07:48 Changeset [4046] by jik
Don't save old binaries.


11:27 Changeset [4045] by probe
testers[1468] Logging in with no customizations should not read the user's Zephyr customizations either.
10:14 Changeset [4044] by mar
got detach program wrong.
10:07 Changeset [4043] by mar
increase maximum password length
03:53 Changeset [4042] by lwvanels
(sread/swrite) fixed to use fd_set instead of int
03:40 Changeset [4041] by lwvanels
(t_describe) print correct error status if ODescribe fails.
03:38 Changeset [4040] by lwvanels
(t_forward) now check error status of t_describe
03:35 Changeset [4039] by lwvanels
Fixed openlog- missing arg
03:33 Changeset [4038] by lwvanels
on defaults to "duty" instances printed when signing on people in pickup stay there until forwarded out or they send a message
03:32 Changeset [4037] by lwvanels
Added MOTD_HOLD_FILE for motd timeins
03:32 Changeset [4036] by lwvanels
Added select so that we always have tickets
03:31 Changeset [4035] by lwvanels
Added "timein's" to motd
03:30 Changeset [4034] by lwvanels
fixed %%m
03:29 Changeset [4033] by lwvanels
Added additional prototypes


14:53 Changeset [4032] by jik
In recurs_and_undelete, continue prompting for files in the same directory even if a file in the directory fails to be undeleted.
07:55 Changeset [4031] by raeburn
Always log "ready for action" message.


11:16 Changeset [4030] by srz
Initial revision
06:57 Changeset [4029] by probe
testers[1447] Allow for WINDOW_MANAGER to be multiple words...


06:59 Changeset [4028] by lwvanels
(handle_argument) make sure to return error status if error occured
05:57 Changeset [4027] by jfc
Need to allocate extra byte for null at end of string when reading from a terminal.


22:07 Changeset [4026] by raeburn
Results of Z_cnvt_xtoi aren't characters...
11:51 Changeset [4025] by probe
Do not have another env. var. (SLEEP_TIME). Use a shell var, instead.
11:46 Changeset [4024] by lwvanels
Moved Status struct to common
11:45 Changeset [4023] by lwvanels
Moved OGetStatusString and OGetStatusCode to libcommon
11:23 Changeset [4022] by lwvanels
Build maude by default
10:50 Changeset [4021] by probe
Don't print csh job numbers since we don't have access to those shell jobs (or that shell)
07:45 Changeset [4020] by mar
Ombudsman -> Ombudsperson
07:40 Changeset [4019] by mar
fill entire entry with nulls when putting logout records in /usr/adm/wtmp
06:34 Changeset [4018] by jfc
Declare cert_routine argument correctly.


13:33 Changeset [4017] by probe
Fixed itoa() again... We don't want it printing "01" instead of "1".
12:48 Changeset [4016] by lwvanels
Added MACH_TRANS_FILE (for the translation list), LIST_FILE_NAME, and LIST_TMP_NAME (for the disk-based list)
12:00 Changeset [4015] by lwvanels
Ifdef'd syslog for ultrix
11:47 Changeset [4014] by lwvanels
ifdef'd opnelog, since it's different under ultrix
10:30 Changeset [4013] by lwvanels
got rid of unused flags in zsendmessage
10:26 Changeset [4012] by lwvanels
removed STATUS type
10:25 Changeset [4011] by lwvanels
requests no longer take auth
10:25 Changeset [4010] by lwvanels
Added STATUS type and prototypes for status.c
10:24 Changeset [4009] by lwvanels
queue status stuff gotten rid of (no longer used)
10:23 Changeset [4008] by lwvanels
No longer takes auth
10:21 Changeset [4007] by lwvanels
no longer takes auth
10:19 Changeset [4006] by lwvanels
requests no longer take auth need to dump list cache when doing a backup
10:18 Changeset [4005] by lwvanels
Nulls timeout file after it expires, and prints timeout when it startsup
10:17 Changeset [4004] by lwvanels
dispose_of_log: no longer cares whether it's resolved or not trans_m_i: (new) does translation of machine info into "english".
10:14 Changeset [4003] by lwvanels
removed unused vars from list_queue dump_list: (new) Puts list on disk for caching.
10:14 Changeset [4002] by lwvanels
Shut Saber up..
10:13 Changeset [4001] by lwvanels
shut saber up..
10:11 Changeset [4000] by lwvanels
added real prototype for calloc
10:08 Changeset [3999] by lwvanels
DONE_DIR now a #define Added D_LIST for disk-based listing Added TRANS for machine info translation Made Acl_List a global removed unused variables fromlist_queue Added prototype from dump_list Changed many prototypes (removed auth from requests, since it is dealt with before it gets to the request handler.
09:47 Changeset [3998] by lwvanels
Only list if you mean to, and get the right name..
09:30 Changeset [3997] by sao
If replying to a transaction fails, don't try to free the return value! Update the status line correctly after replying.
09:28 Changeset [3996] by sao
Avoid freeing bad pointers in myfree().
09:20 Changeset [3995] by lwvanels
use mktemp instead of mkstemp becase ultrix doesn't have it.
09:10 Changeset [3994] by lwvanels
0 is an acceptable fd from open Now looks in PREFIXFILE for location of discuss meeting
09:09 Changeset [3993] by lwvanels
Location of discuss meetings now stored in PREFIXFILE, instead of being hard-coded in.
08:59 Changeset [3992] by lwvanels
Initial revision
08:57 Changeset [3991] by lwvanels
Added status.c (for list status)
08:49 Changeset [3990] by epeisach
If cannot contact a quota server, extra entries are removed from the cache. If machien reboots during this time - problems.
08:23 Changeset [3989] by lwvanels
Added symlink for olist
08:12 Changeset [3988] by epeisach
RS/6000 changes act is initiallized to zero. Made assumption that was initialized to zero.
08:03 Changeset [3987] by lwvanels
Now does olist as well, by giving the username "qlist", instance -1 Also has option to produce "raw" list (-r)
04:31 Changeset [3986] by raeburn
Converted z_cnvt_xtoi to a macro for speed.
04:24 Changeset [3985] by raeburn
Modified net_read/net_write and callers to use stdio file pointers rather than file descriptors.
01:01 Changeset [3984] by raeburn
Eliminated enumeral bitfields. Reordered some functions. Defined `!=' for class ZDestination. Defined new constant `dump_masks' with signal masks to inhibit database dumps.


21:15 Changeset [3983] by jfc
AIX needs <sys/select.h>
21:04 Changeset [3982] by jfc
#endif foo -> #endif /* foo */
20:30 Changeset [3981] by raeburn
kill_clt now takes ZServerDesc_t argument, address logged in error messages. Callers changed.
20:19 Changeset [3980] by raeburn
Adjusted constants: 5 "hello" notices to tardy servers, 2 minutes between.
20:10 Changeset [3979] by raeburn
Preserve errno in all signal handlers. In reap, call wait3 until we're told we have no more children. Don't store away the string "%me%" in the string table; it's translated to a Kerberos principal on the client side.
20:05 Changeset [3978] by raeburn
Removed some unused code. Now logs source address when authentication fails.
19:56 Changeset [3977] by raeburn
ZDestination::~ZDestination is now unconditional.
19:06 Changeset [3976] by raeburn
Made use of separate ~ZDestination unconditional; added operators new and delete. Removed leading underscores from various class type names. Conditionalized new/delete overloads on FIXED_GXX in addition to __GNUG__.
18:07 Changeset [3975] by qjb
Corrected typographical error.
11:41 Changeset [3974] by sao
Make default font "fixed" instead of boldface. Remove most of the grips in the popups. Make cursor in the upper text window into an arrow.
11:38 Changeset [3973] by sao
Make toplevel window 80 characters or 500 pixels wide, whichever is greater. Remove the letter 'c' when returning from show-transactions mode if all transactions have been read.
11:34 Changeset [3972] by sao
Correctly parse escaped quotation marks when constructing subject line for a reply transaction. Make width of popup windows to be 80 chars in the current font. Don't redraw the "Reading..." message when returning from sending a reply transaction. Keep the lower buttons active when entering a transaction.
04:14 Changeset [3971] by lwvanels
logs actual errors instead of missing bytes
04:13 Changeset [3970] by lwvanels
increased cache size to 32


11:12 Changeset [3969] by probe
Added calls to wait3() to clean up zombied children (I took the paranoid approach of adding more than needed).
08:03 Changeset [3968] by epeisach
Syslog %s should be used. Fix for IBMR2 signals


18:37 Changeset [3967] by lwvanels
added definitions for calloc
12:42 Changeset [3966] by lwvanels
Initial revision
12:25 Changeset [3965] by lwvanels
Added motd.c
12:15 Changeset [3964] by lwvanels
needs to call has_new_messages to check for new messages now
12:14 Changeset [3963] by lwvanels
Only initialize syslog once.
12:01 Changeset [3962] by lwvanels
need to call has_new_messages to check for new messages now logged out people who are referred don't get bumped to pending when they log back in DB no longer needs to be backed up after "send". olc_motd calls check_motd_timeout
11:59 Changeset [3961] by lwvanels
(olc_change_motd) calls motd_set_timeout
11:55 Changeset [3960] by lwvanels
added decl for MOTD_TIMEOUT_FILE changed knuckle struct; new messages not stored in a char *, but instead added a filename field, and a flag if their existance is known.
11:54 Changeset [3959] by lwvanels
getting new tickets gets logged to status, not error
11:53 Changeset [3958] by lwvanels
Unable to contact write server is only status, not error
11:50 Changeset [3957] by lwvanels
Added include files nec. for syslog
11:49 Changeset [3956] by lwvanels
Now logs errors to syslog instead of stderr
11:47 Changeset [3955] by lwvanels
(new_message, has_new_messages, free_new_messages): new messages now stored in a file, instead of part of the knuckle
11:47 Changeset [3954] by lwvanels
Added line for MOTD_TIMEOUT_FILE
11:41 Changeset [3953] by lwvanels
New messages no longer stored in backup file (they're in separate files; username_instance.nm


10:57 Changeset [3952] by sao
Control keys R and S search forwards and backwards properly. The paneW widget was made into a global so that popups could use its accelerators.
10:55 Changeset [3951] by sao
Accelerators are now installed on help and warning popups, so that you can more easily dismiss them from the keyboard.
10:54 Changeset [3950] by mar
don't start windows, just run the script.
10:52 Changeset [3949] by sao
Only cap-Q key will quit. Lowercase q is disabled. Control characters will be passed through to the text widgets.
09:47 Changeset [3948] by epeisach
Initial revision
06:57 Changeset [3947] by lwvanels
Initial revision
04:16 Changeset [3946] by lwvanels
Added additional defines & ifdefs
04:16 Changeset [3945] by lwvanels
Print time of error messages


12:27 Changeset [3944] by tytso
Added a require line so that mail-utils will always be loaded.
12:24 Changeset [3943] by tytso
Checking in Barry's changes so that added meetings show up on the completion list.
11:46 Changeset [3942] by sao
Uses new function RemoveLetterC(). Distinguishes between long and short meeting names. Makes directory path for "write" function correctly.
11:45 Changeset [3941] by sao
Uses new function RemoveLetterC(). Distinguishes between long and short meeting names.
11:42 Changeset [3940] by sao
added #defines for lengths of long and short meeting names added new mode, INITIALIZE
11:40 Changeset [3939] by sao
No longer skips over the first meeting when looking for the first meeting with news. Cap and LC letters generally mean the same thing in the translation tables. Added map and unmap calls in SetLabelsAndCallback() to avoid button dancing when labels are changed. Added function PutUpArrow() to manipulate a marker for the current meeting/transaction, replacing the reverse video. Added function RemoveLetterC() to remove the 'c' marker on meetings with unread transactions.
11:22 Changeset [3938] by sao
Initial revision
07:53 Changeset [3937] by epeisach
Trying to pass StringNum's as strings. Caused a non-null terminated string to be returned to the client


16:52 Changeset [3936] by lwvanels
common.h moved.
16:32 Changeset [3935] by lwvanels
Added real prototypes and generally re-organized
16:31 Changeset [3934] by lwvanels
*** empty log message ***
16:28 Changeset [3933] by lwvanels
Changed some "consultants" to "ta's" and so on.
16:24 Changeset [3932] by lwvanels
moved perror to common
16:22 Changeset [3931] by lwvanels
Cruft and garbage to deal with the fact that the three different architectures have three different ways of dealing with variable argument lists; gcc has ansi stdarg, rt has ansi w/o stdarg, and then standard bsd varargs. Sigh.
16:19 Changeset [3930] by lwvanels
removed ndbm specific code
16:17 Changeset [3929] by lwvanels
Added more error messages in insert_knuckle to catch bad mallocs Improved topic memory allocation in insert_topic Added get_topic_code; used to eliminate problems with adding a new topic
16:15 Changeset [3928] by lwvanels
Added ANSI prototypes to olcd.h and added prototypes to each file for static functions; added ifdef #saber as well around rcsid.
16:14 Changeset [3927] by lwvanels
*** empty log message ***
16:11 Changeset [3926] by lwvanels
Added real prototypes put struct declarations at the top
11:23 Changeset [3925] by raeburn
Removed one-second delay at startup. Argument to `discuss' is now optional, and no longer causes reversion to previous buffer. Error messages now show up associated with meeting names, rather than showing up in the minibuffer and then disappearing.
07:40 Changeset [3924] by mar
07:36 Changeset [3923] by mar
fix formatting
07:35 Changeset [3922] by mar
NULL check in cleanup Don't update /etc/group if NOCREATE Use initgroups() instead of custom code (read from /etc/group)


17:49 Changeset [3921] by jfc
Declare signal_child() void; if NO_UNION_WAIT is defined then wait arg1 is an int.
17:47 Changeset [3920] by jfc
Can't pass &time.tv_sec to ctime() (in AIX 3.1, the argument to ctime() is a different type).
17:43 Changeset [3919] by jfc
Include <time.h> for AIX 3.1
12:36 Changeset [3918] by mar
fixed up accelerators for last 2 menu entries
12:31 Changeset [3917] by mar
fixup temporary directory creation and handle empty grplist
10:25 Changeset [3916] by mar
added keyboard accelerators for most menu items; added display console menu item
10:23 Changeset [3915] by mar
added callback & action routines to signal the console and to call another widget's callback routine


08:47 Changeset [3914] by sao
Initial revision


18:40 Changeset [3913] by lwvanels
Fixed declarations for ps/2
18:21 Changeset [3912] by lwvanels
Ifdef for broken syslog
18:10 Changeset [3911] by lwvanels
Added prototypes for syslog stuff and ioctl
18:09 Changeset [3910] by lwvanels
Changed to use syslog Forks & disassociates itself from controlling terminal
18:09 Changeset [3909] by lwvanels
Prints more descriptive kerberos error messages when possible
18:07 Changeset [3908] by lwvanels
Changed to use syslog Fixed error codes so they don't overlap with kerberos errors.
18:06 Changeset [3907] by lwvanels
Changed to use syslog
12:35 Changeset [3906] by eichin
made -pg PROFFLAG since the decmips doesn't have -pg...
12:22 Changeset [3905] by eichin
made SERVER_LOCAL have a default non-absolute pathname, since it gets path searched anyway
08:33 Changeset [3904] by lwvanels
removed extra &
08:25 Changeset [3903] by lwvanels
Better prototyping
08:25 Changeset [3902] by lwvanels
Added better prototyping


19:21 Changeset [3901] by eichin
added installclient of disserve for local stuff
17:41 Changeset [3900] by eichin
initialized nbsrc.spare, added "%" as a local meeting name
17:40 Changeset [3899] by eichin
added SERVER_LOCAL usage if hostname is ""
17:06 Changeset [3898] by eichin
wrapped proper #ifdef's around all #defines, so they can be overridden
12:47 Changeset [3897] by raeburn
Argument cert_routine is type Z_AuthProc.
12:44 Changeset [3896] by raeburn
Icon bitmap pathname is now relative to ACLDIR.
12:43 Changeset [3895] by raeburn
Added "%N" to end of XZWRITE_SEARCH_PATHS. Added new file xzwrite.bitmap, and now edit XZwrite on install to have the correct pathname for xzwrite.bitmap.
12:33 Changeset [3894] by raeburn
Output newline after error message.
12:00 Changeset [3893] by raeburn
Initial revision


13:04 Changeset [3892] by lwvanels
Added kopt.c
13:03 Changeset [3891] by lwvanels
Added kopt.c defs removed kerberos library defintions that are in kopt.c
13:01 Changeset [3890] by lwvanels
Fixed handling of instance buffer so that read_service_key doesn't get called all of the time
12:58 Changeset [3889] by probe
Document the -logout option [mar - xdm project]
12:57 Changeset [3888] by probe
Initial revision
12:16 Changeset [3887] by mar
12:12 Changeset [3886] by probe
Fixed apropos entry
11:49 Changeset [3885] by mar
new way of invoking techinfo
11:37 Changeset [3884] by mar
don't cleanup group file if only doing a -passwd cleanup use a larger buffer for group entries and dectect overflow deal better with hesiod errors
11:30 Changeset [3883] by mar
fix various ways getting kerberos tickets might fail; set tty mode to 620 and group owner to tty.
09:47 Changeset [3882] by mar
handle shutdown properly on ultrix
06:27 Changeset [3881] by probe
Allow for 6 digit pid's (and future expansion of the "powers" structure. [Author: brlewis, audited: probe]
05:32 Changeset [3880] by probe
Fixed incorrect usage of dup'ing file descriptors Fixed "powers" structure used by itoa().
03:44 Changeset [3879] by raeburn
Always return 0.


16:21 Changeset [3878] by eichin
added "SERVER_LOCAL" for filesystem based access control
07:11 Changeset [3877] by lwvanels
Fixed bug so that deleteing and re-allocating the head of a bucket chain can't cause an infinite loop in the bucket list.


17:25 Changeset [3876] by lwvanels
Added inode number to cache struct
17:24 Changeset [3875] by lwvanels
Added check on inode numbers so cache doesn't get spoofed by a question that get cached, doned's, and then re-asked.
13:07 Changeset [3874] by mar
moved prototype files; don't use -p when copying them
12:48 Changeset [3873] by epeisach
Change of PROTOTYPE_DIR to /usr/athena/lib/prototype_tmpuser
10:11 Changeset [3872] by epeisach
Initial revision
10:11 Changeset [3871] by mar
declare start_reactivate()
10:07 Changeset [3870] by mar
fixup some paths, a typo, and the getsessionshell geometry
10:06 Changeset [3869] by mar
start a reactivate at startup time if /srvd/.rvdinfo doesn't exist
10:00 Changeset [3868] by epeisach
Initial revision
09:39 Changeset [3867] by mar
do proper cleanup when dm is killed detect config file that is too long
09:38 Changeset [3866] by mar
keep an open connection to the X server
09:37 Changeset [3865] by mar
copy files for temp homedir from /usr/prototype_tmpuser
07:44 Changeset [3864] by mar
have error messages start with "cleanup:"; fix 2 lint errors; don't complain if /etc/passwd.local does not exist.


10:47 Changeset [3863] by lwvanels
changed to pass longs over the network.
09:45 Changeset [3862] by lwvanels
Fix for broken mips compiler
09:34 Changeset [3861] by lwvanels
Added replayer
09:09 Changeset [3860] by lwvanels
Added defines for acl library
09:09 Changeset [3859] by lwvanels
Prints the signal it dies on.
09:09 Changeset [3858] by lwvanels
Moved type declarations to single line
09:09 Changeset [3857] by lwvanels
Added acl code
09:08 Changeset [3856] by lwvanels
Added acl_files.c
09:06 Changeset [3855] by lwvanels
Initial revision
06:54 Changeset [3854] by lwvanels
Added kerberos stuff Added additional prototypes
06:53 Changeset [3853] by lwvanels
Moved connection handling stuff to handle_request
06:52 Changeset [3852] by lwvanels
kerberized Added "punt" to close down connection & clean up files
06:52 Changeset [3851] by lwvanels
Initial revision
06:49 Changeset [3850] by lwvanels
Added filename to cache information so file could be stat'd by name; unlinked files still fstat fine.
06:48 Changeset [3849] by lwvanels
Added new files added kerberos correct depends


14:02 Changeset [3848] by probe
Fixed "initlib" definition Added a geometry specification to the "terminal-style login" [mar]
11:41 Changeset [3847] by mar
flush console on exit; handle shutdown better
08:27 Changeset [3846] by epeisach
Add the rgb color databases [probe]
07:43 Changeset [3845] by raeburn
Plugged some memory leaks.
07:40 Changeset [3844] by mar
fix location of console pid file
07:26 Changeset [3843] by raeburn
Removed debugging code that slipped in...
07:12 Changeset [3842] by raeburn
Installs must be relative to $(DESTDIR)
05:06 Changeset [3841] by mar
fixup declarations so this works with cc
04:56 Changeset [3840] by lwvanels
Off doesn't include -force (obugs [718])
04:17 Changeset [3839] by epeisach
Explicit path to chown
04:13 Changeset [3838] by epeisach
Initial revision


04:18 Changeset [3837] by probe
Fixed so that a re-install will work. Changed symlinks to be relative.
03:29 Changeset [3836] by probe
Fixed compiler determination Added $(DESTDIR) support
03:21 Changeset [3835] by probe
"wcl" doesn't have anything to install.
03:20 Changeset [3834] by probe
Fixed font installation
03:15 Changeset [3833] by probe
Fixed install rule...
01:18 Changeset [3832] by probe
Needed $(DESTDIR) support for the db/ directory.


19:04 Changeset [3831] by probe
Removed Athena HS servers (we now have an HS root)
19:03 Changeset [3830] by probe
Added root HS servers. Removed old AOS.BRL.MIL address that no longer exists.
02:07 Changeset [3829] by probe
Fixed a typo Corrected PS/2 entry of the "switch" statement [paul]


10:35 Changeset [3828] by epeisach
Force remove foo.c incase pmakefile is read only
10:33 Changeset [3827] by epeisach
Initial revision
09:25 Changeset [3826] by epeisach
Don't use /mit/gnu/@sys/gcc as a path
07:24 Changeset [3825] by mar
added Ultrix support
05:55 Changeset [3824] by mar
moved pid files
05:54 Changeset [3823] by mar
moved pid file
05:53 Changeset [3822] by mar
moved pid files; replaced sleep() with alarm()sigpause()
04:53 Changeset [3821] by probe
Correctly deal with the "db" directory [didn't bother fixing lint rule]


06:48 Changeset [3820] by probe
Added sub-directory names as possible target names (using the subdir as a target name, assumes making "all" in the subdir)
06:44 Changeset [3819] by probe
Initial revision
06:23 Changeset [3818] by probe
Hopefully fixed "db" dependencies. Don't have "install" test the "all"


06:34 Changeset [3817] by epeisach
[changes.72 221 tytso audited by cfields/jfc] When trying to attach over AFS symlinks
04:41 Changeset [3816] by lwvanels
(OMailHeader) Put real name of user in quotes to comply with rfc standard
01:56 Changeset [3815] by probe
Comment out all the X servers (this is for the benefit of the update procedure).
01:51 Changeset [3814] by probe
Corrected the order of the arguments to the "nfsid" call. Added some quotes around a variable test, for safety. Changed test for the OS type...


17:07 Changeset [3813] by probe
Added DESTDIR support Created necessary directories for install...
17:01 Changeset [3812] by probe
New xsession from XDM project (plus one fixed message)
16:56 Changeset [3811] by probe
Moved xsession to where the other dot files are stored...
16:55 Changeset [3810] by probe
If invoked with -logout, it will also source the user's .logout file. (part of XDM project)
16:54 Changeset [3809] by probe
Initial revision
16:45 Changeset [3808] by probe
Pulled activate/deactivate from the release...
16:12 Changeset [3807] by probe
Removed building of toehold
16:07 Changeset [3806] by lwvanels
next chunk o' stuff
13:53 Changeset [3805] by lwvanels
Initial revision
13:39 Changeset [3804] by mar
pids can be larger than 99999
13:33 Changeset [3803] by probe
Fixed up an error message. changes.72#1164
13:31 Changeset [3802] by mar
Initial revision
13:25 Changeset [3801] by mar
tweaked layout; fixed scripts
13:24 Changeset [3800] by mar
Initial revision
13:22 Changeset [3799] by mar
fix manpage title
13:03 Changeset [3798] by mar
tweak layout; update all application scripts
13:03 Changeset [3797] by mar
Initial revision
12:39 Changeset [3796] by mar
don't hide console window during reactivation
11:59 Changeset [3795] by mar
fix manpage title
11:59 Changeset [3794] by mar
change manpage title
11:57 Changeset [3793] by mar
fixup tty handling for Xlogin and don't do vhangup anymore
10:05 Changeset [3792] by mar
make it run under ultrix
09:59 Changeset [3791] by mar
support -passwd and -loggedin options
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