14:33 Changeset [6247] by miki
added Xext lib
13:11 Changeset [6246] by miki
added Xext lib
11:38 Changeset [6245] by miki
added fcntl.h include for Sun
11:37 Changeset [6244] by miki
added alloca.h include for Sun
11:32 Changeset [6243] by miki
Initial revision
11:30 Changeset [6242] by miki
added decl. of sys_errlist for Sun
11:21 Changeset [6241] by miki
attempts can not be declared volatile for Sun
11:02 Changeset [6240] by miki
Sun integration
10:38 Changeset [6239] by miki
Need termlib for Sun
07:45 Changeset [6238] by miki
Sun integration
07:39 Changeset [6237] by miki
Mount call for Sun
07:33 Changeset [6236] by miki
SUN integration (decl. of malloc , NFSCLIENT, MOUNT_UFS and MOUNT_NFS defined)


14:25 Changeset [6235] by miki
added doc as SUBDIR for Sun
14:21 Changeset [6234] by miki
added check for com_err_hook not NULL (from jik)
13:34 Changeset [6233] by miki
Took out declaration of exit for sun
13:33 Changeset [6232] by miki
Initial revision
13:31 Changeset [6231] by miki
Out declaration of exit for Sun
11:34 Changeset [6230] by lwvanels
deal with trailing whitespace after display name in trans_m_i


14:32 Changeset [6229] by mar
Don't complain about attachtab for entries in progress


13:37 Changeset [6228] by mar
don't allow newline in subject line compile under SVR4 rename /usr/spool/discuss/acl to /usr/spool/discuss/cacl for security reasons.
13:30 Changeset [6227] by mar
count length of newlines correctly


13:01 Changeset [6226] by lwvanels
reference through BUILDTOP instead of SRCTOP; /source was depending on zephyr locker copies...
13:00 Changeset [6225] by lwvanels
use BUILDDIR instead of srcdi
12:47 Changeset [6224] by lwvanels
Update help text (old change; in 7.4)
12:47 Changeset [6223] by lwvanels
Bump up Olimit on DS to 600
12:46 Changeset [6222] by lwvanels
reset sigpipe to default before starting child processes so that they don't inherit the SIG_IGN. (old change; in 7.40
12:45 Changeset [6221] by lwvanels
retry gethostbyname if error returned is TRY_AGAIN; nameserver may just be starting up. (old change; in 7.4)
07:46 Changeset [6220] by epeisach
Debugging changes - not compiled into source


14:44 Changeset [6219] by epeisach
Improved changed Makefile and norebuild genertor
14:37 Changeset [6218] by epeisach
Don't Changes such that make Makefiles does not force recompile


19:43 Changeset [6217] by probe
Add a comment describing our use of the "aclient" structure and when it is used (its code position affects the AFS ID when tokens are replaced).
19:39 Changeset [6216] by probe
Reduces load on ptserver when identical tokens already exist Fixes bug that does not reset "username" (AFS ID) when replacing tokens
13:27 Changeset [6215] by lwvanels
don't hardcode in /etc/srvtab; use KEYFILE define instead


13:03 Changeset [6214] by epeisach
Had the ifdef backwards. Use unset only on RS/6000


08:30 Changeset [6213] by epeisach
AIX only should have the unset


13:57 Changeset [6212] by jis
Bugfix so that GDSS_Sign() works if tickets aren't already present
13:01 Changeset [6211] by jis
Add Hesiod support
11:17 Changeset [6210] by probe
Don't force identical tokens into cache manager unless -force is used
09:01 Changeset [6209] by lwvanels
don't assume /tmp on same partition as /usr/athena/lib/olc/motd.


11:53 Changeset [6208] by lwvanels
Swapping uids not necessary, and in fact wrong thing to do under AFS for Ultrix. The way access behaves on various platforms for NFS and AFS is very strange- test your code first!


10:35 Changeset [6207] by lwvanels
Added ifdefs for SILENT


00:49 Changeset [6206] by marc
fix for protect("@@>)}]");
00:03 Changeset [6205] by marc
fix for protect("@@>)}]");


14:22 Changeset [6204] by lwvanels
Print a warning if there is a problem opening attachtab look in /etc/athena/attach.conf for potential alt. loc of attachtab (lots of whitespace changes) probe rel-eng #2880
14:20 Changeset [6203] by lwvanels
Do access() calls with euid set to user, other minor fixes by probe (lots of grat. whitespace changes) probe rel-eng #2880
14:17 Changeset [6202] by lwvanels
make location of AFS include files/libraries depend on UseInstalled.


13:12 Changeset [6201] by lwvanels
don't reconfigure AFS state if not an AFS client probe testers #2102
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