21:18 Changeset [3619] by cfields
Initial revision
16:34 Changeset [3618] by jik
Put some additional stat()s in, hopefully to make things faster and to prevent problems when attempting to opendir() sockets.
15:41 Changeset [3617] by raeburn
Include X11/Xresource.h, for XrmUniqueQuark definition.
14:23 Changeset [3616] by raeburn
Converted mode_to_colorname to use xres_get_resource. Also removed spurious "style" string that was being inserted in the the resource name.
14:06 Changeset [3615] by probe
nfsid -a will also authenticate a person to AFS filesystems.
13:59 Changeset [3614] by lwvanels
Added saber ifdef around rcsid Ansified ifdefs
13:49 Changeset [3613] by lwvanels
Added saber ifdef around rcsid ansified ifdefs
13:45 Changeset [3612] by probe
Make detach -clean a non-privileged operation
13:44 Changeset [3611] by lwvanels
Added saber ifdef around rcsid minor type fixes make ifdefs ansi
13:40 Changeset [3610] by probe
Don't print "ignored (not NFS)" warnings if the -q flag was specified.
13:35 Changeset [3609] by lwvanels
Added saber ifdef around rcsid; minor type fixes ANSIfied #ifdefs
13:27 Changeset [3608] by raeburn
Updated for conversion to C++ and added files.
12:31 Changeset [3607] by raeburn
Restored documentation of -O option and zwrite-opcode variable.
12:07 Changeset [3606]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ZSRV3PT21'.
12:07 Changeset [3605] by raeburn
C++ conversion and lots of modifications from summer & fall work
12:07 Changeset [3604] by raeburn
Initial revision
10:52 Changeset [3603] by lwvanels
Removed unused vars, code added ifdef around rcsid
10:45 Changeset [3602] by lwvanels
make sort_keys non-const Added saber ifdef around rcsid; minor type fixes
09:37 Changeset [3601]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ATH72'.
09:37 Changeset [3600] by qjb
Rerun ranlib on librkinit.a after installing
09:30 Changeset [3599] by lwvanels
Added saber ifdef around rcsid
09:19 Changeset [3598] by lwvanels
Added profiling option; removed extra tags target
08:59 Changeset [3597] by lwvanels
fixed destdir; now makes lib as well


21:33 Changeset [3596] by jik
Initial revision
21:28 Changeset [3595] by jik
Don't need to include <varargs.h>.


13:45 Changeset [3594] by raeburn
Bumped version number to 0.4.3.
13:36 Changeset [3593] by raeburn
Added "From: " before signature in default formats. Also made character arrays in main static (and therefore automatically cleared).
11:34 Changeset [3592] by brlewis
ready for release 7.2
09:45 Changeset [3591] by raeburn
Simplified Kerberos conditionals.
09:42 Changeset [3590] by raeburn
In signal_child handler, preserve value of errno.
09:33 Changeset [3589] by raeburn
Combined xres_get_{geometry,bgcolor} into one function, with data structures controlling the behavior. Wrote macros with old function names to call new function.
09:25 Changeset [3588] by raeburn
In Z_AddField, treat a null pointer as a zero-length string.


14:27 Changeset [3587] by raeburn
Documented restriction of one beep per message for tty and X drivers.
13:01 Changeset [3586] by raeburn
Beep only once per message. Cleaned up saber-bug/non-ANSI workaround. Made several flags into bitfields.
12:35 Changeset [3585] by raeburn
Beep at most once.
11:01 Changeset [3584] by epeisach
Usage fixes and filename checks
10:50 Changeset [3583] by epeisach
Usage message and error messages
10:50 Changeset [3582] by epeisach
Print usage and proper command line parsing
10:44 Changeset [3581] by epeisach
Specify dump file on command line and real usage
10:43 Changeset [3580] by epeisach
Lint fixes
10:36 Changeset [3579] by epeisach
Working version - still doesn't check against the userdb
05:23 Changeset [3578] by epeisach
Fix for busrars formats - semster in the fall was off Check user input
05:20 Changeset [3577] by epeisach
Fix for bursar staments - semester printed was wrong in the fall Also check for user error.
05:06 Changeset [3576] by epeisach
Lint cleanup
05:03 Changeset [3575] by epeisach
'a' option refers to account to match with lpr option 'k' is to adjust (kredit) Use same default action for printer selection as lpr does
05:01 Changeset [3574] by epeisach
Initial revision
04:53 Changeset [3573] by epeisach
Under ultrix3.1, NULL is redefined, but not ultrix4.0
04:52 Changeset [3572] by epeisach
Initial revision
04:50 Changeset [3571] by epeisach
Ultrix 4.0 has ndbm Defined SHUTDOWN file
04:47 Changeset [3570] by epeisach
Coverted to Imakefile


14:06 Changeset [3569] by raeburn
Renamed time-to-live to min-time-to-live.
14:00 Changeset [3568] by raeburn
Changed resource name from timeToLive to minTimeToLive.
09:37 Changeset [3567] by epeisach
Display pagecost for lpq -l
09:18 Changeset [3566] by epeisach
LACL support added.
09:16 Changeset [3565] by epeisach
Initialize jobname - so if not sent will default to something useful in messages. For account numbers, don't append to end of qacct. If printing multiple jobs, then the account numbers could be tacked to end of previous one as lpd would only fork once.
09:06 Changeset [3564] by epeisach
Don't redefine BUFSIZ
08:48 Changeset [3563] by epeisach
_validuser requires lower case definitions Under ultrix40, add definition
08:47 Changeset [3562] by epeisach
Add LACL definitions
08:43 Changeset [3561] by epeisach
Determine if running ultrix4.0
08:40 Changeset [3560] by epeisach
Add LACL definitions
08:37 Changeset [3559] by epeisach
Add cppflags to add definitions for specific architectures
07:06 Changeset [3558] by epeisach
Install lint library in proper place and don't depend it on the com_err one.
06:53 Changeset [3557] by epeisach
Don't create lint libraries with -p
06:45 Changeset [3556] by cfields
Removed "Console" in the beginnings of resource specifications
06:39 Changeset [3555] by epeisach
1) Under ultrix40, don't needx to merge resolv library 2) Don't compile lint library -p
06:35 Changeset [3554] by epeisach
Ultrix 4.0 defines perror in header files
06:34 Changeset [3553] by epeisach
Ultrix 40 changes
06:33 Changeset [3552] by epeisach
Initial revision
06:29 Changeset [3551] by epeisach
Make Makefiles depend on imake


09:03 Changeset [3550] by raeburn
MIPS measures data size like IBM RT. Also, commented out text after #endif.
03:36 Changeset [3549] by probe
When the "Session initialization completed." message was moved, it was no longer being printed if the user did not have a .startup.X


11:52 Changeset [3548] by mar
Initial revision
09:46 Changeset [3547] by eichin
moved autoload path dependencies into discuss-source-dir variable.
08:40 Changeset [3546] by epeisach
Initial revision


05:52 Changeset [3545] by raeburn
Cast argument of XFree to char* to prevent compiler complaints.
05:26 Changeset [3544] by raeburn
Added static declarations for get_localvarfile, get_varval, varline.


16:32 Changeset [3543] by eichin
changed cadr, caddr, cddr to functions - the macros were breaking things in several places, particularly wrt byte-compiling.
13:45 Changeset [3542] by mar
various fixes
07:10 Changeset [3541] by mar
don't screw with stderr on xlogin proc bring down to console login more cleanly
06:37 Changeset [3540] by mar
Initial revision


04:23 Changeset [3539] by probe
Added Kerberos mount-request options
04:22 Changeset [3538] by probe
Initial revision


11:22 Changeset [3537] by mar
more changes


17:55 Changeset [3536] by bjaspan
fixed a stupid bug in discuss-delete-trn


16:17 Changeset [3535] by cfields
Initial revision


13:13 Changeset [3534] by mar
Initial revision
06:03 Changeset [3533] by epeisach
[changes.72 334 - jik] Uncanicalized hostname in directing bugs to line Audited by lwvanels & qjb


17:59 Changeset [3532] by mar
Initial revision
13:36 Changeset [3531] by mar
got it working again
08:58 Changeset [3530] by epeisach
[changes.71 1015 jik] No need to imply that it uses nameserevrs
08:05 Changeset [3529] by epeisach
Fix for proper C declarations [epeisach] (This prevented compiling under ultrix)
08:01 Changeset [3528] by epeisach
[changes.71 367 - jik audited by bjaspan, jfc] Replaced "hesiod hostname" with "official hostname" Changed to reflect ability to specify multiple hosts Capitalized Internet
07:59 Changeset [3527] by epeisach
[changes.71 367 -jik audoted by bjaspan & jfc] Better usage message Ability to specify multiple hosts, rather than one Printing of all host addresses, not just the first


05:25 Changeset [3526] by raeburn
backing out -O/-p change


15:42 Changeset [3525] by mar
added config_console, use gcc
15:41 Changeset [3524] by mar
cleanup /etc/passwd, kdestroy, setup pty for xconsole, better logging control
15:40 Changeset [3523] by mar
Initial revision
14:00 Changeset [3522] by mar
Initial revision
12:13 Changeset [3521] by raeburn
Fixed up format of error message.
02:40 Changeset [3520] by raeburn
Documented time-to-live and kill-stack changes.
02:34 Changeset [3519] by raeburn
Minimum-time-to-live changes from marc.
02:28 Changeset [3518] by raeburn
[marc] Added can_die time field, indicating the first time the windowgram should be killable.
02:25 Changeset [3517] by raeburn
Added minimum-time-to-live changes from marc. Also: If control key is down when button is released, kill all windowgrams under cursor.
00:16 Changeset [3516] by lwvanels
fixed grammar
00:11 Changeset [3515] by raeburn
Raised version to 0.4.2


14:11 Changeset [3514] by qjb
Fixed two bugs: 1. Error status of auth_to_cell called from auth_to_path was not being checked 2. Record cell in authed_cells whether or not authentication is succesful so that we don't try and fail for a given cell more than once.


02:47 Changeset [3513] by raeburn
Fixed typo in previous fix.


14:51 Changeset [3512] by mar
end of another day's work
04:27 Changeset [3511] by raeburn
Use ZWGCPATH in message instead of explicit path.
04:25 Changeset [3510] by raeburn
04:22 Changeset [3509] by raeburn
Run ZInitialize (which looks up the principal name) after doing the Kerberos init stuff.
04:17 Changeset [3508] by raeburn
Xlib bug workaround: Don't call XrmGetStringDatabase with a null value.
03:57 Changeset [3507] by raeburn
Incorporate time and date into default message formats.
03:17 Changeset [3506] by raeburn
minor changes for ansi compliance
03:11 Changeset [3505] by raeburn
minor fix for ansi compliance
02:58 Changeset [3504] by raeburn
If ttyname returns null, use "unknown".
02:51 Changeset [3503] by raeburn
High-level compiler errors should be conditionalized on the compiler brand (High C) rather than the hardware platform (ibm032).
02:36 Changeset [3502] by raeburn
If -ttymode is given, disable X driver. [provided by warlord@athena.mit.edu]
02:19 Changeset [3501] by raeburn
Z_ReadWait: Check for failure allocating header field. Z_FormatHeader: Assign ZUnique_Id_t values rather than calling bcopy. Z_FormatRawHeader (temp): Don't assume all used types are the same size.
02:08 Changeset [3500] by raeburn
Removed unreachable "return" statement.


20:42 Changeset [3499] by eichin
added paragraph-start and paragraph-separate patterns so meta-q works in enter.
19:41 Changeset [3498] by raeburn
Added ANSI C/C++ versions of declarations.
14:58 Changeset [3497] by mar
Initial revision
02:24 Changeset [3496] by lwvanels
removed unused variables pid and func
02:14 Changeset [3495] by lwvanels
removed unused variable l
02:09 Changeset [3494] by lwvanels
Added missing argument to handle_argument
02:02 Changeset [3493] by lwvanels
added HasSaber
01:58 Changeset [3492] by lwvanels
Initial revision


19:03 Changeset [3491]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'PATCHLEVEL11'.
19:03 Changeset [3490] by jik
PATCHLEVEL incremented by makepatch
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