23:10 Changeset [7783] by cfields
Renamed mom to lert. Added some comments about it.
23:10 Changeset [7782] by cfields
Renamed mom to lert.
22:56 Changeset [7781] by cfields
A better idea for running mom.
20:38 Changeset [7780] by cfields
Initial revision
20:20 Changeset [7779] by cfields
Initial revision


23:39 Changeset [7778] by cfields
Initial revision


09:17 Changeset [7777] by cfields
Initial revision
08:11 Changeset [7776] by cfields
Initial revision
06:23 Changeset [7775] by cfields
KRB5 changes from Richard.
04:24 Changeset [7774] by cfields
The wrong idea for mom.
04:20 Changeset [7773] by cfields
Added mom support. When I'm not so annoyed, merge this with login and get it over with.
03:22 Changeset [7772] by cfields
NGROUPS fix that should have gone in here in the last release, or sooner.
02:44 Changeset [7771] by cfields
Exit status bugfix. Maybe more.
02:25 Changeset [7770] by cfields
Initial revision


02:44 Changeset [7769] by cfields
Initial revision
02:27 Changeset [7768] by cfields
Unify the Xsession script. Conditionalized stty sane | dec. (Needed at all for non-DEC?) xmodmap a file if it exists.
01:15 Changeset [7767] by cfields
Missed a v5 kdestroy. Fixed a stupid Craig bug.


16:31 Changeset [7766] by cfields
Initial revision


17:52 Changeset [7765] by cfields
Dubious support for mom.
17:46 Changeset [7764] by cfields
chown krb5cc on all platforms, not just Solaris.


07:30 Changeset [7763] by cfields
Initial revision
05:50 Changeset [7762]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'unlabeled-1.72.1'.
05:50 Changeset [7761] by cfields
Added support for /etc/nocrack (don't put passwords in any user visible password files if it exists). Ripped out _IBMR2 crap. We don't build this on the RS6K. Removed superfluous code for Solaris. Fixed umask bug q&d for now.
03:45 Changeset [7760] by cfields
s.b. stty sane, though I don't know that it makes a difference in this context (like, could it be removed altogether?) Workaround an xterm bug with Alt not working as Meta. We should do this another way, and merge all these damn Xsession files. Partly, see [3358] in rel-eng. But I don't feel like dealing with it right now.
03:09 Changeset [7759] by cfields
Largely reconciled this rc file with rc.athena on the DECstation. It apparently had been originally based on 7.tom, which was in turn based on 7.2; a little crusty for a 7.6 first-release rc. file. I noticed a couple of bug fixes in here that ought to go back to the DECstation... And no doubt the RS/6000; the RS/6000 may also have contributions to make. Clean up LOTS of white space. Tabbed it like DECstation. Removed 8 spaces of indentation since they are mainly useful for making the file unreadable and not very useful for indicating structure. Some detail... Fixed to look in /etc/athena/gettime instead of /etc/gettime; error message if not found (same as DEC). Added password cleanup code, per DEC. Changed to include shadow, shadow.local. Removed password hash stuff, since I don't see that the done actually can do it anyway. Added group cleanup code. Mighty useful for keeping you from losing your tokens when an update causes NGROUPS to shrink. Per DEC. Added code to start AFS server, in prep for the day when we can do it. Per DEC. Commented out while block of code that doesn't run fsid -p -a; no point in echoing that it's doing something that it isn't. I don't know whether this program has actually been fixed yet... Moved "echo done" to more appropriate spot in syslib attach. The Sun here has a fix that should propagate elsewhere.
02:13 Changeset [7758] by cfields
Tidied white space a little. Run track now, and say so too. Out for a part of beta 7.7Jan...


22:14 Changeset [7757] by cfields
Initial revision
22:00 Changeset [7756] by cfields
Initial revision


18:47 Changeset [7755] by cfields
Initial revision


23:52 Changeset [7754] by cfields
Added /etc/nocrack support.
23:47 Changeset [7753] by cfields
This change probably causes add to fail a test or two; that's good because it can server as a reminder that we don't ultimately want this change here. It's only here to keep error messages from popping up due to un-updated workstations running on new packs. There are also changes in cshrc and cshrc.solaris that want to be backed out someday.
23:06 Changeset [7752] by cfields
Translate hesiod lpr info to PRINTER environment variable for the benefit of Hesiod unaware software.
17:40 Changeset [7751] by cfields
Recognizing ATHENA_SYS always has a fallback value now, it's no longer necessary to ever test for its existence. ghudson's hack to handle /mit/locker/$bindir has been added, and also sets things up so there's always a value for $bindir.
01:32 Changeset [7750] by cfields
Added machtype -S.


19:13 Changeset [7749] by cfields
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