05:38 Changeset [8027] by cfields
Initial revision


19:53 Changeset [8026] by cfields
The change not to descend into rpc was incorrect. We must always descend there, for a particular object file to appear in a particular library..
19:43 Changeset [8025] by cfields
Build rpc only for Ultrix. (Switched sense of ifdef, no longer explicitly excluding other platforms.)
17:32 Changeset [8024] by cfields
Don't descend into rpcgen unless we're Ultrix. (This change implicitly adds SGI and all future platforms to the previous list that didn't descend. The r1.3 log should read as the r1.2 log did, only for Sun rather than RS6000.)
17:22 Changeset [8023] by cfields
Certain accounts (such as register) do not want to allow the user to ignore customizations (such as captive shells). Therefore, if the file .noignore exists in the home directory, force a customized session.


20:34 Changeset [8022] by cfields
Change `ugly hack' to use machtype rather than sysinfo, since machtype now has the functionality and is faster.
20:33 Changeset [8021] by cfields
Change constant 128 to OBP_ARCH. Add CPU_SUN4M_50 to switch for Sparc 20.
17:47 Changeset [8020] by cfields
Shadow password stuff was half ifdefed SOLARIS, half SYSV. Made it all SYSV.
17:39 Changeset [8019] by cfields
Put the -x's back (had been substituted by -r's) because Irix lpr is not readable. Then, make it moot by testing for /usr/athena/bin/lpr first; but also test for Ultrix, since lpr is in ucb there and we need to avoid the -x that Ultrix 4.2a test doesn't have.
17:24 Changeset [8018] by cfields
Initial revision
17:23 Changeset [8017] by cfields
Externalize get_processes() to sgi.c for SGI. SGI also has USER_PROCESS stuff in utmp, so ignore it. Move some stuff sgi.c needs into cleanup.h.
03:54 Changeset [8016] by cfields
Don't include timeb.h. (Don't need it anyway.)
00:56 Changeset [8015] by cfields
Complete the POSIXification. Removed compiler warnings for gcc. Put Ultrix code back in that had been removed. Should now run correctly for both Ultrix and Solaris. Just need to make an Imakefile.
00:55 Changeset [8014] by cfields
Don't link with libucb! It works rather better this way.


16:20 Changeset [8013] by cfields
Initial revision
15:35 Changeset [8012] by cfields
Change /build to $BUILD.
15:33 Changeset [8011] by cfields
Broke out top and emacs-18.


22:42 Changeset [8010] by cfields
One option that works... Checking it in because I abandoned it one for a false path. (Fix to work on SGI, whose lpr is not -r but is -x.)


17:50 Changeset [8009] by cfields
Changes to use a proper gcc under Solaris. White space cleanup. CCFLAGS should NOT have -I/usr/include. Move AfsDir to /build/transarc, since we don't actually install it on public machines.


19:52 Changeset [8008] by cfields
Add support for .build files. Start removing special casing in the script in favor of those. Make install default to using root ownership (INSTOPT). Add emacs19. Copy in mkdirhier sooner. Don't run X.csh on SGI. Fix the check for the build of the K5 libs.
18:50 Changeset [8007] by cfields
Generalize the outside call to strip and support Irix. Only define strdup for Ultrix. Change defined(mips) to defined(ultrix). ifdef the internal strip() on Ultrix or RS/6000, so we don't have to change it unless we add support.
16:43 Changeset [8006] by cfields
Add AFS for sgi. Add desync to build. Add more visible header for each package. Fail correctly for tcsh6 errors. Install mwm manually during motif install. (?) Put transarc stuff in /build/transarc instead of /usr/transarc.


13:48 Changeset [8005] by cfields
Initial revision


19:24 Changeset [8004] by cfields
Initial revision
16:25 Changeset [8003] by cfields
Change of includes related to different building of libMu, I think. (vrt)
16:22 Changeset [8002] by cfields
Initial revision
16:18 Changeset [8001] by cfields
Don't declare ioctl() on sgi. I think it has to be declared under Ultrix, but I don't know where else it's needed, so I didn't take it out.
16:02 Changeset [8000] by cfields
mips ifdef changed to ultrix, since that's what was really meant. POSIX signal handling, previously ifdef'd on SOLARIS, now ifdef'd on SOLARIS || sgi. Should be POSIX, but I don't feel like testing it on other platforms where POSIX is defined right now.
15:37 Changeset [7999] by cfields
Move WCLDIR earlier in the build. Don't try to build server for sgi.
15:00 Changeset [7998] by cfields
SGI changes... (vrt) Reduced an #if !(anysupportedplatform) to #if 0.
14:57 Changeset [7997] by cfields
Build rquotaxdr.o and mountxdr.o for sgi.
14:48 Changeset [7996] by cfields
Don't include ufs/quota.h ever.
14:47 Changeset [7995] by cfields
Initial revision
14:46 Changeset [7994] by cfields
Don't include ufs/quota.h anywhere.
14:21 Changeset [7993] by cfields
Irix has nfs.h under sys/fs. (vrt)


17:38 Changeset [7992] by cfields
Document "global" resource.
17:14 Changeset [7991] by cfields
Since we effectively support 4Dwm, and 4Dwm does desks, we need to do desks. Since there's no configuration of 4Dwm to be able to tell it windows named zwgc should be considered global, we tell zwgc to make its own windows global. Hopefully 4Dwm will mature and we'll be able to remove this code.


16:39 Changeset [7990] by cfields
close() before fclose() the child's file descriptor. Ain't POSIX great? See comments in code.


23:45 Changeset [7989] by cfields
Set the _SGI_DESKS_HINTS property on the window if global is true, causing the window to appear on all desks in 4Dwm.
23:43 Changeset [7988] by cfields
Support for "global" windows in SGI 4Dwm.
23:14 Changeset [7987] by cfields
Comment the code relating to lowering the menu bar when fam is running. Fix bug interpreting %%. Fix bug expanding %B. (Both in expand().)
13:09 Changeset [7986] by cfields
Reconcile changes from install server... Copy in /etc/system since we don't track it any more.


17:30 Changeset [7985] by cfields
Add -nosession and -global options. -nosession needs to be specified when started as the console on an SGI, to prevent session management from butting in. -global may not be useful as a command-line option; using it would prevent users from changing this behavior in resources. So console*global: true should probably be specified in the resource file so that (a.) it can be overridden by the user, and (b.) so that it applies only to the normal instance of the console window and not other random instances. global causes the window to appear on all desktops in SGI's 4Dwm.
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