14:42 Changeset [12103]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ares-1_0'.
14:42 Changeset [12102]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ares-1_0_0'.
14:42 Changeset [12101] by ghudson
Correct a typo. I'm just on a roll.
14:41 Changeset [12100] by ghudson
Oops, be specific about SunOS.
14:41 Changeset [12099] by ghudson
Add a note about portability.
14:37 Changeset [12098] by ghudson
Fix a tiny typo in the types table.
14:13 Changeset [12097] by ghudson
Fix ares__read_line comment.
10:15 Changeset [12096] by ghudson
Make named.conf and athinfo.defs config files; don't track athinfo.access.
10:14 Changeset [12095] by ghudson
Copy in athinfo.access in public ws cleanup.
10:11 Changeset [12094] by ghudson
Copy in athinfo.access at install time. Create passwd.local and shadow.local file instead of relying on first public ws boot to do that.
10:08 Changeset [12093] by ghudson
Add athinfo service.
10:07 Changeset [12092] by ghudson
Add athinfo.defs file.
10:07 Changeset [12091] by ghudson
Add default athinfo.access file.


20:29 Changeset [12090] by ghudson
Bounds-check addresses array. Expand MAXALIASES and MAXADDRS. Fix an indent.


20:51 Changeset [12089] by ghudson
Make adb local since boot process depends on it. Make netstat local since athinfod will depend on it.


15:23 Changeset [12088] by ghudson
Pull up 1.13 to Athena 8.2 branch: noise fix.
15:23 Changeset [12087] by ghudson
Pull up 1.45 to Athena 8.2 branch: emacs superlock file.
15:22 Changeset [12086] by ghudson
Pull up 1.64-1.65 to Athena 8.2 branch: superlock file, syslog partitions.
15:21 Changeset [12085] by ghudson
Pull up 1.40 to Athena 8.2 branch: emacs superlock file.
15:19 Changeset [12084] by ghudson
Pull up 1.8 to Athena 8.2 branch: add ihftp.org.
15:18 Changeset [12083] by ghudson
Add ihftp.org.
15:17 Changeset [12082] by ghudson
Pull up 1.23 to Athena 8.2 branch: fix buffer overruns.
14:56 Changeset [12081] by ghudson
Pull up 1.68-1.70 to Athena 8.2 branch: various fixes.
14:55 Changeset [12080] by ghudson
Don't worry about console exiting with status 0; only worry if it fails. If console has failed and we're going to read the console input ourselves, don't start up a new console.
14:54 Changeset [12079] by ghudson
Pull up 1.97 to Athena 8.2 branch: fix fork_and_store() race.
14:51 Changeset [12078] by ghudson
Pull up 1.16 to Athena 8.2 branch: ignore EIO, syslog on read errors.
14:47 Changeset [12077] by ghudson
Pull up 1.4 to Athena 8.2 branch: lstat in safe_to_unlink().
14:43 Changeset [12076] by ghudson
Pull up 1.11 to Athena 8.2 branch: block SIGTSTP.
14:42 Changeset [12075] by ghudson
Pull up 1.3 to Athena 8.2 branch: turn off passive.
14:40 Changeset [12074] by ghudson
Passive mode default should be off, like other FTP clients.
14:39 Changeset [12073] by ghudson
Pull up 1.4 to Athena 8.2 branch: fix speed handling.
14:32 Changeset [12072] by ghudson
Syslog partition sizes at boot time.


16:39 Changeset [12071] by ghudson
Ignore from read() EIO, since on a pty it can just mean that no one is writing to the master. syslog when we give up on a file descriptor.


16:29 Changeset [12070] by ghudson
Pull up 1.19 and 1.20 to Athena 8.2 branch.


10:16 Changeset [12069] by ghudson
Update the description of the wash.


17:00 Changeset [12068] by ghudson
Doc fix (REGEX_LIBS, not RX_LIBS).
13:57 Changeset [12067] by ghudson
Nuke emacs superlock file.
13:56 Changeset [12066] by ghudson
Rewrite speed handling to not assume anything about speed_t being able to index an array. Mirrors code in login.c.
13:55 Changeset [12065] by ghudson
Actually increment the loop pointer in ulogin_find().


16:47 Changeset [12064] by ghudson
Only display phones for public clusters.
11:50 Changeset [12063] by rbasch
Add an include of stdlib.h.


14:37 Changeset [12062] by ghudson
Explicitly say to put braces around the bodies of control constructs which are more than one line long.
14:23 Changeset [12061] by ghudson
Do case-insensitive search on hostnames.


23:53 Changeset [12060] by kcr
On machines with hostnames (including the .MIT.EDU) longer than 32 (TITLE_SIZE defined in olc/include/olc/macros.h) the end of the hostname will overrite the variable DaemonHost, which is where it stores the name of the olc server. This causes one to get the somewhat confusing error Principal unknown (kerberos) because it tries to get service tickets based on the overwritten name. I noticed two other similar buffer overruns with less catastrophic (unless they're really overrun) results, and fixed them while I was at it.
16:11 Changeset [12059] by ghudson
Don't read fd sets if select() returns 0 or -1.
16:08 Changeset [12058] by ghudson
If we get RD_AP_BADD from SendKerberosData(), this indicates that we have a bad TGT, so discard our tickets. This should never happen, but it does. If we ever figure out why, then this change can go away.
16:02 Changeset [12057] by ghudson
Support specification of explicit printer locations.
15:59 Changeset [12056] by danw
Exclude directories from the first find invocation since we're not passing -d to saferm so they'll just cause error messages
12:08 Changeset [12055] by ghudson
Eliminate a possible race in fork_and_store() (the variable pointed to by *var could be reset before we return).


15:14 Changeset [12054] by danw
-M is dead. stop recognizing it.


12:03 Changeset [12053] by ghudson
Don't free nacked until we've finished looking at it (an alternative would be to save nacked->client in a variable). Do make sure to remove nacked from the list before calling client_deregister(), though.


13:13 Changeset [12052] by ghudson
Display cluster names and phone numbers properly.
13:12 Changeset [12051] by ghudson
Support grouping of net names into a single report name. To properly handle reloading of the config file, this means remembering the reported net name and translating it to a report name at report time.
13:12 Changeset [12050] by ghudson
Clean up the dump format: report addresses of clients, and fall back one tab. The old dump format was written for when we grouped clients by host manager.
13:10 Changeset [12049] by ghudson
Search for locations by <user,addr,port> in cases where we were searching by <user,machine,tty> (which includes setting exposure and logout).
12:31 Changeset [12048] by rbasch
Ensure fork_and_store() returns value returned by fork().


20:01 Changeset [12047] by ghudson
Use os strings instead of platform strings now.
18:27 Changeset [12046] by jweiss
The update takes care of this logging now (and includes timestamps)
18:25 Changeset [12045] by jweiss
log the start and finish times of the first and second halves of the update
13:01 Changeset [12044] by danw
Set up non-standard variables and key bindings here instead of having hacks built in to tcsh
13:00 Changeset [12043] by danw
Modern IRIX does not have BSDTIMES. (bug reported to the maintainer)
12:59 Changeset [12042] by danw
Remove Makefile.athena and fix up the new configure/Makefile.in to work correctly and use Hesiod by default


21:39 Changeset [12041] by danw
Merge in changes that weren't obsoleted by later tcsh bugfixes or dotfile changes
17:10 Changeset [12040]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'tcsh-6_08'.
17:10 Changeset [12039] by danw
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r12038, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
17:10 Changeset [12038] by danw
Import of tcsh 6.08.00
16:04 Changeset [12037] by ghudson
Add new variable os and use it instead of platform.
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