16:02 Changeset [5532] by probe
Removed sleep after out-of-date version message is displayed...
14:58 Changeset [5531] by epeisach
Little more intelligence in auto update - limit rvd usage if autoupdate set to false
14:49 Changeset [5530] by epeisach
New version - cleaned up old
14:48 Changeset [5529] by epeisach
7.3A that was used
12:50 Changeset [5528] by jfc
Work around xlc optimizer bug.


00:00 Changeset [5527] by probe
Fix some possible problems with tmp cleanup and its error reporting...


23:46 Changeset [5526] by probe
Removed old PS/2 cruft that doesn't make sense on other machines Added tmp area cleaning for rios Re-arranged a few statements for clarity


16:55 Changeset [5525] by probe
Try falling back to afs@realm if afs.cell@realm key doesn't exist
13:41 Changeset [5524] by probe
csh and tcsh both use new line discipline (especially considering that tcsh was csh before...)


13:04 Changeset [5523] by raek
incorporated com-err stuff form clientlib
11:25 Changeset [5522] by raek
changed the nl_request error codes to the com-err versions
09:56 Changeset [5521] by raek
fixed some return code types (int to ERRCODE)
09:54 Changeset [5520] by raek
changed return type to ERRCODE
09:39 Changeset [5519] by raek
fixed some return codes (int to ERRCODE)
09:35 Changeset [5518] by raek
made some ERRCODE return types explicit
09:03 Changeset [5517] by raek
undid the change in return type for main (back to int) (Actually, i think it is really void, but I didn't deal with that)
09:01 Changeset [5516] by raek
(no change)
08:57 Changeset [5515] by raek
incorportated com-err error codes
08:57 Changeset [5514] by raek
made ERRCODE return types explicit where they had not been
08:54 Changeset [5513] by raek
fixed do_olc_init's return type (ERRCODE)
08:10 Changeset [5512] by raek
Deleted prototypes for 2 routines which no longer exist and put back 2 int return codes where I'd gone overboard in the previous mod.
07:45 Changeset [5511] by raek
took out features.c for now (doesn't compile)
07:23 Changeset [5510] by raek
changed some return types from int to ERRCODE
06:43 Changeset [5509] by raek
changed ERRCODE from int to long for com-err use
05:40 Changeset [5508] by lwvanels
Added error table
05:39 Changeset [5507] by lwvanels
Initial revision


15:35 Changeset [5506] by probe
Missing $
15:34 Changeset [5505] by probe
Fixed CURDIR setting...
15:27 Changeset [5504] by probe
Do not report the fact that there are no Hesiod groups for local accounts
13:42 Changeset [5503] by probe
Removed broken shared-libs support (shared libs only are a win with X)
13:41 Changeset [5502] by probe
Fixed manpage rules Allowed for project Imake rules
13:38 Changeset [5501] by probe
Checkpointing... lots of changes relating to project rules, dir re-org, etc
06:07 Changeset [5500] by lwvanels
include info about ok and message files


12:11 Changeset [5499] by probe
Wrong value for default_suid
12:03 Changeset [5498] by lwvanels
Define "OFF_SWITCH", to allow turning off of command via AFS
11:01 Changeset [5497] by lwvanels
added off switch; looks for the file /afs/athena.mit.edu/system/config/from/ok in order to run; if it does not exist, the contents of the file /afs/athena.mit.edu/system/config/from/message will be printed, if that file exists. The message contents are otherwise ignored.
10:57 Changeset [5496] by lwvanels
fixed type
10:57 Changeset [5495] by lwvanels
Initial revision
10:52 Changeset [5494] by lwvanels
ignore .logout if ignoring customizatiosn
03:47 Changeset [5493] by probe
Changed RIOS semantics since that uses additional "temporary" vars in stanzas to indicate temp accounts and does not have *.local files.


20:23 Changeset [5492] by lwvanels
Initial revision
19:46 Changeset [5491] by lwvanels
also catch the /usr/athena
12:37 Changeset [5490] by probe
/etc/nosuid obsolete
12:36 Changeset [5489] by lwvanels
remove mention of /etc/nosuid
11:23 Changeset [5488] by lwvanels
new directory structure
11:09 Changeset [5487] by lwvanels
new directory structure
11:05 Changeset [5486] by lwvanels
new directory structure removed references to toehold
10:57 Changeset [5485] by lwvanels
Initial revision
10:55 Changeset [5484] by lwvanels
new directory structure took out bogus old stuff about editing inet.conf
10:46 Changeset [5483] by lwvanels
new directory structure
10:45 Changeset [5482] by lwvanels
Initial revision
10:21 Changeset [5481] by lwvanels
new directory structure
10:04 Changeset [5480] by lwvanels
new directory structure
09:24 Changeset [5479] by lwvanels
fixes so that whatis lines look right.
08:53 Changeset [5478] by lwvanels
updated to reflect new AFS quota heuristic.
08:43 Changeset [5477] by lwvanels
Only warn about afs quotas if: 1) Attached by user 2) mode == w or explicitly asked for (via -f mntpt)
06:31 Changeset [5476] by lwvanels
fixes to incorrect info from vanharen
06:31 Changeset [5475] by lwvanels
Initial revision


06:55 Changeset [5474] by probe
The PS/2 integration broke the other architectures: The args to unmount must be the mountpoint on most systems.


19:03 Changeset [5473] by probe
More descriptive printout Fixed syntax error
18:52 Changeset [5472] by probe
Changed logic so that fsid -p -a will work.
17:56 Changeset [5471] by lwvanels
Add caveat about changing mod. times when deleting for use with AFS
17:54 Changeset [5470] by lwvanels
update ctime when deleteing a file and AFS_MOUNTPOINTS is defined; this ensures that expunge will pick them up at the correct time.
17:47 Changeset [5469] by probe
Corrected logic for printing out "ignored" messages
17:17 Changeset [5468] by probe
Don't have "fsid -a" authenticate to other's filesystems or 'n' filesystems
17:07 Changeset [5467] by probe
Fixed typo
12:33 Changeset [5466] by lwvanels
fixed formatting of -t option- leaves space between paragraphs.
12:02 Changeset [5465] by epeisach
Fixed permissions on installs
11:55 Changeset [5464] by epeisach
*** empty log message ***


09:55 Changeset [5463] by lwvanels
Zlocateuser needs auth type
09:51 Changeset [5462] by lwvanels
located now in /usr/athena/bin
09:50 Changeset [5461] by lwvanels
Initial revision
09:49 Changeset [5460] by lwvanels
added olist, oreplay, oshow man pages
09:44 Changeset [5459] by lwvanels
fixed location of help files
09:43 Changeset [5458] by lwvanels
fixed fd & memory leak.
09:33 Changeset [5457] by lwvanels
fixed fd & memory leak; included name of missing help file in error message
09:13 Changeset [5456] by lwvanels
don't print messages when attaching olc-stock locker


18:17 Changeset [5455] by probe
More rios fixes (allow for pts/ names) Forgot one case of testing the type of utmp entry.
18:02 Changeset [5454] by probe
Fixed to work with SYSV style utmp
17:19 Changeset [5453] by probe
Allow use of both -r and -s


05:05 Changeset [5452] by epeisach
Look for /etc/version if /etc/athena/version does not exist


13:36 Changeset [5451] by epeisach
Real fix for 80 column limit on rs/6000. strncpy of -1 was result.
11:46 Changeset [5450] by lwvanels
Initial revision
06:39 Changeset [5449] by lwvanels
don't need to wait if show or hide console; pid file won't change.
05:22 Changeset [5448] by lwvanels
moves down login window so the console does not get obscured (for mail check login)


11:15 Changeset [5447] by lwvanels
fix bug with from -r and long from fields on rios (jfc, testers [1791])
10:16 Changeset [5446] by probe
Missing paren
10:09 Changeset [5445] by probe
Fixed access checking code for AFS volumes.
03:53 Changeset [5444] by jfc
Don't dump core on ICCCM violations.
03:51 Changeset [5443] by jfc
Correctly handle buttons and keys being released in any order. [marc]


19:31 Changeset [5442] by epeisach
Optimize dash -athena to remove the -athena, not needed Also, if NOCALLS set, ignore users dash customizations
18:45 Changeset [5441] by epeisach
if NOCALLS is set, mwmshould ignore customizations (~/.mwmrc)
12:04 Changeset [5440] by lwvanels
allow backwards compatability in locations.
05:04 Changeset [5439] by lwvanels
fixed a condition by which strncat() could be passed a negative value. (tytso, testers[1785])


07:35 Changeset [5438] by lwvanels
need to include types.h before file.h on BSD platforms
07:31 Changeset [5437] by lwvanels
fix to caching bug; if a new trn was entered while meeting was being read, didn't deal correctly. Fix by tytso; testers[1767]
07:30 Changeset [5436] by lwvanels
Initial revision
07:08 Changeset [5435] by sao
Remove mention of StaffTools locker, and add documentation of EDSC environment variable.
06:59 Changeset [5434] by sao
Initial revision


10:05 Changeset [5433] by lwvanels
Changes for window size and fonts on RIOS
09:48 Changeset [5432] by probe
New text [kcunning]


10:15 Changeset [5431] by epeisach
Execute proper version of write


21:45 Changeset [5430] by lwvanels
Initial revision
18:12 Changeset [5429] by lwvanels
install old 7.2 scripts for backwards compatability
15:20 Changeset [5428] by epeisach
Script psif was being installed wrong
14:33 Changeset [5427] by epeisach
Clean up garbage
14:13 Changeset [5426] by epeisach
Define HESIOD in compiling
13:21 Changeset [5425] by sao
Use BitmapFilePath instead of hardcoded /usr/lib/X11/bitmaps to find bitmaps. Made necessary by 7.3 filesys reorg. Use application resources loggingOn and logfile.
13:20 Changeset [5424] by lwvanels
turned caching back on.
13:19 Changeset [5423] by sao
Use BitmapFilePath instead of hardcoded /usr/lib/X11/bitmaps to find bitmaps. Made necessary by 7.3 filesys reorg.
13:16 Changeset [5422] by epeisach
Fix bug in looping [tytso]
13:05 Changeset [5421] by epeisach
Initial revision


16:42 Changeset [5420] by lwvanels
install .elc files
16:19 Changeset [5419] by lwvanels
moved elisp files to elisp directory
16:16 Changeset [5418] by lwvanels
Initial revision
16:06 Changeset [5417] by lwvanels
top dir now /usr/athena/lib/elisp don't explicitly look for .elc files
16:06 Changeset [5416] by lwvanels
Initial revision
16:05 Changeset [5415] by lwvanels
install elisp files in $(ATHLIBDIR)/elisp
15:16 Changeset [5414] by lwvanels
made similar to default format.
15:09 Changeset [5413] by epeisach
RS/6000 fixes
15:05 Changeset [5412] by lwvanels
fixed format.
13:49 Changeset [5411] by epeisach
RS/6000 changes for security database. Also, fixes a bug if the /etc/passwd file non existant or /etc/group not present, to not wipe files
13:49 Changeset [5410] by epeisach
For RS/6000 need -ls
13:48 Changeset [5409] by epeisach
Initial revision
12:56 Changeset [5408] by epeisach
On a DECstation, running stock ultrix X server, many unaligned accesses are reported from the X server. Before starting X server, turn off printing of unaligned access messages
06:00 Changeset [5407] by lwvanels
install library
05:54 Changeset [5406] by lwvanels
Initial revision
05:48 Changeset [5405] by lwvanels
Initial revision


07:37 Changeset [5404] by raek
added /mit/motif/include to standard includes before /usr/athena/include (now /mit/motif/include occurs twice -- this is a temporary kludge)
06:32 Changeset [5403] by sao
Restore lines to install Xdsc and Lucy app-defaults files.


11:33 Changeset [5402] by lwvanels
install unseg as a .so, not as a full man page.
11:33 Changeset [5401] by lwvanels
Initial revision
04:57 Changeset [5400] by lwvanels
fixed spelling of "fxblanche"
04:56 Changeset [5399] by lwvanels
Initial revision
04:50 Changeset [5398] by lwvanels
install man pages.
04:48 Changeset [5397] by lwvanels
Initial revision
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