13:58 Changeset [7427] by brlewis
added -safe option (same as -xaF)
12:23 Changeset [7426] by miki
For Solaris - the X server could never be killed with SIGKILL (leaves the kbd in a mess)
11:14 Changeset [7425] by miki
went back to 1.1 version of it (7.6 release)
10:44 Changeset [7424] by vrt
do not build the release -O
09:56 Changeset [7423] by vrt
build the release without -O
09:50 Changeset [7422] by vrt
find the xt library
09:35 Changeset [7421] by vrt
build the release without -O for the rs6k ,
08:54 Changeset [7420] by cfields
It's ok and desirable for fsid to get the -q option. Move the option zapper after it.


05:15 Changeset [7419] by miki
more fixes for font path changes by Solaris


13:23 Changeset [7418] by miki
replaced ladm and lmail by lbsd for Solaris as I backed out the replacement of regex function
13:23 Changeset [7417] by miki
replaces index by strchr
13:21 Changeset [7416] by miki
changed back setuid to setreuid because it did not work
06:41 Changeset [7415] by cfields
Added -installman, to do install.man everywhere. Added -zap, required to do the newfs for the DECstation.
05:30 Changeset [7414] by cfields
it's -> its
02:47 Changeset [7413] by cfields
Build & install perl before TeX. (Bert wrote a perl script for TeX to check trip/trap output.) Install afs.
02:06 Changeset [7412] by cfields
Changes from source tree migration.


22:28 Changeset [7411] by cfields
Changed | true to || true. Changed ph file generation. More correct with respect to destdir, also installs athena ph files. Does not do the right thing with symlinks.
19:14 Changeset [7410] by cfields
Mark's changes for generating ph files in perl.
08:54 Changeset [7409] by cfields
Install perl.
07:22 Changeset [7408] by brlewis
From: ericldab@ai.mit.edu (Eric McDonald) Currently, the extern variable "dst_realm_sz" is defined as a char, when in fact it is defined as an int in /mit/telnet/src/telnet/libtelnet/kerberos.c. This causes the "-k" option to fail on this SunOS 4.1.3, and possibly on other platforms (because the strncpy() copies zero bytes). Following is a patch to correct this bug.
05:24 Changeset [7407] by cfields
Moved nfsc to decmips packages from etcs. Added "-install" option. Currently must come before the other optional arg, place to start build. Can be specified together, as in wisk.sh -install athena/bin/discuss Removed explicit mkdir's in favor of making in a new /build/setup directory (based on the original top-level Imakefile that was lost in the source migration). Split tex case from decmips case because decmips now does an install from its include directory before building. Don't make depend in zephyr if building on decmips. Apparently make is too smart for its own good on this platform.


11:14 Changeset [7406] by cfields
But declare it if ZEPHYR isn't defined. This is not the best fix necessarily, but it's known safe to me.
11:04 Changeset [7405] by cfields
Zephyr headers now include stdlib.h, so we don't need to declare malloc. (char * conflicts with void *)


14:55 Changeset [7404] by cfields
A zephyr header file was changed to include stdlib.h. This malloc gets declared as void *, conflicting with char * of course, and building this fails. I don't think any of those externs are not now taken care of by header files. We should probably explicitly include stdlib.h here now that I think about it. But someone else can take care of it. I'm leaving.
13:45 Changeset [7403] by cfields
Oops. In too big a hurry. Missed #endif.
13:44 Changeset [7402] by cfields
Oooh. Subtle. This needs nsyslog too.
05:40 Changeset [7401] by miki
New name_to_sysnum from Solaris merged with afs entry


10:49 Changeset [7400] by vrt
the rs6000 does not like to have stuff redeclared.
10:14 Changeset [7399] by vrt
had to add sig_zero to dm.c as a global for miki's posix changes.
10:01 Changeset [7398] by cfields
If argv[1] exists, start at the packaged named by it.
08:26 Changeset [7397] by cfields
third/suppored/tex --> third/supported/tex How frustrating a typo!


09:53 Changeset [7396] by vrt
start of solaris 2.3 configuration
07:08 Changeset [7395] by miki
start Athena's inetd and cp for PUBLIC /srvd/etc/athena/inetd.conf at start
06:25 Changeset [7394] by miki
Initial revision
06:24 Changeset [7393] by miki
Is changed to be the Sun inetd.conf; Most of the normal services are run by athena inetd using inetd.conf.athena
06:05 Changeset [7392] by vrt
pass number one at having switched and unswitched/


18:42 Changeset [7391] by cfields
TeX doesn't all do make depend, at least not now. Needs synctree for font install.
15:25 Changeset [7390] by cfields
Yay! DESTDIR is finally in the right location!
13:13 Changeset [7389] by cfields
Fixes for emacs build. Fixes for dash build.
12:36 Changeset [7388] by cfields
Change in _PATH_LOGIN for hpux. 7.7 checkin; changes by brlewis
10:06 Changeset [7387] by vrt
Solaris needs to have hostinfo installed in sbin as well as /usr/ahtena/bin
09:52 Changeset [7386] by vrt
the font path changed by solaris from 2.1 to 2.3 and the name of the Xserver changed.
06:38 Changeset [7385] by cfields
Needed to make /bin/athena Changed all bombs to "We bombed in" for easier grepping.


16:12 Changeset [7384] by cfields
Earlier mkdirs of /usr/athena Early install of nfsmapctl.h Rehashing after installs syslog doesn't appear to have been configured to build correctly. makedepend hacked in early mkdirhier copied in early move $machine to end, since it appears to have dependencies, for now, but do resolv earlier since it's needed for hesiod. exit -1 when we should much of this was done in light of dependencies not seen by prior build methods.


09:21 Changeset [7383] by cfields
Changed a couple of /srvd's to $SRVD. setup debugging Working on make in decmips.


12:10 Changeset [7382] by brlewis
reverse-resolution for kerberos functions


05:56 Changeset [7381] by vrt
added start dm


13:57 Changeset [7380] by cfields
get strings.h 7.7 checkin; changes by vrt /
11:13 Changeset [7379] by cfields
include strings.h on sun change by vrt 7.7 checkin
10:42 Changeset [7378] by cfields
Added tex... Maybe it'll work!
09:15 Changeset [7377] by vrt
added a $end to do the dotfiles and the configuration /


17:00 Changeset [7376] by cfields
Description of new option lacked explanation of motivation for the particular implementation.
12:28 Changeset [7375] by cfields
Updated man page to reflect script; it was quite out of date. Added documentation on new -prelogin option. Updated last change date. Tweaked some formatting.
10:35 Changeset [7374] by cfields
Documented new reactivation behavior, and a little more of the original reactivate behavior. Documented an old bug. Added reactivate to See Also section. Updated last change date and copyright.


12:03 Changeset [7373] by cfields
Let's give setpag a shot for Solaris 2.3...
11:58 Changeset [7372] by cfields
Let's give setpag a shot under Solaris 2.3...
11:17 Changeset [7371] by cfields
Added support for xcluster install.
11:16 Changeset [7370] by cfields
Remove xterm hackery. We should be able to fix this with an appropriate stty (or better) elsewhere.


05:53 Changeset [7369] by vrt
changed zephry to use the lowercase world


13:50 Changeset [7368] by cfields
Added tinkerbell for sun4. Changed tabbing.
12:09 Changeset [7367] by cfields
Added make install for dash (it works now, probably) Removed xcluster from bins since it's under dash now.
11:44 Changeset [7366] by vrt
Initial revision
11:43 Changeset [7365] by cfields
R5 supports DESTDIR - we don't need to hack it in anymore!


12:04 Changeset [7364] by cfields
Removed bug-for-bug compatibility with R4 version for bsd. Sigh. This script does some really dumb things.
11:25 Changeset [7363] by cfields
test -x is not portable. Use -r.
11:21 Changeset [7362] by cfields
Initial revision


09:18 Changeset [7361] by vrt
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r7360, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
09:18 Changeset [7360] by vrt
added -traditional for solaris gcc
08:48 Changeset [7359] by cfields
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r7358, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
08:48 Changeset [7358] by cfields
Cleaner directory defs


18:53 Changeset [7357] by cfields
Added instance and realm to error messages. 7.7 checkin; changes by brlewis


12:25 Changeset [7356] by brlewis
AIX xlc picky about function redecl
12:25 Changeset [7355] by brlewis
kludge in newer nroff macros
12:24 Changeset [7354] by brlewis
changes for AIX and Solaris
12:22 Changeset [7353] by brlewis
POSIX sez: #include <termios.h>
12:21 Changeset [7352] by brlewis
Initial revision
11:58 Changeset [7351] by brlewis
Initial revision
11:57 Changeset [7350] by brlewis
improved error trapping
11:55 Changeset [7349] by brlewis
added installs
11:55 Changeset [7348] by brlewis
adjustments of Solaris libraries
11:52 Changeset [7347] by brlewis
changed to use /usr/athena/lib instead of /usr/share
11:51 Changeset [7346] by brlewis
no change
11:50 Changeset [7345] by brlewis
*** empty log message ***
11:50 Changeset [7344] by brlewis
zero initial contents of structure
11:50 Changeset [7343] by brlewis
tightened up code
11:49 Changeset [7342] by brlewis
preserve file protection mode
11:49 Changeset [7341] by brlewis
attach code
11:49 Changeset [7340] by brlewis
took out debugging printfs
11:48 Changeset [7339] by brlewis
new #defines
11:47 Changeset [7338] by brlewis
added boundaries to simplify check for non-fatal error
11:46 Changeset [7337] by brlewis
more source code! another error table!
10:59 Changeset [7336] by cfields
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r7335, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
10:59 Changeset [7335] by cfields
Mark's changes for installing R5 on the packs.


10:45 Changeset [7334] by brlewis
changes for AIX
10:13 Changeset [7333] by brlewis
added code to append passwd line
07:40 Changeset [7332] by cfields
Include strings.h for all platforms, not just Solaris.
07:35 Changeset [7331] by brlewis
Initial revision
07:28 Changeset [7330] by brlewis
Initial revision
05:38 Changeset [7329] by miki
replaced index(rindex) with strchr(strrchr).
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