07:13 Changeset [6990] by cfields
/srvd/patch/dash again: remove xterm() callback, add something wholly grosser but more useful for the same purpose. (Purpose being "xterm -e olc" for example will have echoe on its tty.)


13:02 Changeset [6989] by cfields
Initial xterm() callback for /srvd/patch version of dash, 7.6.


07:45 Changeset [6988] by probe
Patch level 4.
07:29 Changeset [6987] by probe
New project rules semantics.


13:08 Changeset [6986] by probe
Automatic buffer was being returned which meant possible garbage values. The automatic variables were changed to static variables. [epeisach]
13:07 Changeset [6985] by probe
Fixed hostent comparison
09:18 Changeset [6984] by epeisach
Use stdarg for OSF/1
09:17 Changeset [6983] by epeisach
Don't provide a prototype for perror on OSF machines - the header files should.


10:19 Changeset [6982] by epeisach
Declare dn_skip as static at top. (ANSI)
10:07 Changeset [6981] by epeisach
Under POSIX include stdlib.h for malloc definitions Include hesiod.h so hes_resolve() is as referenced from hesiod.h (in case we ever have prototypes)
10:06 Changeset [6980] by epeisach
Include hesiod.h to define hes_resolve() NextPWField was first defined as char* and then static. Made consistant. (ANSI compilers assume the first reference is to an external version)
08:02 Changeset [6979] by epeisach
Under POSIX, include stdlib.h so that calloc/getenv defined properly for the OS. Also, allow header files in current directory to define the return type for hes_resolve and _resolve (instead of redefing)
04:17 Changeset [6978] by probe
Use memmove [ANSI] instead of bcopy, except on the platforms where we don't have memmove.
04:16 Changeset [6977] by probe
ANSI says to use strchr, and even the BSD systems have this function.


10:36 Changeset [6976] by mar
include string.h instead of strings.h


08:48 Changeset [6975] by epeisach
For create_dir specify the rule as dir:: to allow the same directory to be specified by multiple rules. (as in the case of the top level Imakefile)
06:30 Changeset [6974] by vrt
Changed the wording in error message from would't to couldn't. This is netprob bug 439.


23:38 Changeset [6973] by probe
Removed unused/obsolete cruft
23:35 Changeset [6972] by probe
New Athena rules concerning projects... some re-organization performed. Install makespools on all platforms (just not always in /etc) Removed unused cruft.
22:41 Changeset [6971] by probe
Changed how Projects are declared. (Read the full comment in the source for a description of how projects are handled and how to specify additional rules files or how to reference the directories within the project).
22:41 Changeset [6970] by probe
Reversed the order of $(IFLAGS) and $(IPROJ)


15:03 Changeset [6969] by epeisach
acl_abort should be declared static at top of the file before first reference which assumes it is external. (SGI/Alpha compiler gotcha)


17:51 Changeset [6968] by probe
Under AIX, allow for full dumps if a SEGV signal is received. Fixed some uninitialized data and freeing of unallocated memory.
17:51 Changeset [6967] by probe
POSIX signal handling
16:33 Changeset [6966] by probe
Remove temporary file before exiting [zbugs 0497: mhpower]
16:11 Changeset [6965] by probe
Added ATRIA.COM realm [jtkohl]


08:47 Changeset [6964] by probe
Install all the Transcript server software.
08:10 Changeset [6963]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ATH7_6'.
08:10 Changeset [6962] by probe
POSIX lseek uses SEEK_END.


12:30 Changeset [6961] by probe
Better random server choosing code.
12:29 Changeset [6960] by probe
Better random server choosing code. Refresh server list upon HUP signal.
12:21 Changeset [6959] by probe
Removed "s" from ether mailer rule (we don't want to strip quotes here)
11:26 Changeset [6958] by cfields
Fix-trackers 2921
11:13 Changeset [6957] by cfields
Fix-trackers 2901
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