 Changeset [3448] by epeisach
Fixed typo
06:07 Changeset [3447] by epeisach
Use cc instead of cpp
05:59 Changeset [3446] by epeisach
Fixed a problem with generating lines.
05:57 Changeset [3445] by epeisach
Initial revision
05:56 Changeset [3444] by epeisach
Makefile creation line.


10:33 Changeset [3443] by vanharen
added return binding for single-line bindings.


21:39 Changeset [3442] by lwvanels
changed to quotes log titles in ' to avoid shell conflicts
13:57 Changeset [3441] by lwvanels
added include for perror; removed local def of malloc
13:46 Changeset [3440] by lwvanels
changed declaration for format_time, to fix bugs
12:33 Changeset [3439] by lwvanels
changed to include profiling option
12:27 Changeset [3438] by lwvanels
changed default server location to matisse from picasso
12:24 Changeset [3437] by lwvanels
changed def. of strcmp to compare first char before calling strcmp
12:18 Changeset [3436] by lwvanels
fixed bug in format_time; was returning a pointer to local
12:12 Changeset [3435] by lwvanels
changed calling format of format_time to fix bug in format_time.
12:10 Changeset [3434] by lwvanels
fixed bug that would cause occasional blank questions with 7.1 clients; question read in from fd was not copied before machine type info was read in over it.
12:08 Changeset [3433] by lwvanels
Added declarations for log_long_description and disconnect_knuckles
12:06 Changeset [3432] by lwvanels
Does not collect statistics until turned on (to collect steady-state stats) Now logs an error message before calling abort.
11:59 Changeset [3431] by lwvanels
Changed to use log_error instead of writing directly to stderr increased size of time_buf in perror; was too small previously Now seeks to the end of stderr before writing; this deals with multiple writers to stderr (as in the case of another daemon being run and logging an error message that it can't bind the socket
11:57 Changeset [3430] by lwvanels
fixed set but unused warning in vfmt changed to use vfork in dispose_of_log changed to use _exit after fork
11:54 Changeset [3429] by lwvanels
removed declaration ofdisconnect_knuckles (should be global declaration) fixed off-by-one error in verify_instance
11:48 Changeset [3428] by lwvanels
Added profiling Added saber targets Removed extra tags target
10:42 Changeset [3427] by epeisach
Initial revision
07:04 Changeset [3426] by epeisach
Initial revision
05:14 Changeset [3425] by epeisach
Initial revision


19:51 Changeset [3424] by lwvanels
Added LOG_CONS ifdef
19:45 Changeset [3423] by lwvanels
Removed old C++ compatability fix in zephyr libs (fixed in current lib) Added declaration of errno for mips (necessary for mips) from jtkohl down under
19:28 Changeset [3422] by lwvanels
fixed potential null pointer reference (from jtkohl down under)
19:01 Changeset [3421] by lwvanels
Initial revision
18:55 Changeset [3420] by lwvanels
changed to use OLC profilng libraries if set
18:53 Changeset [3419] by lwvanels
changed tags to use etags
18:51 Changeset [3418] by lwvanels
changed tags for use with etags
14:27 Changeset [3417] by epeisach
Empty Makefile line
14:20 Changeset [3416] by epeisach
Added Makefile line
14:10 Changeset [3415] by epeisach
Initial revision
14:09 Changeset [3414] by epeisach
Added how to create Makefile
13:57 Changeset [3413] by epeisach
Initial revision
13:57 Changeset [3412] by epeisach
Create a format to startoff from Imakefile
13:54 Changeset [3411] by epeisach
Temp hold.
12:52 Changeset [3410] by epeisach
Under _AUX include sys/types.h
12:50 Changeset [3409] by epeisach
Initial revision
12:46 Changeset [3408] by epeisach
Include sys/types.h under AUX
12:45 Changeset [3407] by epeisach
Include <sys/types.h> under AUX
12:36 Changeset [3406] by epeisach
Include strings.h for SERVER to define rindex
11:18 Changeset [3405] by epeisach
Ifdef'ed unused variable.
11:09 Changeset [3404] by epeisach
At athena we defined _validuser in libhesiod....
10:54 Changeset [3403] by epeisach
Cleaner install
10:53 Changeset [3402] by epeisach
Clean up for easier use
10:50 Changeset [3401] by epeisach
Openlog as lpr
10:09 Changeset [3400] by epeisach
log as lpq not lpd.
10:08 Changeset [3399] by epeisach
Missing #ifdef PQUOTA
10:06 Changeset [3398] by epeisach
Some cpp don't like comments after #include
10:06 Changeset [3397] by epeisach
_validuser and _checkhost provided by jtohk.
10:05 Changeset [3396] by epeisach
Null pointer derefs [jtkohl]
10:05 Changeset [3395] by epeisach
openlog of lprm


23:38 Changeset [3394] by lwvanels
Got most up to date patches from main libacl sources (KERBEROS ifdefs) Fixed caching bug for non-existanct acl files; previously, would fill the cache with bogus entries.
23:25 Changeset [3393] by lwvanels
added SIGUSR2 signal hander to start profiling modified SIGUSR1 signal handler to stop profiling as well as dumping stats
23:24 Changeset [3392] by lwvanels
Included com err headers
09:27 Changeset [3391] by vanharen
fixed translation table.


20:11 Changeset [3390] by lwvanels
added echo fixes added delete and refresh commands
20:08 Changeset [3389] by lwvanels
added help fixed indexing


16:40 Changeset [3388] by epeisach
Initial revision
16:37 Changeset [3387] by epeisach
If quota server is makred as down. allow creation of users. Inquiries only if an authuser
16:36 Changeset [3386] by epeisach
Due to bug in older version of lpd, check for account number being bogus.
07:22 Changeset [3385] by epeisach
Initial revision


11:28 Changeset [3384] by lwvanels
ZSubscriptions name change for 7.1
00:49 Changeset [3383] by lwvanels
Added saber targets
00:47 Changeset [3382] by lwvanels
removed bad declaration added ifdef's for TEST
00:46 Changeset [3381] by lwvanels
removed unusued variables
00:43 Changeset [3380] by lwvanels
Added code to dump profiling info on SIGUSR1 moved some code in get_kerberos_ticket to make it faster
00:41 Changeset [3379] by lwvanels
removed unused variables
00:38 Changeset [3378] by lwvanels
removed extra \0's from strings


18:49 Changeset [3377] by raeburn
Check that we aren't doing a brain dump before diving into the acl code. This should speed things up quite a bit, but requires that we be careful with the "bdumping" flag when we turn on concurrency. Author: tytso. Auditor: raeburn.
18:43 Changeset [3376] by raeburn
[tytso] Don't #ifdef out class_restrict. (Auditor: raeburn.) [raeburn] Fix up hash function to be faster. (Auditor: tytso.)
17:29 Changeset [3375] by tytso
Checked in changes made by Ken (Audited by Ted) which fix brokenness in how error codes are returned by SendKerberosData() and used by bdump_send() and bdump_get(). Kerberos codes are now returned as Kerberos error plus kerberos error base, instead of just the Kerberos error number.
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