15:35 Changeset [6305] by lwvanels
changes from TJ Watson for "next" question button.
15:27 Changeset [6304] by lwvanels
(match_maker) reverse test so "on" priorities work as advertized..
15:26 Changeset [6303] by lwvanels
add URGENT to list of statuses (stati?) so that a debugging message isn't printed when they're in the queue..


15:57 Changeset [6302] by lwvanels
whups- that fubar wasn't supposed to be there..
13:00 Changeset [6301] by lwvanels
replaced is_specialty macro with a function.
13:00 Changeset [6300] by lwvanels
added is_specialty function to replace faulty macro.


17:32 Changeset [6299] by probe
libs.a was caching incorrect/incomplete group data for the user. Various flushing was added so that setpcred() will properly initialize the user's grouplist.
12:06 Changeset [6298] by probe
Re-worked some of the code since setpcred() is in charge of adjusting the process credentials.
11:51 Changeset [6297] by probe
Security fix; setuidx() doesn't reset the privilege vector
11:06 Changeset [6296] by probe
Security fix; setuidx() doesn't reset the privilege vectors


08:55 Changeset [6295] by probe
Missing {} which broke the ability to have -<cell> in SuidCells.local.
08:29 Changeset [6294] by lwvanels
Initial revision
08:17 Changeset [6293] by lwvanels
saber complains about pure assignment statements in ifs-
08:16 Changeset [6292] by lwvanels
*** empty log message ***
08:09 Changeset [6291] by lwvanels
host_not_losing): client_deregister free's client structure, so call to server_kill_clt should be called first.
08:06 Changeset [6290] by lwvanels
removed useless ops in client_deregister- client & clients are both local to the routine, so setting them to null before returning is pointless.


18:25 Changeset [6289] by probe
Don't want to advertise -force (temporary hack)


09:43 Changeset [6288] by lwvanels
add posix signal handling.
09:41 Changeset [6287] by lwvanels
add -n "send default" flag.
09:40 Changeset [6286] by lwvanels
fix spelling error get rid of grat. error messages if any data read/wrote, reset loop counter to zero.


11:36 Changeset [6285] by miki
Added Sun for the making of fonts


15:13 Changeset [6284] by lwvanels
fix leak in ZLocateUser
09:48 Changeset [6283] by lwvanels
removed extra definitions of malloc/calloc cast functions appropriately
09:24 Changeset [6282] by lwvanels
fix leaks in ulogin_setup and ulogin_find
09:23 Changeset [6281] by lwvanels
added support for debugging malloc
09:21 Changeset [6280] by lwvanels
fix leak in client_deregister


19:57 Changeset [6279] by lwvanels
add defs of unlinked and unlink_gram
19:50 Changeset [6278] by lwvanels
remove C++ stuff fix ZRequestLocations prototype (jfc's changes)
19:47 Changeset [6277] by lwvanels
Initial support for AIX; mostly signal handling and SRCMGR stuff.
19:47 Changeset [6276] by lwvanels
Ifdef additional stuff out on Z_DEBUG make sure to cast results of malloc (jfc's change)
19:44 Changeset [6275] by lwvanels
move definition of wait_for_hmack to be local to file instead of function (jfc's change)


11:17 Changeset [6274] by lwvanels
fixed typo with BUILDDIR; removed extra dependency on y.tab.c (removed in build by default rules)


08:15 Changeset [6273] by lwvanels
fix off-by-one error in sorting routine reported by jik
08:13 Changeset [6272] by lwvanels
added nec. space to nonexistant destinations file warning.


10:18 Changeset [6271] by lwvanels
add missing continue to fix coredump on DS/Sun..


07:32 Changeset [6270] by epeisach
Don't use sigmask as a variable name due to conflicting defines


23:06 Changeset [6269] by probe
Added POSIX signal handling
23:05 Changeset [6268] by probe
Added POSIX signal handling Changed SIGCONT action to restart section of code since the read() may return EINTR.
12:11 Changeset [6267] by probe
Reset the TERM variable that may have already been in the environment; Ultrix sets too much in the environment that can mess up remote logins.


15:23 Changeset [6266] by probe
Removed crufty OLD_KERBEROS define (doesn't entirely work) The compatibility routine has been renamed within the compatibility module
15:22 Changeset [6265] by probe
Illegal #endif format
15:20 Changeset [6264] by probe
Document that "fsid" will accept filesystem names without the -f option
15:20 Changeset [6263] by probe
Renamed Kerberos compatibility routines to match new-style names
15:18 Changeset [6262] by probe
AIX doesn't have vfork() either
15:18 Changeset [6261] by probe
Added POSIX file locking
15:16 Changeset [6260] by probe
Allow "fsid" to take a filesystem name instead of a server (Compatibility define enables the checking of both) Also, added POSIX signal handling.
15:16 Changeset [6259] by probe
Corrected some comments Combined identical ifdef's Added compatibility define.
13:49 Changeset [6258] by epeisach
a) Missing argument to setenv in setting kerberos ticket file b) Ultrix has PATH set comming into login from rlogind. Clobber the existing PATH no matter what. (security concern as well)
09:26 Changeset [6257] by probe
Took out extraneous OLD_KERBEROS ifdef (not properly working)
09:25 Changeset [6256] by probe
Accomodate POSIX-style signal handling and file locking Added parse_groupname() call, similar to parse_username() call for future use
09:24 Changeset [6255] by probe
Accomodate POSIX-style signal handling


11:57 Changeset [6254] by epeisach
Disable logging


12:35 Changeset [6253] by miki
Changed cpp for Sun
11:54 Changeset [6252] by miki
Sun integration
11:51 Changeset [6251] by miki
included fcntl.h for sun
10:52 Changeset [6250] by miki
Ported to sun (getlocalquota not existent )
10:40 Changeset [6249] by miki
ported to Sun


06:38 Changeset [6248] by miki
Sun port
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