23:49 Changeset [11657] by ghudson
Take care of mail spool directory in from.c.
18:37 Changeset [11656] by ghudson
We also messed with the root crontab file in this patch release.
18:21 Changeset [11655] by ghudson
Pick up .login configuration change (changed in 8.2.2), and delete some files which might be hanging around.
14:18 Changeset [11654] by ghudson
Return immediately when we find an MX record, or we might overwrite bp with something other than an MX record.
14:14 Changeset [11653] by ghudson
Send clean_tmp_areas stdout to /dev/null so we don't send mail about it.
14:01 Changeset [11652] by ghudson
Display the correct error message when we can't open a user's mail file.
14:00 Changeset [11651] by ghudson
Use saferm to remove directories to avoid security race. Use -q option to saferm to suppress error messages about non-empty directories.
13:53 Changeset [11650] by ghudson
Add -d option to remove directories.
13:43 Changeset [11649] by ghudson
kcmd() can't take a NULL value of locuser(); pass it an empty string instead.
13:41 Changeset [11648] by ghudson
Don't set MANPATH for each invocation of .cshrc. Make athena_manpath work in .environment, sort of.
13:29 Changeset [11647] by ghudson
Add code from a CORE SDI advisory to prevent connection hijacking.
13:27 Changeset [11646] by ghudson
Kludges to prevent buffer overflows from long job names.
13:26 Changeset [11645] by ghudson
Revert a small piece of 1.12: convert krb5 tickets to krb4 tickets for local accounts. It's expected behavior when you remotely log into a local account with forwarded tickets.


21:50 Changeset [11644] by rbasch
Suppress gettime standard output.


15:10 Changeset [11643] by ghudson
Move acl directory to sysconfdir/zephyr.
14:41 Changeset [11642] by ghudson
Update script for 8.2.2. Nuke some files which have piled up.
14:09 Changeset [11641] by ghudson
Race condition fix: X could send us a SIGUSR1 before we are ready to handle it. The SIGCHLD handler needs to handle the case of multiple children having exited. Add a sleep(X_STOP_WAIT) when X fails to start properly, to give any existing X server a chance to shut down.
14:04 Changeset [11640] by ghudson
Add a pile of debugging syslogs.
14:03 Changeset [11639] by ghudson
Rip out existing logging in preparation for new logging code.
14:01 Changeset [11638] by ghudson
Oops, fix sysconfdir back to sysconfdir/zephyr.
13:58 Changeset [11637] by ghudson
Add libal support to klogind and kshd.
13:58 Changeset [11636] by rbasch
Fix warning on authentication negotiation failure.


18:34 Changeset [11635] by ghudson
Instead of trying to get rid of our controlling tty, catch SIGHUP and ignore it. We're leaving behind a race condition here where a SIGHUP could come in before we install a handler; I'm going to let the krb5 mainline worry about that.
18:31 Changeset [11634] by ghudson
From jhawk: load misc/obpsym at boot time so we can more easily debug kernel panics.
18:29 Changeset [11633] by ghudson
Move some variable definitions out of #ifdef HAVE_KRB4 to fix the non-krb4 compile case.
18:29 Changeset [11632] by ghudson
Make sure we know where com_err and ss are.
18:28 Changeset [11631] by ghudson
Hardcode PIDDIR as /var/athena for now. We'll change it to some autoconf-specified directory later.
18:27 Changeset [11630] by ghudson
If a session record exists but the user is not in the passwd file, add the user, or the login session will probably fail badly.


13:08 Changeset [11629] by ghudson
add now always adds to MANPATH, and has no -M option. Adjust accordingly. Set up athena_manpath before sourcing .path in case someone is using $athena_manpath in .path.
13:07 Changeset [11628] by ghudson
Nuke -M. Always add to MANPATH, since there is no value in delaying its assignment.


17:38 Changeset [11627] by ghudson
From kretch: log incoming connections at the debug level.
10:19 Changeset [11626] by ghudson
Add arch-specific Makefiles.
10:18 Changeset [11625] by ghudson
Install the IRIX 6.2 compress to fix a bug in zcat which SGI won't fix.
10:18 Changeset [11624] by ghudson
Use a variable for /usr/bin.
10:18 Changeset [11623] by ghudson
Install hacked Athena snmpd here.
10:17 Changeset [11622] by ghudson
Install snmpd in setup so we don't reinstall it for each patch release.
10:15 Changeset [11621] by ghudson
Turn on packet mode before starting the slave process. This works around an IRIX bug which causes input generated before packet mode was turned on to be presented normally, thus losing the first character.
10:13 Changeset [11620] by ghudson
Remove -h from tset invocation to make consistent with OS dotfiles and to stop TERM from getting reset to unknown whenever root logs in.
10:12 Changeset [11619] by ghudson
Use local /bin/athena and /etc/athena directories; we can't necessarily run binaries out of /srvd.
10:11 Changeset [11618] by ghudson
Add xlock scripts so users don't improperly lock public machines.
10:10 Changeset [11617] by ghudson
Install xlock.real symlink for xlock script.
10:10 Changeset [11616] by ghudson
Build and install new glue scripts f90, pc, and CC. Install xlock.real symlink for xlock script.
10:09 Changeset [11615] by ghudson
Use cc in the sunsoft locker instead of suncc. Add f90, pc, and CC glue scripts.


16:47 Changeset [11614] by rbasch
Don't stty if standard input is not a tty.


11:49 Changeset [11613] by ghudson
Pull up change from rev 1.2 to Athena 8.1 release branch.
11:48 Changeset [11612] by ghudson
Oops, also need NEWUNIX.
11:31 Changeset [11611] by ghudson
Add on Athena 8.1 release branch.
11:29 Changeset [11610]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'athena-8_1'.
11:29 Changeset [11609] by ghudson
Version script for 8.1.18.


14:32 Changeset [11608] by ghudson
Make BackSpace keysyms produce a DEL instead of a ^H, since DEL is the erase key in the Solaris default tty settings.
14:27 Changeset [11607] by ghudson
Disable kernel PLL support on Solaris 2.6, 'cause it's broken.
14:26 Changeset [11606] by ghudson
Don't allow a race condition where we can get a SIGCHLD from a child process before we have a chance to assign the return value of fork() to the appropriate pid variable.
14:26 Changeset [11605] by ghudson
Make sure to initialize *text in the cases where we don't set it.
14:24 Changeset [11604] by ghudson
If we display an error about destroying the krb5 ccache, display a positive acknowldgement if we successfully destroy the krb4 ticket file.
14:23 Changeset [11603] by ghudson
Check for KRB5_FCC_NOFILE instead of ENOENT to see if cache is not present. List krb4 tickets if krb5 cache is not present.
10:36 Changeset [11602] by danw
add --disable-asm for SGI since the gmp-2.0.2 assembly code doesn't compile correctly under Irix 6.2 and 6.3


13:46 Changeset [11601] by ghudson
Make /sbin/cvcd a symlink. This will break it, of course, but we don't need support for the network console, and we do need space on the root.
13:45 Changeset [11600] by ghudson
Sync space checks with reality.


21:11 Changeset [11599] by ghudson
ftpd now lives in /usr/athena/etc, not /etc/athena.
18:18 Changeset [11598] by rbasch
Make correct root device links.
00:41 Changeset [11597] by ghudson
Revert unintended part of last change.


22:38 Changeset [11596] by rbasch
Supply the correct root disk to buildkernel, in case the target is a non-default drive number.
18:18 Changeset [11595] by ghudson
Fix typo.
16:38 Changeset [11594] by danw
Add discuss-auto-reply-to-alist, for meetings where you want replies to replies-by-mail to go the meeting, not you
16:34 Changeset [11593] by danw
Rename -x to -e for preemptive compatibility with the krb5 mainline.
11:46 Changeset [11592] by ghudson
From kretch: add -q option to suppress warnings about compatibility usage.
11:44 Changeset [11591] by ghudson
From kretch: change openlog invocation to use "xlogin" instead of "login" add info-level syslog for all user logins
11:38 Changeset [11590] by ghudson
From ajfox: add a "quit dash" dialog.
11:33 Changeset [11589] by ghudson
Don't allow grplist entries with gids less than MIN_HES_GROUP. On the SGI, drop MAX_GROUPS to 12 to work around a fencepost in AFS.
11:32 Changeset [11588] by ghudson
Don't allow Hesiod passwd entries with gids lower than MIN_HES_GROUP.
11:31 Changeset [11587] by ghudson
Add MIN_HES_GROUP define so we can be more paranoid about groups we receive from Hesiod.
11:30 Changeset [11586] by ghudson
Restart named before running finish-update.
11:29 Changeset [11585] by ghudson
Fix two bugs in bool vector copying routine: index into byte correctly, and remember to increment source index.


12:03 Changeset [11584] by danw
ssh 1.2.23 by default installs files as "foo1" with a "foo" -> "foo1" symlink. This reverts back to the old (not "foo1") behavior
11:58 Changeset [11583] by danw
avoid a potential buffer overrun


13:45 Changeset [11582] by tb
Don't unlink directories. Don't zero anything that isn't a regular file. Do an fsync after zeroing completes.


19:21 Changeset [11581] by rbasch
Run the Athena named instead of the SGI named.


19:41 Changeset [11580] by ghudson
const poison.
15:53 Changeset [11579] by ghudson
Remember to process timers.
15:53 Changeset [11578] by ghudson
Clear the suffixes except for .c and .o, so make doesn't try to rebuild things from .y files.
15:52 Changeset [11577] by ghudson
s/LANGUAGES=C/LANGUAGES=c/. Make $SRVD/usr before installing, or directory creations will fail. Give compile flags to make install in case it rebuilds anything, which it does sometimes.


21:48 Changeset [11576] by danw
fix bug in masquerading stuff (sync to sgi version, which was correct)


20:08 Changeset [11575] by rbasch
Add adm to class E. Remove the 'n' local delivery option, so the "From " header line is written.
14:47 Changeset [11574] by ghudson
Add MIT copyright, header comment, and RCS ID.
00:50 Changeset [11573] by ghudson
Use all but the first component of the tty name, instead of the last component. This way you can recover the tty name by putting "/dev/" before what you see, instead of guessing.
00:48 Changeset [11572] by ghudson
Add a -loc flag to specify alternative auxiliary location information instead of the display name or tty.
00:38 Changeset [11571] by ghudson
Deal properly with real v4 headers.


09:58 Changeset [11570] by rbasch
IRIX 6.3 packages for 8.2: 7.2 compilers, development environment, new patch set.


18:45 Changeset [11569] by ghudson
We have to track empty directories for the Ultra line tto boot them.
10:55 Changeset [11568] by danw
fix regexp in panic checker so we don't report panics more than once


14:50 Changeset [11567] by cfields
Add support for adding arbitrary pathnames. Fix a printf that wasn't passed sufficient args.
14:47 Changeset [11566] by cfields
Document ability to add arbitrary paths.
13:18 Changeset [11565] by ghudson
Use an autoconf build system to get krb4 dependencies right.
13:17 Changeset [11564] by ghudson
From nathanw: set MANPATH before sourcing .path.
13:15 Changeset [11563] by ghudson
From nathanw: fix 'word too long' problem with add.
13:14 Changeset [11562] by ghudson
From nathanw: use Athena named, not native named.
13:13 Changeset [11561] by ghudson
Zero dosynctodr so that xntpd doesn't compete with the hardware time of day clock for synchronization.
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