11:17 Changeset [7117] by vrt
added solaris to the machines that need sys/select.h
10:27 Changeset [7116] by vrt
added ifdef for solaris for _POSIX_SOURCE
10:12 Changeset [7115] by cfields
gdss test moved to "test" target 7.7 checkin; changes by vrt
10:01 Changeset [7114] by vrt
added #include fcntl.h
09:58 Changeset [7113] by vrt
#include <fcntl.h>
09:55 Changeset [7112] by vrt
added #include fcntl.h
09:55 Changeset [7111] by brlewis
cut out inessential stuff for clearer presentation


03:27 Changeset [7110] by vrt
Initial revision
03:07 Changeset [7109] by vrt
Initial revision


10:16 Changeset [7108] by vrt
defining posix did not solve the problem of make depend but seting the flag to solaris did.
10:15 Changeset [7107] by vrt
solaris does nothave machineio/vdreg.h
10:12 Changeset [7106] by vrt
added ifdefs around sys/dir.h for posix.
10:10 Changeset [7105] by vrt
added ${CFLAGS} to the makedepend line


15:03 Changeset [7104] by cfields
Clean up a stray alarm. This was being passed to newly execed images causing premature logouts.


08:58 Changeset [7103] by brlewis
Initial revision


10:28 Changeset [7102] by probe
Don't try to declare system functions - let the header files do it.


11:08 Changeset [7101] by probe
The lock file needs to be opened for read/write, not just write.
05:56 Changeset [7100] by miki
Now sendmail is run after a sleep which is different from machine to machine (depends on the ADDR = IP address of the machine
05:45 Changeset [7099] by miki
Added the HOST and ADDR variables, to be like all the other machines and because the variables are used in the installation script phase2.sh.
05:36 Changeset [7098] by miki
Be careful to have 600 as permission on /etc/shadow ; if SENDMAIL is true start sendmail
05:27 Changeset [7097] by miki
When removing an entry from /etc/shadow, do not change the mode from 600 to 644.
05:20 Changeset [7096] by miki
Fixed the set..uid for Solaris. Solaris does not provide a setruid or seteuid and provides a flaky BSD emulation setreuid.
05:13 Changeset [7095] by miki
Added a non-verbose mode for machtype -r (disk information)


04:56 Changeset [7094] by probe
Check file descriptor, not errno, after fopen
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