13:02 Changeset [6989] by cfields
Initial xterm() callback for /srvd/patch version of dash, 7.6.


07:45 Changeset [6988] by probe
Patch level 4.
07:29 Changeset [6987] by probe
New project rules semantics.


13:08 Changeset [6986] by probe
Automatic buffer was being returned which meant possible garbage values. The automatic variables were changed to static variables. [epeisach]
13:07 Changeset [6985] by probe
Fixed hostent comparison
09:18 Changeset [6984] by epeisach
Use stdarg for OSF/1
09:17 Changeset [6983] by epeisach
Don't provide a prototype for perror on OSF machines - the header files should.


10:19 Changeset [6982] by epeisach
Declare dn_skip as static at top. (ANSI)
10:07 Changeset [6981] by epeisach
Under POSIX include stdlib.h for malloc definitions Include hesiod.h so hes_resolve() is as referenced from hesiod.h (in case we ever have prototypes)
10:06 Changeset [6980] by epeisach
Include hesiod.h to define hes_resolve() NextPWField was first defined as char* and then static. Made consistant. (ANSI compilers assume the first reference is to an external version)
08:02 Changeset [6979] by epeisach
Under POSIX, include stdlib.h so that calloc/getenv defined properly for the OS. Also, allow header files in current directory to define the return type for hes_resolve and _resolve (instead of redefing)
04:17 Changeset [6978] by probe
Use memmove [ANSI] instead of bcopy, except on the platforms where we don't have memmove.
04:16 Changeset [6977] by probe
ANSI says to use strchr, and even the BSD systems have this function.


10:36 Changeset [6976] by mar
include string.h instead of strings.h


08:48 Changeset [6975] by epeisach
For create_dir specify the rule as dir:: to allow the same directory to be specified by multiple rules. (as in the case of the top level Imakefile)
06:30 Changeset [6974] by vrt
Changed the wording in error message from would't to couldn't. This is netprob bug 439.


23:38 Changeset [6973] by probe
Removed unused/obsolete cruft
23:35 Changeset [6972] by probe
New Athena rules concerning projects... some re-organization performed. Install makespools on all platforms (just not always in /etc) Removed unused cruft.
22:41 Changeset [6971] by probe
Changed how Projects are declared. (Read the full comment in the source for a description of how projects are handled and how to specify additional rules files or how to reference the directories within the project).
22:41 Changeset [6970] by probe
Reversed the order of $(IFLAGS) and $(IPROJ)


15:03 Changeset [6969] by epeisach
acl_abort should be declared static at top of the file before first reference which assumes it is external. (SGI/Alpha compiler gotcha)


17:51 Changeset [6968] by probe
Under AIX, allow for full dumps if a SEGV signal is received. Fixed some uninitialized data and freeing of unallocated memory.
17:51 Changeset [6967] by probe
POSIX signal handling
16:33 Changeset [6966] by probe
Remove temporary file before exiting [zbugs 0497: mhpower]
16:11 Changeset [6965] by probe
Added ATRIA.COM realm [jtkohl]


08:47 Changeset [6964] by probe
Install all the Transcript server software.
08:10 Changeset [6963]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ATH7_6'.
08:10 Changeset [6962] by probe
POSIX lseek uses SEEK_END.


12:30 Changeset [6961] by probe
Better random server choosing code.
12:29 Changeset [6960] by probe
Better random server choosing code. Refresh server list upon HUP signal.
12:21 Changeset [6959] by probe
Removed "s" from ether mailer rule (we don't want to strip quotes here)
11:26 Changeset [6958] by cfields
Fix-trackers 2921
11:13 Changeset [6957] by cfields
Fix-trackers 2901


02:06 Changeset [6956] by probe
Initial revision
01:49 Changeset [6955] by probe
Initial revision
01:35 Changeset [6954] by probe
Initial revision
01:04 Changeset [6953]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'unlabeled-1.1.1'.
01:04 Changeset [6952] by probe
Initial revision
00:09 Changeset [6951] by probe
Initial revision


23:25 Changeset [6950] by probe
Initial revision
23:11 Changeset [6949] by probe
Initial revision
22:50 Changeset [6948] by probe
Initial revision
22:43 Changeset [6947] by probe
Initial revision
22:37 Changeset [6946] by probe
Initial revision
22:23 Changeset [6945] by probe
Initial revision


17:16 Changeset [6944] by probe
Separate Athena programs on platforms other than BSD & Ultrix.
15:59 Changeset [6943] by probe
Initial revision
15:42 Changeset [6942] by probe
Don't hard-code the path (especially when it is already in the config file)
15:04 Changeset [6941] by probe
Removed LAPS, as that belongs in .options (LPS40 specific)
15:00 Changeset [6940] by probe
Build/install lps40comm. Renamed hpduplex to duplex2, since it is a general PS-2 duplex filter
14:55 Changeset [6939] by probe
Build the HP printer utilities (hpduplex, hpcomm, psbanner)
14:53 Changeset [6938] by probe
Added HPLJ ivSiMX support, and better Milan support [darrin] Parse .spooler file (if it exists) for per-queue specifications.
14:52 Changeset [6937] by probe
Support the -P <printer> option Removed the kludges for the LPS40 (they belong in the .options file)
14:22 Changeset [6936] by probe
Changed kerberize_cf() to fixup_cf() and call it ALWAYS. We use this routine to insert the "q" card which specifies the queue name as was given to us from the client. This allows us to do per-queue processing (such as duplex printing). (The Kerberos specific portions of fixup_cf are under #ifdef KERBEROS)
14:21 Changeset [6935] by probe
Changed names globally to reduce #ifdef's (for Solaris port) Added card "q" for queue-name. Pass -P <printer/queue name> to the IF and OF programs.
14:20 Changeset [6934] by probe
Changed names globally to reduce #ifdef's (req'd by Solaris port) Avoid printing information about a queue twice with "lpq -l" (missing else)
14:19 Changeset [6933] by probe
Corrected some POSIX ifdef's; with POSIX termio, we shouldn't use TIOCGETP.
14:14 Changeset [6932] by probe
Reduced the #ifdef's by globally changing names (req'd by Solaris port)


09:32 Changeset [6931] by probe
In R5, certain structures of the Display structure are private, so we should use the appropriate routines to extract the information. These routines have existed since at least X11R3...
09:10 Changeset [6930] by cfields
Would like a real log. World checkin 94.
05:23 Changeset [6929] by thorne
moved file location so mot in /usr/athena/lib.
05:22 Changeset [6928] by thorne
changes locations of file so not in /usr/athena/lib
05:20 Changeset [6927] by thorne
changed locations to /var/server because /usr/athena/lib..... was a bad place to keep things when using a makesrv.
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