22:36 Changeset [8181] by epeisach
Add athena/bin/lert to bins
22:34 Changeset [8180] by epeisach
Include sys/types.h before sys/stat.h
16:17 Changeset [8179] by epeisach
a) add athdir to be built b) use $build instead of /source in one place - should be more -- allows ported to setup redirect trees. c) newfs changes for paris d) ultrix requires that kerberos5 beconfigureed with -O e) Change bombed message in one case to make it unique f) Install Mu library - needs special handling on decstation in terms of how installed - install was not following symlinks...
15:44 Changeset [8178] by cfields
Build athena/lib/AL. (SGI only, for now.)
14:41 Changeset [8177] by cfields
Add usage comments. Make a /build/transarc link. (for sun and sgi)
13:07 Changeset [8176] by cfields
Remove olh build. Missed a ) when adding install of install.


20:28 Changeset [8175] by cfields
Code to recognize XZ. (vrt)
20:17 Changeset [8174] by cfields
add third/supported/wcl for an R5 version of wcl. remove athena/bin/tar! do a make install in install


10:22 Changeset [8173] by miki
inline is a rezerved word in Solaris2.4
10:16 Changeset [8172] by miki
First argument to bzero was not a pointer; changed into pointer


15:28 Changeset [8171] by miki
Added the void definition of volatile in the wrong spot. Look at 2.12
13:57 Changeset [8170] by epeisach
Under ultrix install in /etc
13:55 Changeset [8169] by epeisach
Initial revision


20:32 Changeset [8168] by epeisach
Do not include X11/copyright.h for any platform. It does not exist in R5
20:27 Changeset [8167] by epeisach
On install, remove session_gate before creating link.


16:54 Changeset [8166] by miki
Made the banner simpler, understood by all printers
16:49 Changeset [8165] by miki
Changed psbanner to call the macro Banner instead of do_flagpage


15:04 Changeset [8164] by miki
Do not build Server for Solaris2.1 and up
14:50 Changeset [8163] by miki
The whole pass of libucb is needed
14:48 Changeset [8162] by miki
changed bcopy into memmove
14:46 Changeset [8161] by miki
changed bcopy into memmove
14:44 Changeset [8160] by miki
in Solaris2.4 sys/rusage.h does not exist anymore; it looks like not necessary anyhow
14:42 Changeset [8159] by miki
Solaris2.4 does not export anymore validuser
14:40 Changeset [8158] by miki
changed index into strchr
14:38 Changeset [8157] by miki
Solaris in rel2.4 has a new sys group
14:37 Changeset [8156] by miki
In Solaris2.4 sysexits.h migrated to /usr/include
14:35 Changeset [8155] by miki
Solaris is POSIX
14:33 Changeset [8154] by miki
The gcc used for building the Solaris release did not recognize volatile
14:22 Changeset [8153] by miki
The gcc used for building Solaris release 8.0 had problems with volatile


17:17 Changeset [8152] by cfields
Use wcl from third/supported/wcl. Find Mu from /usr/athena/lib.


19:20 Changeset [8151] by cfields
Definitions for sgi.
19:11 Changeset [8150] by cfields
build under Irix
19:06 Changeset [8149] by cfields
Weakly assert that the console window should be a global window (appearing on all desks), using the name "console." This way the user can easily override the resource in the case that (a) they are using the console window to display something random, and have renamed it, or (b) they don't want the real console window global and they do a config_console. This change sets the property on all platforms, since the property is rather innocuous and it doesn't therefore seem worthwhile to break up this file for multiple platforms.
19:06 Changeset [8148] by cfields
Document -global and -nosession.
18:55 Changeset [8147] by cfields
The code was mistakenly assuming that there was a persistent copy of the attachtab for attachtab_lookup to be searching, in order to avoid trying to detach things we already know are detached. But there wasn't, so attachtab_lookup always returned false, so we had nothing to actually detach. So now we make ourselves a copy of the attachtab to be consulted. While we're at it, we also preserve the value of explicit (in case that's important).
18:29 Changeset [8146] by cfields
Dynamic library env var security fix, 10/30.
18:28 Changeset [8145] by cfields
Add /usr/bsd to PATH for Irix.
18:14 Changeset [8144] by cfields
Up MAXARGV from 5 to 20. Wrap MIN definition in #ifndef MIN. Rudimentary hack to not dump core on blank lines. Not the best fix.
18:12 Changeset [8143] by cfields
The SGI operating system track had paths > 256 characters long, the hard-coded max, so weird things happened. Upped the definition from 256 to PATH_MAX.
18:10 Changeset [8142] by cfields
Blocksize on SGI was greater than 8192, the hard-coded array size here. But read was reading the larger size, so we lost badly. I a) upped the buffer size to 64K, and b) changed the arg to read so that it will read at most sizeof(buf) into that buffer, but st_blcksize if it's less.
18:08 Changeset [8141] by cfields
Put back postscript stuff versus HP stuff. This should be the default, and mkserv will deal with changing for HP.
18:08 Changeset [8140] by cfields
hacky malloc to get around bugs for Solaris, I think.
18:07 Changeset [8139] by cfields
priority added to syslog call. recv takes 4 args, not 3.
18:07 Changeset [8138] by cfields
priority added to syslog call.
18:05 Changeset [8137] by cfields
#endif foo -> /* foo */ Got rid of a local "dirent.h" for Solaris.
18:03 Changeset [8136] by cfields
#endif foo -> /* foo */ dirent including moved to lp.h Twisted ifdef amounting to SOLARIS changed to SOLARIS.
09:32 Changeset [8135] by miki
Initial revision
09:24 Changeset [8134] by miki
Solaris requires more AFSLIBS to be linked and AFSLIBS require ucblib
09:21 Changeset [8133] by miki
replaced -lucb with /usr/ucblib/libucb.a because -L/usr/ucblib introduces a lot of unwanted libraries
09:19 Changeset [8132] by miki
the AFSLIBS require ucblib for linking
09:17 Changeset [8131] by miki
AFSLIBS require ucblib for linking
09:14 Changeset [8130] by miki
have to make on srvd the directory sbin; now srvd and os are separate
09:11 Changeset [8129] by miki
On Solaris we do not depend anymore on R4 libraries, but link like for all the other platforms with R5 libs.
09:06 Changeset [8128] by miki
Solaris requires more AFSLIBS for linking and the AFSLIBS require the full ucblib instead of libbsd
09:02 Changeset [8127] by miki
replaced -lucb with /usr/ucblib/libucb.a, for Solaris
08:51 Changeset [8126] by miki
for Solaris LDLIBS have to be redefined, to include ucblib, required by the non POSIX afs distribution libraries


23:59 Changeset [8125] by cfields
compile in support for SGI desks (4Dwm).
23:57 Changeset [8124] by cfields
Link an extra object for sgi.
23:51 Changeset [8123] by cfields
Moved -DINITTAB for Solaris from login.c to here. Added SGI.
23:43 Changeset [8122] by cfields
Cleaned up a bit. I don't remember why I did this.
19:11 Changeset [8121] by cfields
19:10 Changeset [8120] by cfields
Added nanny_setConsoleMode for xlogin to call.
19:09 Changeset [8119] by cfields
19:03 Changeset [8118] by cfields
Remove /etc/athena/consdev support. "BADVALUE" -> N_BADVALUE Added FMODE to forde MODE value. May not actually be too useful. Made MODE secure settable only. Made xup/xdown/etc more sane - use macros, set only appropriate values. Also added LOGGED_IN=FALSE for xup to fix a possible race condition. Added all of the support to handle shutting down X and going into console mode.
19:01 Changeset [8117] by cfields
Add changes to support running getty instead of execing login ourselves.
18:54 Changeset [8116] by cfields
Incorporate dpy_irix code.
18:51 Changeset [8115] by cfields
Removed local wcl build. Build the misc directory instead of dm for sgi.
18:48 Changeset [8114] by cfields
Fixed Xlogin dependency on Xlogin*sed I broke a long time ago. Changed to use WCLDIR instead of ../wcl.r5, though perhaps wcl.r5 should be something special? Link with libnanny on SGI.


23:09 Changeset [8113] by cfields
Initial revision
21:43 Changeset [8112] by cfields
Initial revision
21:39 Changeset [8111] by cfields


17:41 Changeset [8110] by cfields
Add a syslog. Remove user from password file on do_logout Improved request/reply logging.
17:19 Changeset [8109] by cfields
Initial revision


20:23 Changeset [8108]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'NANNY3'.
20:23 Changeset [8107] by cfields
add selectfailed
20:23 Changeset [8106] by cfields
Build testlogoutUser and elmer.
20:23 Changeset [8105] by cfields
Initial revision
20:13 Changeset [8104] by cfields
Renamed socketSec related names to comSec. Updated the comSec model to be more accurate during variable processing. Be sure we set DISPLAY ourselves, because we won't be inheriting it from xdm in the future. Filled out setUser code. Turned some strings into macros ("OK" -> N_OK, etc.) Changed init_utmp to figure out the tty itself. Added the code for actually dealing with the socket security (also in pc). Deal with chowning the tty, etc., when adding the user to utmp. Added a console failure syslog Completed code transition from "xup/xdown/die" parsing model to variable processing model.
20:12 Changeset [8103] by cfields
added macros for defining some of the variable values.
20:09 Changeset [8102] by cfields
rewrote exchangeVars to retry when N_RETRY is true, and cleaned up error handling. Turned some strings into macros ("OK" -> N_OK, etc.) changed loginUser to also return the current tty added logoutUser
20:07 Changeset [8101] by cfields
add an arg to loginUser add logoutUser
20:07 Changeset [8100] by cfields
remove a column in prototypes add pc_secure prototype
20:06 Changeset [8099] by cfields
implement pc_secure fix an arg to accept
20:04 Changeset [8098] by cfields
update for getting tty fix error message
20:03 Changeset [8097] by cfields
Optionally take a username as an argument.


14:58 Changeset [8096]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'NANNY2'.
14:58 Changeset [8095] by cfields
Initial revision
14:55 Changeset [8094] by cfields
setup library build test programs
14:54 Changeset [8093] by cfields
add pc_destroy
14:54 Changeset [8092] by cfields
Add var2strings, freeStrings.
14:41 Changeset [8091] by cfields
add pc_destroy update code for NoListener.
14:39 Changeset [8090] by cfields
Error out if there are problems converting buffers to vars. Add cvt_var2strings.
14:37 Changeset [8089] by cfields
Redefine variable name constants as macros.


15:25 Changeset [8088] by cfields
Generalize code to deal with more than simple strings.
15:22 Changeset [8087] by cfields
Handle converting of "arrays" (byte strings containing nuls).


21:21 Changeset [8086] by bert
Initial revision


23:55 Changeset [8085] by cfields
Initial revision
23:54 Changeset [8084] by cfields
Rename freeVars to freeList. Add strings2buf.
23:54 Changeset [8083] by cfields
Most functionality exists...
20:11 Changeset [8082] by cfields
Initial revision
02:11 Changeset [8081] by bert
Initial revision
00:03 Changeset [8080] by bert
cleaned up, added comments, debugged memory leaks


16:25 Changeset [8079] by bert
working code, but pre-cleanup
16:25 Changeset [8078] by bert
Initial revision


22:19 Changeset [8077]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'NANNY1'.
22:19 Changeset [8076] by cfields
Add com_err for pc code. Hacks for building against AL right now.
22:18 Changeset [8075] by cfields
Added cons_fd_tty, but it may be useless. It certainly is right now.
21:49 Changeset [8074] by cfields
Initial revision
21:48 Changeset [8073] by cfields
Changed to use com_err.
21:47 Changeset [8072] by cfields
Changed to use a com_erred pc_bsd.c.
21:46 Changeset [8071] by cfields
Changed to use com_err. Enhanced an error return. syslog an error.
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