18:16 Changeset [8042] by cfields
include string.h for strrchr. locate inetd.pid correctly for sgi. endif /* */
17:48 Changeset [8041] by cfields
Initial revision
17:31 Changeset [8040] by cfields
7.7 version
17:21 Changeset [8039] by cfields
Initial revision
17:12 Changeset [8038]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ATH7_7P1'.
17:12 Changeset [8037] by cfields
Moved talkd here from athena/inetd.conf. Added a working ntalkd. Attempt to enable Sun's calendar software.
17:11 Changeset [8036] by cfields
Moved talkd to Sun's inetd.conf.


19:39 Changeset [8035] by cfields
Tons of changes for SGI, SYSVing much stuff, cleaning up a bit.


18:10 Changeset [8034] by cfields
ifdef changes, sgi changes, build new wcl locally. (worked)
18:08 Changeset [8033] by cfields
Changes to use a new version of wcl built nearby. (Worked.)


18:56 Changeset [8032] by cfields
Fix some white space. Change rindex to strrchr, include string.h, get rid of strings.h. Check for USER_PROCESS type on SYSV as well as _AIX (already there). Change SOLARIS defines about setpgrp to be SYSV defines. Change a signal to a sigset under SYSV. rewind() the fdopen()ed stream after reading from it, before writing. This is required for write to function under IRIX, and the requirement for doing this is documented in the fopen() man page both there and in Solaris.


23:42 Changeset [8031] by cfields
Use $(RANLIB) not ranlib, then we don't have to ifdef.
22:50 Changeset [8030] by cfields
Explicitly put /usr/athena/bin and /bin/athena in path; ultimately we probably want to force the who environment. These two disappeared under the latest build I was doing somehow. Add athena/lib/Mu (build after motif, instead of in motif). Don't build moira.dev now; this all points to the moira locker now. Build inetd here for Indy, Sun, DECmips. inetd.new for RS6K. Remove athena/bin/xps athena/bin/afs-nfs athena/bin/xprint and athena/bin/kerberometer and see what happens. Rename zephyr.p4 to zephyr in build. Add build stuff for libMu.


22:14 Changeset [8029] by cfields
Initial revision
21:58 Changeset [8028] by cfields
Add bindings of osfDelete and osfBackSpace (6/92; lwvanels, merge of motifdev source and source tree)
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