21:12 Changeset [8763] by ghudson
Initial revision
21:05 Changeset [8762] by ghudson
Initial revision
20:47 Changeset [8761] by ghudson
Remove accidental blank line at end.
20:41 Changeset [8760] by ghudson
Initial revision


04:12 Changeset [8759] by ghudson
initial checkin of modules
04:12 Changeset [8758] by ghudson
initial checkin of notify
04:12 Changeset [8757] by ghudson
initial checkin of cvswrappers
04:12 Changeset [8756] by ghudson
initial checkin of taginfo
04:12 Changeset [8755] by ghudson
initial checkin of commitinfo
04:12 Changeset [8754] by ghudson
initial checkin of checkoutlist
04:12 Changeset [8753] by ghudson
initial checkin of editinfo
04:12 Changeset [8752] by ghudson
initial checkin of rcsinfo
04:12 Changeset [8751] by ghudson
initial checkin of loginfo


15:31 Changeset [8750] by cfields
Look in /etc/athena/version for version, not sys_version.
15:19 Changeset [8749] by ghudson
Build x3270 on SGI as well as Sun.


18:53 Changeset [8748] by cfields
Fixed location of hdsp0master.


17:47 Changeset [8747] by cfields
Want to explicitly include types {p,s} in exceptions for cleanup.
17:45 Changeset [8746] by cfields
"Clock" name for clock widget no longer supported; added "ClockWidget" and "clockWidgetClass".
17:44 Changeset [8745] by cfields
Quarks.h doesn't exist in R5; get Xresource.h instead.
17:43 Changeset [8744] by cfields
Rename widget class for Clock to ClockWidget.
17:39 Changeset [8743] by cfields
Force MAKEDEV to run after the reboot.
17:38 Changeset [8742] by cfields
Cleaned up strings.h bogosity, {r,}index->str{r,}chr, removed direct support.
17:36 Changeset [8741] by cfields
Ripped out lots of stuff from the original. Not sure that this gets installed anywhere at this point, though.
17:35 Changeset [8740] by cfields
Addition of unlv.edu and ihtfp.org.
17:33 Changeset [8739] by cfields
Backed out rev 1.4; there was confusion going on about whether or not DESTDIR was required. I think something was changing elsewhere for some reason that made this variable. Seems to have settled down now.
17:32 Changeset [8738] by cfields
Some whitespace cleanup. Don't define HaveSysLibMu; define HaveAnsiIncludes.
17:31 Changeset [8737] by cfields
Back out rev 1.8 changes; fairly broken.
17:29 Changeset [8736] by cfields
Don't use -I/mit/motif/include for SGI.
17:29 Changeset [8735] by cfields
Mu.h moved up out of Xm.
17:28 Changeset [8734] by cfields
Mu.h moved up out of Xm. index -> strchr
01:40 Changeset [8733] by ghudson
CNS declares krb_err_txt const; don't violate that.
01:38 Changeset [8732] by ghudson
Hack to find X programs under Solaris. This should be handled via autoconf or some such, but... later.
01:38 Changeset [8731] by ghudson
Remove unneeded Solaris special-casing.
01:36 Changeset [8730] by ghudson
Use the AFS des library. For some reason a couple of functions are named differently in it, and are required by other AFS libraries.
01:36 Changeset [8729] by ghudson
Modernize calls to memory routines.
01:35 Changeset [8728] by ghudson
catman wants to see a \- in the NAME section.
01:35 Changeset [8727] by ghudson
No need to do a mail check here on Irix.


18:01 Changeset [8726] by ghudson
The install machines have /usr/sbin/eeprom pointing off into /var/server; get it from /os/usr/sbin/eeprom.
15:01 Changeset [8725] by ghudson
Initial revision
15:01 Changeset [8724] by ghudson
Changes to allow installation from a different srvd than the default. (We probably want more flexibility in the long run, but that's a simple change from what we have here.)


18:17 Changeset [8723] by ghudson
Initial revision
17:43 Changeset [8722] by cfields
Run MAKEDEV if necessary.


14:36 Changeset [8721] by ghudson
Use same conventions for rc.conf as on other platforms.
14:20 Changeset [8720] by ghudson
We need -lkauth for ktc_ForgetAllTokens().
14:19 Changeset [8719] by ghudson
Don't let the tokens we got in xlogin stick around.


22:35 Changeset [8718] by cfields
Let in the code to add user's groups to group file for SGI. (But don't actually call initgroups - xdm does that.)
00:19 Changeset [8717] by cfields
Erase 4Dwm's memory of the previous locations of zephyrgrams so that it won't place new zephyrgrams in old and incorrect geometries.


23:01 Changeset [8716] by cfields
For SGI: Copy in updated config files. Get rid of cron.deny and at.deny if appropriate. Kill off {S,K}61bsdlpr and {S,K}*lp Remove 3500 assorted old Irix 5.2 files. (Handles {S,K}*lp.) Have syncconf resync SENDMAIL and SAVECORE vars, has handling of these has been updated.
22:43 Changeset [8715] by cfields
Chown assorted interesting devices back to root when the user logs out, mode 600. Chosen because I feel this is preferable for private workstations that may normally have remote access on. Ideally, console logins would do the same chowns as X logins, but not today.
22:38 Changeset [8714] by cfields
Don't allow the universe to get xdm sessions.
22:35 Changeset [8713] by cfields
Get Athena Xstartup instead of SGI's now. Changed Xreset routine called to be Athena only for display 0, not for all displays.
22:34 Changeset [8712] by cfields
Chown assorted interesting devices (including audio and video) to the user who logs in, mode 600.
22:34 Changeset [8711] by cfields
Now install an Xstartup. (chowns devices)
22:01 Changeset [8710] by ghudson
Lint the attabhtab when removing old mount points.
22:01 Changeset [8709] by ghudson
lint the attachtab while removing old attach mount points.


23:28 Changeset [8708] by cfields
Update for signame.
23:18 Changeset [8707] by cfields
Add "signame" option. Like "signal," but takes name of process rather than name of pid file. For SGI, compile this code, and use it for killing syslogd.
22:54 Changeset [8706] by cfields
Copy in syslog.conf on public workstation cleanup.
22:33 Changeset [8705] by cfields
Move log rolling functionality to syslog.
22:30 Changeset [8704] by cfields
Initial revision


18:43 Changeset [8703] by ghudson
Add backup time synchronization in case AFS time synchronization fails.


16:43 Changeset [8702] by cfields
Add some Athenaisms. Stuff to WSLOGGER, panics to everyone, some stuff to /dev/console.
16:09 Changeset [8701] by cfields
A few of these shouldn't be removed, and one was a mistake.


19:07 Changeset [8700] by cfields
Initial revision


21:32 Changeset [8699] by cfields
add quiet_move(), and use it where it's needed When toggling sendmail, move K20mail around too. Redo savecore: for false, move the link to s48savecore rather then setting minfree huge. Don't know why I didn't think of that before.


17:08 Changeset [8698] by ghudson
Initial revision
17:06 Changeset [8697] by ghudson
Conditionalize on POSIX, not SOLARIS and _POSIX_SOURCE.
16:56 Changeset [8696] by ghudson
Patch from mbarker to make xdsc portable to (among other things) Irix.


16:19 Changeset [8695] by cfields
Make -n output more legible.
15:06 Changeset [8694] by cfields
Initial revision
12:48 Changeset [8693] by cfields
install Xaccess
12:48 Changeset [8692] by cfields
We have our own Xaccess now.
12:44 Changeset [8691] by cfields
Initial revision
12:39 Changeset [8690] by cfields
Heck for setting monitor frequency to 72hz. Has the undesirable property that the monitor frequency changes twice with every login. (X server starts, we set to 72, X server exits, _something_ sets it back to 60, X server restarts, 72...)


16:13 Changeset [8689] by ghudson
We got this kernel module to fix a bug in the second 3.4a patches release where the stat cache would fill up. The version information is: Base configuration afs3.4 5.00;Ibapi-3.4.7735.fix.solaris.startup.script 1.1;Ibwl-3.4-7771-solaris-adjust-open-count 1.1;Imorin-3.4-7601-vos.dump.no.IOMGR_Select.for.sun4m_54 1.2;Imorin-3.4-7676-client.correctly.rename.srv.with.new.uuid 1.2;Imorin-3.4-7714-fileserver.CPS.timeout.fix 1.2;Ithakur-3.4-7522-rx.tests 1.1;Ithakur-3.4-7544-fileserver.inode.overflow 1.4;Ithakur-3.4-7610-hp10.lockf.global.lock.panic 1.1;Ithakur-3.4-7618.general.locking.problems 1.1;Ithakur-3.4-7757-hp10.rc.script 1.1;Izumach-3.4-7717-aix41.hangs.in.emacs 1.2;Izumach-34-7780-do.partial.writes.more.often 1.1;Izumach-afs3.4-7686-add.whatfid 1.1;Izumach-afs3.4-7777-print.dcache.allocs.in.xstat 1.1


16:20 Changeset [8688] by cfields
attaching $USER is wrong for users with local home directories. The goal if this attach is to recover AFS authentication for the user, as at this point elmer has just executed a setpag. Therefore we run aklog instead, and this will be a noop for filesystems other than AFS.
16:09 Changeset [8687] by cfields
If running .xsession, use "./.xsession" because . may not be in the user's path under some conditions. Rip out multiplatform stty code since this script is already machine specific. Shortened a couple of paths with $hostdir. Fixed a comment typo.
15:42 Changeset [8686] by cfields
Change from default the client decorations for console, xlogout, and zwgc.
15:37 Changeset [8685] by cfields
Initial revision


21:04 Changeset [8684] by cfields
DTRT if pc_wait happens to get a signal in its select. Check for assorted error conditions in its output, and syslog them if they occur.
21:04 Changeset [8683] by cfields
Zero allocated pc_message.


14:50 Changeset [8682] by ghudson
Initial revision
14:43 Changeset [8681] by ghudson
/usr/bin/i*86 are symlinks; no reason not to track them locally.
14:40 Changeset [8680] by ghudson
Sync with the stock startup file's "medium" options (except for -daemons).
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