22:28 Changeset [5981] by lwvanels
Install sendbug man page
22:28 Changeset [5980] by lwvanels
Initial revision
21:51 Changeset [5979] by lwvanels
Document enableDelete & unmap changes
17:29 Changeset [5978]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'REL74'.
17:29 Changeset [5977] by epeisach
Debugging code if defed on DEBUG and NOFORK
17:27 Changeset [5976] by epeisach
Turn off sync journal db access for performance improvement
17:26 Changeset [5975] by epeisach
Security fix
17:25 Changeset [5974] by epeisach
Changed error messages per user accounts requests.


15:19 Changeset [5973] by tom
*** empty log message ***


13:12 Changeset [5972] by lwvanels
Turn logging off key translations for first/last ref.
13:02 Changeset [5971] by lwvanels
Fix ordering problem; UseInstalled needs to be set before including site.def so that the correct library path is set.
07:13 Changeset [5970] by sao
Document new "start of chain" and "end of chain" buttons under "goto" menu.
07:12 Changeset [5969] by sao
Increased MAX_MENU_LEN to support two more menu entries under "goto". New #defines for LREF and FREF tokens.
07:10 Changeset [5968] by sao
New menu entries under the "goto" button, "start of chain" and "end of chain". Moved realize of top level widget to make startup look faster.
07:09 Changeset [5967] by sao
Support for variables lref and fref, to hold the start-of-chain and end-of-chain transaction numbers.
02:45 Changeset [5966] by lwvanels
Don't try to create MH path if not using MH
00:10 Changeset [5965] by lwvanels
[mar] This is one of the "dialup derived fixes". It corrects the locking protocol used with /etc/passwd.


15:11 Changeset [5964] by marc
updated to 0.4.5
14:37 Changeset [5963] by lwvanels
[cfields] Don't die if you can't stat person's device; just print that the info is unavailable.
14:29 Changeset [5962] by lwvanels
[bjaspan] added discuss-forward-to-meeting fixed discuss-reply-by-mail a little. replying to a non-mailed trn will send it to the kerberos principal that posted, with a subject of Meeting_Name:[trn#]
14:28 Changeset [5961] by lwvanels
[bjaspan] added init-txt optional arg to discuss-enter, to support discuss- forward-to-meeting
14:24 Changeset [5960] by lwvanels
[tytso] Ripped out caching code which was in version 1; requires edsc protocol version 2.4 or greater, which will take care of the discuss transaction cache. This also solves the problem with edsc spinning occasionally, waiting for input. [changes.74#1612]
14:12 Changeset [5959] by lwvanels
Initial revision
14:00 Changeset [5958] by lwvanels
[tytso] Fixed problem where if there's a seg fault in the cache flush code, edsc will spin forever trying to call the cache flush subroutine from the crash handler. Also conditionalized the signal handlers to make it easier to compile on other systems. [tytso] Modified do_quit() to ignore signals once it starts, to prevent a signal from restarting do_quit(). This causes problems during the cache flush procedure.


07:13 Changeset [5957] by epeisach
Increased optimization level for decmips to 535 to handle change in login.c
07:09 Changeset [5956] by epeisach
[mar] Changes from dialup. 1) If a user is deactivate (kerberos but no hesiod) do not let them login 2) Properly lock /etc/passwd when editing 3) If /etc/passwd got stepped on, create one with just a root entry and complain


14:28 Changeset [5955] by lwvanels
Add documentation for maxine changes


18:06 Changeset [5954] by probe
Detect when attachtab locking fails, and abort...


11:49 Changeset [5953] by lwvanels
Include code to make sure select returned valid fd prevent endless loops


17:12 Changeset [5952] by probe
Removed comments Added description of new -a (all filesystems) Added description of -f Hesiod-name support Revised description of algorithm to describe the default behavior of which filesystems are processed (all writable ones attached by user)
16:27 Changeset [5951] by probe
Changed indentation for readability. Fixed realloc coredump on RISC/6000; missing argument to realloc() calls. Allow for Hesiod-name filesystem specification with -f flag. Changed general semantics: If "-a" is specified, determine quota information for all attached/mounted filesystems. Otherwise, only determine quota information for filesystems attached by the user and are writable at the top-level by the user. Changed various parameters to various routines so that they could be better modularized with less #ifdef's. Moved various routines into separate files (NFS, specifically).
16:26 Changeset [5950] by probe
Various re-structuring of the entire quota program
16:24 Changeset [5949] by probe
Interactions between showquotas() and the AFS routines have changed significantly; the main routines now handle the attachtab parsing and determination of what filesystems should be considered. Fixed bug where quotas were not displayed for fascist directories; needed to set the effective uid to the user before calling pioctl().
16:23 Changeset [5948] by probe
Added attachtab_lookup() routine
16:23 Changeset [5947] by probe
Added decl for attachtab_lookup()
16:22 Changeset [5946] by probe
Initial revision


12:51 Changeset [5945] by probe
RISC/6000 support (7.3s)
12:32 Changeset [5944] by probe
Execute under Athena tcsh (7.3S)


13:35 Changeset [5943] by lwvanels
Fix case where user sends message to logged out consultant, causing crash.


15:59 Changeset [5942] by lwvanels
Put correct version number in Xlogin resource automatically Remove ps/2 support
15:58 Changeset [5941] by lwvanels
Initial revision
15:58 Changeset [5940] by lwvanels
changed version number to ATHENA_VERSION so it can be munched with sed
14:20 Changeset [5939] by lwvanels
Document new -A, -P, and -L commands for getting athena version Add missing documentation on -V flag for RS/6000
14:14 Changeset [5938] by lwvanels
include -DATHENA_VERSION defined appropriately
13:51 Changeset [5937] by lwvanels
Add missing paren Add ATHVERS variable to point to location of verision info file


10:39 Changeset [5936] by lwvanels
Use gecos for "real anem", and trim off the stuff following the comma.


14:28 Changeset [5935] by lwvanels
fix bug with decmips terminal handling after stop/continue
10:39 Changeset [5934] by lwvanels
make sure fd is closed after error in sread/swrite


16:19 Changeset [5933] by lwvanels
Document changes made to machtype to support kn02ba & other new dec processors.
15:58 Changeset [5932] by lwvanels
Initial revision
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