22:33 Changeset [12932] by ghudson
Give nfsid a proper so-link man page.
22:29 Changeset [12931] by ghudson
It's useful to know that an added passwd entry has been modified for a temporary homedir, and to record the usual homedir value. So the third line doesn't have to be 0 if the first line is 1.
22:29 Changeset [12930] by ghudson
Try to attach the user's homedir even if they have an existing temporary home directory. Fix some comment formatting.
22:28 Changeset [12929] by ghudson
Add a stub zone for the hesiod root.
22:27 Changeset [12928] by ghudson
Nuke rules which install libcom_err. This leaves configure out of sync with configure.in. A better but less minimal change might be to blank out configure entirely and create a Makefile which makes a symlink to the installed Athena libcom_err.a.
21:03 Changeset [12927] by ghudson
After pwconv, update passwd.local with the new file contents.
10:54 Changeset [12926] by ghudson
Force checkin to update timestamp.


20:26 Changeset [12925] by ghudson
Add a function add_to_error_table for compatibility with the AFS com_err library.
20:23 Changeset [12924] by tb
Edit config.h "by hand" in accordance with the INSTALL instructions after running configure.
17:02 Changeset [12923] by ghudson
More old attachtab cleanup.
12:12 Changeset [12922] by danw
don't accept MIC'ed passwords if requiring authentication or encryption. RFC2228 says passwords should be cleartext if not using authentication, or encrypted if you are. (Certain old clients do this wrong, however.)
12:06 Changeset [12921] by danw
import -a/-A/-C documentation from krb5 mainline
12:06 Changeset [12920] by danw
Implement -E again
11:57 Changeset [12919] by ghudson
We don't have kernel modules in strmod or drv any more (the appletalk drivers were there).
01:53 Changeset [12918] by tb
Add support for AFS 3.5.


18:43 Changeset [12917] by ghudson
Version script for 8.3.1: apply some Solaris patches.
18:39 Changeset [12916] by ghudson
I'm a dolt. I said I would make an 8.3.1 for the Solaris patches, so the last rev's additions should have gone there.
18:30 Changeset [12915] by ghudson
No auto-updates for build machines.
18:28 Changeset [12914] by ghudson
Set variables for OS patches on Solaris.


19:53 Changeset [12913] by jweiss
y2k support for the auxconditions array, *yawn*
17:25 Changeset [12912] by ghudson
Solaris windex requires actual name of man page before \-. Add synopsis section for full path. Use .B for filenames.
17:24 Changeset [12911] by ghudson
Solaris windex requires actual name of man page before \-. Add synopsis section for full path.
17:14 Changeset [12910] by ghudson
Solaris windex requires actual name of man page before \-. Add synopsis section for full path. Use .B for filenames.
17:11 Changeset [12909] by ghudson
Solaris windex requires no formatting in name section.
17:10 Changeset [12908] by ghudson
Missing section number in .TH screws up Solaris windex.
17:06 Changeset [12907] by ghudson
Solaris windex requires actual name of man page before \-.
15:53 Changeset [12906] by ghudson
An extra .TP 8 was causing a chunk of the man page to be ignored by the SysV nroff. Nuke it.


16:27 Changeset [12905] by ghudson
Revert named.hsroot change; we really honestly can't have two hint zones, it turns out.
15:15 Changeset [12904] by ghudson
Minor fix: only echo about moving aside old attachtab if we actually do it, and use the right indentation. (Yes, Greg had an indentation error in his code.)
13:47 Changeset [12903] by ghudson
named.root is now a clean copy.
13:34 Changeset [12902] by ghudson
rm -f target of symlink before making it.
13:33 Changeset [12901] by ghudson
Nuke obj directories when preparing tree, to make sure Makefile.m4 changes get propagated.
13:16 Changeset [12900] by ghudson
Use Athena install; the BuildTools one can't handle non-writable files.
13:08 Changeset [12899] by danw
bring back STRIPFILES, and add ${DESTDIR}/usr/lib/sendmail to it
13:00 Changeset [12898] by danw
make install directories before installing. don't symlink into ${DESTDIR}
13:00 Changeset [12897] by danw
make install directories before installing. install in /usr/athena and symlink from local disk
12:58 Changeset [12896] by danw
define /usr/athena directories to put certain support programs in (and fix a comment)
12:57 Changeset [12895] by danw
don't mkdir /usr/lib. the sub-Makefiles will make the right dirs
12:47 Changeset [12894] by ghudson
Include stdio.h to get a declaration of NULL.
11:04 Changeset [12893] by rbasch
Kill xdm when going to console mode (workaround for 6.5 problem where xdm loops trying to restart Xsgi).
09:42 Changeset [12892] by ghudson
Un-nest a comment.
09:41 Changeset [12891] by rbasch
In cleanup(), use the correct pid (i.e. nanny's pid on IRIX) when calling al_acct_revert().


15:18 Changeset [12890] by danw
Fix a bug in sendmail mail to subdomains of MIT and remove some useless code
15:16 Changeset [12889] by danw
pass NULL instead of getenv("USER")
15:15 Changeset [12888] by danw
Remove mostly unused code to let you use someone else's .meetings file, and fix it so the MEETINGS environment variable is always honored


19:34 Changeset [12887] by danw
add in mdoc magic


17:56 Changeset [12886] by danw
update for --check
17:50 Changeset [12885] by danw
Add a --check option, to see if a binary exists but not run it.
17:41 Changeset [12884] by rbasch
Discard a directory without a plausible fonts.dir from the list passed to XSetFontPath(), to avoid generating a fatal X error.
17:05 Changeset [12883]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'vendor'.
17:05 Changeset [12882] by tb
Initial commit with Makefile written by tb.
15:18 Changeset [12881] by ghudson
Use /bin/login instead of /usr/athena/etc/login.krb5, so that we can work without system packs.
15:16 Changeset [12880] by ghudson
Remove ldflags for compiler; they result in executables which won't run on Indys if we do the build on an O2.
15:14 Changeset [12879] by ghudson
Revert last revision; it crept in by mistake.
15:14 Changeset [12878] by ghudson
Set MANPAGER to more -s -f to work around an apparent bug in ul.
15:12 Changeset [12877] by ghudson
Add Console resources
14:18 Changeset [12876] by ghudson
Install app-defaults under /usr/athena/share.
13:53 Changeset [12875] by ghudson
It's bdf and pcf, not bcf and pdf. It's VPATH, not vpath. No - before mkdir -p; IRIX isn't lossy that way any more. When constructing .pcf files, rm -f them first in case a non-writable one exists.


16:27 Changeset [12874] by danw
use INFOPATH in addition to Info-default-directory-list, not instead of
16:27 Changeset [12873] by danw
define POSIXJOBS to fix a job-control bug
16:27 Changeset [12872] by danw
We don't need -lsun -lbsd if we do things the POSIX way
15:58 Changeset [12871] by ghudson
Remove files which went away on Solaris.
15:10 Changeset [12870] by ghudson
Make sure /usr/lib exists before installing into it. (XXX On Linux, sendmail probably gets installed into /usr/sbin, so this is probably just a lose.)
15:09 Changeset [12869] by ghudson
Whups, lsbindir -> bindir. Pointed out by zacheiss.
01:06 Changeset [12868] by tb
01:05 Changeset [12867] by tb
Punt distributed Makefile in favor of properly written local one. Drop separate Makefile.athena.


21:28 Changeset [12866] by mwhitson
Install default client lpd.conf
21:27 Changeset [12865] by mwhitson
Add "blank" banner type.
21:26 Changeset [12864] by mwhitson
Prevent spurious error messages when querying for default printer on machines not in a print cluster. xCVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
17:35 Changeset [12863] by ghudson
Set paths for Athena. Just one texinputs for us, I think.
17:27 Changeset [12862] by danw
don't set mh-comp-formfile. nmh can find it by itself. set mh-repl-formfile to nil to make repl use the appropriate default depending on -group/-nogroup
14:40 Changeset [12861] by ghudson
Don't nuke man page symlinks on a make clean.
14:32 Changeset [12860] by ghudson
Take into account renaming.
10:02 Changeset [12859] by ghudson
Revert rev 1.2; the man page rules are not the problem; the problem is "make clean" removing the man page symlinks.


17:56 Changeset [12858] by danw
clear context->zsubs and context->nzsubs after freeing them so they don't get freed twice
15:40 Changeset [12857] by miki
new format file
11:24 Changeset [12856] by ghudson
named.conf changed.
10:37 Changeset [12855] by ghudson
Nuke a // comment.
10:36 Changeset [12854] by ghudson
Don't generate preformatted man pages.


19:33 Changeset [12853] by danw
change "ftpd -a off" to "ftpd -C" for new ftpd options
19:32 Changeset [12852] by danw
Accept forwarded gss credentials and use them to get AFS tokens.
14:23 Changeset [12851] by danw
make "add -r foo" not remove the "foo" from "foobar" make "add foo" not add foo again if it's already there once
14:22 Changeset [12850] by danw
Add syslog.conf to $CONFCHG because it changed. Add inetd.conf because otherwise we'll end up with the stock Irix 6.5 version
14:20 Changeset [12849] by danw
remove -c and -d from MORE since they aren't defined under Solaris. add -e to make up for an Irix 6.5 more behavior change
14:19 Changeset [12848] by danw
fix cvs merge mistake
14:18 Changeset [12847] by danw
don't SEGV on "attach" with no options
14:17 Changeset [12846] by danw
don't append local hostname to from address
13:50 Changeset [12845] by miki
new geometry
12:27 Changeset [12844] by ghudson
Add athinfo.
12:06 Changeset [12843] by mwhitson
Add new-style banners pages, with new look, random types of graph paper, and basic motd.
11:42 Changeset [12842] by miki
Added support for SUN9.0G disks


23:38 Changeset [12841] by ghudson
Use $(MAKE) and define CC. Makes sendmail build on Solaris.
12:51 Changeset [12840] by ghudson
kenmore is no longer in use. The wash can run pretty much all the time now.
12:47 Changeset [12839] by ghudson
Reorg and update. Basically, taking snapshots from the wash machine doesn't work for the crash and burn and alpha releases, since the washing machine isn't running the new OS. The build machine update needs to happen at the beginning of crash and burn. Also, the wash can now run on a new-release build machine without interfering, so encourage that.
12:03 Changeset [12838] by ghudson
Fix typo.


12:43 Changeset [12837] by danw
add third/sendmail (belatedly)
11:18 Changeset [12836] by ghudson
Nuke a gratuitous blank line.
11:17 Changeset [12835] by ghudson
Add a default ttl. The SOA minimum is not a default, and named warns if it has to fall back to using that.
11:16 Changeset [12834] by ghudson
Use separate hint zones for class in and class hs, since in BIND 8.2 the same zone can't have records in two classes. Unfortunately, BIND 8 also only allows one hint zone, but we win by accident; when named loads the second hint zone it merely adds records to the first, and doesn't blow records away. named.root is now a clean copy of the rs.internic.net file.


20:26 Changeset [12833] by jweiss
Don't stat files in /afs/ when doing file completion, it hurts too much.
14:45 Changeset [12832] by ghudson
Create an initial athinfo.access file.
14:38 Changeset [12831] by ghudson
Install dash and bugme app-defaults in the right place. Make APPDEFS consistent with other os Makefiles; use X11APPDEFS for the native app-defaults directory.
11:51 Changeset [12830] by danw
set KRBTKFILE to a new random (non-existent) file, so if the user kdestroys or krb524inits after su'ing, they won't destroy their old tickets
11:49 Changeset [12829] by danw
add a flag/resource to start locked and exit when unlocked
11:49 Changeset [12828] by ghudson
It's not important if we can't find sshd.pid; it is if we can't find inetd.pid. Make that distinction in sendsig().
11:09 Changeset [12827] by rbasch
Don't nuke shadow passwd file on IRIX.
10:13 Changeset [12826] by rbasch
Add compat attribute to passwd, a workaround for getpwent() lossage.


19:23 Changeset [12825] by ghudson
With IRIX 6.5, we have to use the asm code or we dump core. Sigh.
17:25 Changeset [12824] by ghudson
track will stomp /var/athena/attachtab. Move it aside first here, let track create the directories, and do just the atconvert step in finish-update.
17:24 Changeset [12823] by ghudson
track will stomp /var/athena/attachtab. So move it aside first in the version script, let track create the directories, and just to the atconvert step here.
16:10 Changeset [12822] by mwhitson
Merge changes with ifhp 3.2.1; nuke a corefile that papowell left in the distribution.
16:08 Changeset [12821] by mwhitson
Merge changes with ifhp 3.2.1.
16:08 Changeset [12820] by ghudson
Move attachtab conversion code here.
16:07 Changeset [12819] by ghudson
Can't do atconvert here; an IRIX 6.5 atconvert won't run on IRIX 6.2.
16:06 Changeset [12818] by ghudson
Don't use detach -L option any more.
15:09 Changeset [12817]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ifhp-3_2_1'.
15:09 Changeset [12816] by mwhitson
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r12815, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
15:09 Changeset [12815] by mwhitson
Import of LPRng HP filter 3.2.1
15:09 Changeset [12814] by ghudson
Bitmaps! Bitmaps bitmaps bitmaps! Er, sorry. Make the jets library find the bitmaps directory.
13:00 Changeset [12813] by ghudson
De-restrict quota. Leave rpcsvc restricted. It'd be nice if we could avoid error messages for directories which are gone (quota/rpcsvc, login, gdss, ftpd, and some day lpr and mwm).
12:07 Changeset [12812] by danw
document -passwd / .passwd
11:33 Changeset [12811] by danw
Reorganize the password initialization code, and add explicitly-specified passwords


17:18 Changeset [12810] by danw
merge changes with 3.08
17:04 Changeset [12809]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'xscreensaver-3_08'.
17:04 Changeset [12808] by danw
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r12807, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
17:04 Changeset [12807] by danw
Import of xscreensaver 3.08
10:11 Changeset [12806] by ghudson
Add bugme and dash X resource files.
10:08 Changeset [12805] by ghudson
Avoid creating group-writable files and directories by default.
10:04 Changeset [12804] by ghudson
Update to current version.


22:53 Changeset [12803] by danw
document and implement -f (forward credentials)
22:51 Changeset [12802] by danw
add gss_krb5_copy_ccache, to copy a gss_cred_id_t into a krb5_ccache (to make forwarded credentials usable)
22:49 Changeset [12801] by danw
write forwarded credentials to a memory-based ccache and pass it back to the caller if they wanted it
22:48 Changeset [12800] by danw
bugfix from krb5 mainline
15:17 Changeset [12799] by ghudson
Make sure /mit is mode 755.
13:40 Changeset [12798] by danw
run subprograms (attach, detach, cp, pwd_mkdb) with std{in,out,err} pointed to /dev/null, rather than just closed, so they don't accidentally write status/error messages to their open files
13:29 Changeset [12797] by danw
don't print "foo detached" if foo was already not attached, since locker_detach won't have returned an attachent in that case.
11:09 Changeset [12796] by ghudson
Don't follow symlinks when checking for file type.
00:55 Changeset [12795] by tb
New file.
00:55 Changeset [12794] by tb
Add the intlfonts package.
00:54 Changeset [12793] by tb
Add /usr/athena/lib/X11/fonts/intlfonts to the initial font path.


17:16 Changeset [12792] by ghudson
Make /bin/athena/delete symlink (was handled in delete sources previously).
17:14 Changeset [12791] by ghudson
We never want to build into /srvd; pick /.srvd for default destination.
17:14 Changeset [12790] by ghudson
Don't put .so on first line.
17:14 Changeset [12789] by ghudson
Don't put .so on first line; quote st, since it's a command.
17:13 Changeset [12788] by ghudson
Strip all executables in /bin/athena and /etc/athena, rather than maintaining an explicit list.
14:15 Changeset [12787] by danw
good bye
14:14 Changeset [12786] by danw
update for liblocker, and completely rewrite while I was there.
12:35 Changeset [12785] by danw
update for locker_do_zsubs (and a little other misc cleanup)
12:34 Changeset [12784] by danw
update locker_zsubs for zephyr-related interface changes, and add locker_do_zsubs.
12:33 Changeset [12783] by danw
record zephyr subscriptions, but don't actually make any libzephyr calls unless the caller explicitly asks for the subscription list to be processed.


12:59 Changeset [12782] by danw
"user/group writable" should have been "group/other writable"
12:34 Changeset [12781] by danw
These functions takes "locker_context"s, not "locker_context *"s (except locker_init, which takes a *, not a **)


21:02 Changeset [12780] by ghudson
Adjust convention: /srvd.new -> /.srvd. (More consistent with the release engineer's habits.)
20:59 Changeset [12779] by ghudson
Nuke broken SGI project management code.
18:05 Changeset [12778] by ghudson
Whoops, /.cshrc didn't really change (except for the RCS ID).
16:50 Changeset [12777] by ghudson
Oops, we keep named.conf in /etc, actually.
16:48 Changeset [12776] by ghudson
Note changed config files. Tell people to ignore atconvert warnings.
16:02 Changeset [12775] by ghudson
From danw: define DESTETC so named will look for named.conf in the right place.
16:00 Changeset [12774] by ghudson
Remove outdated files.
15:52 Changeset [12773] by ghudson
arch files are no longer needed with IRIX 6.5.
10:48 Changeset [12772] by ghudson
Deal with getpwent() returning no entries.
08:19 Changeset [12771] by ghudson
Fix mismerge: use rcmd_stream_write, not des_write.


20:05 Changeset [12770] by ghudson
The IRIX 6.5 compiler default is n32 now.
17:47 Changeset [12769]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'intlfonts-1_1'.
17:47 Changeset [12768] by tb
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r12767, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
17:47 Changeset [12767] by tb
Import of GNU intlfonts 1.1
00:22 Changeset [12766] by danw
merge changes from 1.0.6 beta


23:33 Changeset [12765]
This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'krb5-1_0_6-beta'.
23:33 Changeset [12764] by danw
This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r12763, which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.
23:33 Changeset [12763] by danw
Import of a beta of Kerberos 5 release 1.0.6
17:36 Changeset [12762] by ghudson
Don't need arch any more.
17:27 Changeset [12761] by ghudson
Update for 8.3. (A little late, admittedly.)
15:27 Changeset [12760] by ghudson
Add IRIX 6.5 support.
11:34 Changeset [12759] by ghudson
Introduce the most bizarrely formatted case statement danw has ever seen. Use file and see if the stripfile is not stripped, rather than relying on time stamp relations. If strip fails (due to lack of disk space, presumably), error out. chmod u+w the file before stripping it, or strip could fail. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to restore the permissions properly at the end; we chmod u-w the file but that's as likely to be wrong as not. Fortunately, nothing breaks if we get it wrong.
11:02 Changeset [12758] by danw
fix warnings


14:54 Changeset [12757] by danw
change ".Xdefaults" to ".Xresources"
14:01 Changeset [12756] by ghudson
A noisy printf made its well into the last revision by mistake. Nuke it.
14:01 Changeset [12755] by ghudson
Install disserve with explicit owner.
14:00 Changeset [12754] by ghudson
Avoid confusing the preprocessor with single quotes.
13:59 Changeset [12753] by ghudson
Describe cases where early checkins are acceptable.
13:48 Changeset [12752] by danw
fix attachtab subdirectory names
13:47 Changeset [12751] by danw
attachtab subdirectories have singular names (locker, mountpoint, directory), not plural
13:31 Changeset [12750] by danw
revert 1.9,1.10 and use attach/detach -U again instead of liblocker
13:30 Changeset [12749] by danw
revert the removal of -U
13:24 Changeset [12748] by danw
Recombine the attach suite into a single program
13:24 Changeset [12747] by danw
add RCS Id


16:07 Changeset [12746] by danw
Make it clear at what point the message has been queued by zhm, so people know if ^C'ing might not work. (Based on a patch by Greg.) Also, put more useful information about class/instance in the message.
16:05 Changeset [12745] by danw
Add missing RCS Id lines
16:04 Changeset [12744] by danw
Clear umask in case the caller set it strangely
16:03 Changeset [12743] by danw
invoke xauth with "-i" to get around an xauth problem under irix
13:34 Changeset [12742] by ghudson
Add xscreensaver.
13:33 Changeset [12741] by ghudson
Take into account xscreensaver -> xss renaming. Adjust screensaver list to take into account privacy and lack of GL. Add max idle time support. From dmaze (except for renaming).
13:29 Changeset [12740] by ghudson
From dmaze: add maximum idle time and logout command.
13:28 Changeset [12739] by ghudson
From dmaze: make sure we're always on top.
13:27 Changeset [12738] by ghudson
Take into account xscreensaver -> xss renaming.
13:26 Changeset [12737] by ghudson
Command to present an xscreensaver-like button interface.
13:25 Changeset [12736] by ghudson
Fix setuid security hole.
13:21 Changeset [12735] by ghudson
Use CPPFLAGS. Install as xss to avoid conflict with sipb xscreensaver. From dmaze: add xscreensaver-button.
11:44 Changeset [12734] by ghudson
sh uses for, not foreach.
11:31 Changeset [12733] by ghudson
We're not in the cshell any more, Toto.
11:26 Changeset [12732] by ghudson
Rev 1.19 forgot to put n in the getopts list.
01:50 Changeset [12731] by ghudson
Add DESTDIR support.


16:21 Changeset [12730] by ghudson
Support krb5's krb4 compatibility.
16:21 Changeset [12729] by ghudson
How to configure xscreensaver.
16:04 Changeset [12728] by ghudson
We don't have any more .unstripped files on the IRIX packs.
16:03 Changeset [12727] by ghudson
Revert unstripped hack; this is handled in packs/build/finish/os/solaris now.
16:01 Changeset [12726] by ghudson
Handle stripped files here.
16:01 Changeset [12725] by ghudson
atconvert should live in sbindir.
16:00 Changeset [12724] by ghudson
We don't want irpd.
15:59 Changeset [12723] by ghudson
Kludge this to install in /usr/athena/etc.
15:59 Changeset [12722] by ghudson
Fix typo.
15:58 Changeset [12721] by ghudson
Put AFS libraries before Kerberos libraries.
15:58 Changeset [12720] by ghudson
Add libraries for liblocker.
15:57 Changeset [12719] by ghudson
Needs must define sbindir before using.
15:56 Changeset [12718] by ghudson
Install in sbindir, not bindir.
15:56 Changeset [12717] by ghudson
We don't have a /srvd/sbin to track any more.
13:08 Changeset [12716] by ghudson
The IRIX wash is no longer a big concern; make machtype build again.
13:06 Changeset [12715] by ghudson
Create attachtab directories in conversion code.
12:44 Changeset [12714] by ghudson
Further correct the mismerge of 20.3: install emacs as emacs, not emacs-<version>.
12:20 Changeset [12713] by ghudson
s/make/gmake/ in the patch release instructions.
02:04 Changeset [12712] by ghudson
Don't try to overwrite the existing Makefile; we may not have access.


12:54 Changeset [12711] by ghudson
Versions script for 8.3. This assumes that the IRIX 6.5-compiled atconvert will run on IRIX 6.2 and 6.3. If not, we will have to add update script phases (fun) or hack finish-update.
12:16 Changeset [12710] by ghudson
Add necessary includes.
02:56 Changeset [12709] by jweiss
don't tie together the cleanup of passwd and shadow from .local files they are independent operations.
02:55 Changeset [12708] by jweiss
don't tie together the cleanup of passwd and shadow from the .local files they are independent operations.


11:35 Changeset [12707] by danw
attachtab converstion program
11:25 Changeset [12706] by danw
add a function to convert an old attachtab to a new one
11:24 Changeset [12705] by danw
add mkcred
10:29 Changeset [12704] by danw
explicitly define YACC, since BIND assumes Solaris only has a third-party yacc
10:23 Changeset [12703] by danw
The "depend" rule was supposed to be "prepare", but that won't work anyway, since "make clean" will undo the "make depend" actions, and the build does a clean between prepare and all. So do both depend and all as part of the "all" rule.


17:59 Changeset [12702] by danw
knfs credentials compiler, previously installed from "mkserv knfs"
17:58 Changeset [12701] by danw
set INFOPATH along with PATH and MANPATH
17:56 Changeset [12700] by danw
Send mail with sendmail, not smtp to localhost
17:33 Changeset [12699] by danw
Fixes to make it actually work with our Irix boxes
17:32 Changeset [12698] by danw
remove out-of-date ns_parser.[ch] and add back the rule to build them from ns_parser.y
17:30 Changeset [12697] by danw
"make depend" to get bind's build system to apply OS-specific patches (blech!). We only need to specify paths once since it caches them in src/.settings


17:24 Changeset [12696] by ghudson
Back out 1.12; we don't think the tokens hack helps.
17:23 Changeset [12695] by ghudson
Back out 1.6 and 1.7; we don't think the tokens hack helps.
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